Powerenz Leveraged SEO And Successfully Generated 85% Increased Organic Traffic

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powerenz logoPowerenz is a key provider of solar power systems which caters to a group ranging from military personnel to adventure seekers to the environmentally conscious group. While they capture commerce in 2007 and generated lead through PPC management and SEO.

Powerenz’s Business Objective

The objective of the company was to acquire the major stake of market for non-traditional source of power. They wanted to sell portable solar power unit to every individual and organisations that are in search of reliable quality off-grid power source without being dependent on finding prospects through pay-per-click campaigns. They were focusing on groups for whom off-grid power supply in remote area was a great need. Groups needed to search site using keywords portable solar power, off-grid solar system and solar power generator.

Approach adopted by Powerenz

Motive of Powerenz was to capture commerce in both short term and long term put together in order to meet the goal. There were several measures that helped the brand to be prominent on the webpage. In order to achieve these motives, they were being taken over by management of the Google ad words and Yahoo search marketing campaigns. Both the ad campaigns were being revamped by better performing keywords, Ads and landing pages. While ad campaign was being implemented they also started to work upon search engine optimization campaign by targeting many of the same keyword in Pay Per Click campaigns. Powerenz was also being assisted by identifying many on-topic, on-audience website and links from those sites has been forwarded to Powerenz website. Post this implementation of data, feeds of their products took place. Website of Powerenz was also upgraded, in addition to redesigning of website homepage and navigation which enables them to increase the sites conversion rate.

Result Achieved by Powerenz

The owner of the business started seeing very positive response from the campaign that he did. He started receiving calls from potential buyer for huge order. Surprisingly he received a call from one of the renowned scientist who was on a study tour of BATS from South America. It reflects a very positive response of campaign that he was receiving order from such a personality. The campaign was even so fruitful that few of the potential buyers started ordering in bulk from 100 unit to even 1000 units which he was expecting to increase furthermore due to the positive result that campaign was delivering even he, at some point though that if he can keep up with the order if the order keeps on rising. The impact of the campaign was so much effective that within 90 days of campaign, the name of the company was so popular that people started searching the website through the name only which increased the traffic towards the website. As a result, the organic search took over the paid search campaign that helped the company to reduce the expenditure towards the pay per click campaign. Although the expenditure was reduced but still the campaign was live under monitor and was being tweaked as demanded. As a result the website and company got the best exposure under organic search which then enabled company to stop the paid campaign and to save on ad expenses. Even after the company stopped their campaign but still the website was coming under top 5 listing in organic search and 85% of the traffic was coming from organic search rather paid search and company was selling its products at a desirable rate. Also, it was communicating in a better way within the different groups and potential buyer who can use Powerenz products.


Powerenz was generating good products for groups but due to unawareness of brand it was neither getting the customers nor it was able to cater the customer outside the local demography to reach potential market due to which neither the company nor the products were popular. Powerenz then leveraged the paid campaign through Google ad words and Yahoo search marketing. Also the inbound marketing was leveraged which dragged potential customer attention towards the website of Powerenz and its products. The campaign used the keywords which a majority of people used to search. While search, the listing of Powerenz products and its website appeared on top due to pay per click and Yahoo search marketing campaign. This enabled Powerenz to reach the group and masses to cater them with the quality products. Company invested a lot on paid campaign to appear top on the paid listing simultaneously the website was also optimized, due to which people started knowing the brand and its products listing within some course of time. Since people started knowing the brand, they started searching the company through name due to which the company website started coming on top 5 in the organic listing and then gradually within 9 month company stopped investing on ads and still managed to sell at a desirable rate. This show how Pay per click and SEO campaign enable a company to reach its potential buyer and to increase its conversion rate. Also it helped the company to build a brand image in customer mindset.

Image Credit: Powerenz

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  1. Shital Kalamkar

    Powerenz case study suggest that in this competitive world not only quality product but the way of doing marketing using proper channel is also important. Due to Inbound marketing it is easy to capture attention of potential customers towards website and product.


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