Posadas Leveraged Web (Google) Analytics To Gain 88% Hike In Conversion Rates

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logo_posadasAbout Posadas

The company is the biggest hotel chain in Mexico and the industry leader. Through it sheer hard work and intelligent business strategies, the company now has its presence in US, Brazil, Chile and Argentina with more than 100 properties under its name.

Business Objectives Of Posadas

As a growing business there were many challenges in front of Posadas. The company wanted to achieve some specific goals with the help of Google Analytics. The company wanted to have insights into consumer behaviour with respect to abandonment of the products or services, gained detailed analysis of each hotel by the method of differential analysis, a method where detailed cost structure is developed and then studied for its pros and cons. The third objective of the company was to have increased conversion rates through its various campaigns running online.

Approaches / Strategies Adopted By Posadas

As there was more than one objective, the company had to make a clear and detailed plan of action. The company designed its master plan and enthusiastically yet carefully executed a set of actions through its qualified and capable professionals. The set of actions is as follows:

  • Tracked every event related to the conversion process.
  • This helped them to make relevant changes as and when required and saved their resources in terms of time and money.
  • Conducted a survey and prompted the users to send in their feedback.
  • Feedback is a component of every smart business strategy as it works in many ways. It not only gives an insight into the user’s frame of mind particularly but also helps in modifying the product or services as per the wider market demand.
  • Examined useful optimization points.

Under this, the company launched optimization exercises for its various tools such as website optimization.

Results Achieved By Posadas

The following are the results obtained by the company as a natural consequence of its hard work and the application of Google Analytics. It achieved-

  • 18% hike on an average in the conversion rate for all its hotels
  • Approximately 88% hike in conversion rate for few hotels


Web/Google Analytics is a must for every business. This is an important tool in the hands of a business that is striving to achieve its goals in a sustainable manner. Web Analytics when applied after designing a sound business strategy is capable of changing the direction of business growth and keep it fixed on the escalator to rise higher and higher.


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