PowToon Chose Woopra Over Google Analytics To Identify User’s Buying Behaviour

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PowToonMarket has a variety of analytical tools, each with their unique features, abilities, requirements, strengths and weaknesses. Each one of them is trying to outdo others and this healthy competition is turning out to be a boon to the businesses and organizations.

When an organization or an individual is venturing towards the digital world and striving hard to make an exclusive presence, then at some point of time, they need to pause and analyse their performance. Concentrating only towards business development, marketing strategies, advertisement plan etc. will not take the business to the destination which is being aspired. Regular analysis of business performance by collecting data and reports using various analytical tools will definitely help the business in the long run.

Woopra is catching up fast in the analytical world making it one of the most sought after analytical tool in the recent past. Organizations are making a slow transition to Woopra because of its unique features and its ability to be compatible with other analytical tools. There are many successful stories to prove this and we are going to discuss one here.

About PowToon

PowToon is an interesting start-up firm which has gained huge popularity in  recent times. PowToon is famous for its ability to come up with an intuitive presentation software which has left behind the dull and cumbersome process of developing a power point presentation. The software allows the user to create unique presentations in which one can embed animated videos and engaging contents. Their belief ‘If a picture speaks a thousand words, an animation conveys an idea’ has changed the way the presentations are generated. Many businesses and educational sectors have benefited out of this software because of their ability to bring out visually impressive and engaging contents in their presentation.

While the company is still in beta, PowToon has a strong base of 1 million users and more than 1.9 million PowToons have been created. The cost involved in developing a presentation with some animation and videos, can eat up a huge part from the allocated budget. PowToon decided to bridge this gap enabling marketers to develop their own PowToons.

Business Objective of PowToon

PowToon were using Google Analytics for a thorough analysis of their website and business performance. The analytical tool provided PowToon with huge number of data and reports but PowToon was not successful in managing these data. As a result, they gave way to a huge gap between the customer and the company. PowToon decided to use a marketing automation tool and they ended up collaborating with Woopra. Even though Woopra is not a complete marketing automation tool provider, there exist certain features which could be used along with other external marketing automation tool for better results.

The following were the objectives of PowToon:

  1. To understand the user behaviour:

    PowToon wanted to get a clear picture of their customer’s movement on their site. They wanted behaviour of the users to be analysed.

  2. To bring co-ordination among various tools:

    In order to engage with their customers, PowToon was using various tools like Uservoice, Customer.io etc. These tools were allowing PowToon to collect lot of information about the customers and website performances. These data from different sources had to be collaborated under one roof making it more accessible and to understand the user behaviour. PowToon also wanted to review their strategies that were influencing their customer’s behaviour and conversions.

  3. To improve the user engagement:

    PowToon wanted to set up a system which will function automatically as per the collected real-time data about various customer behaviour. Instead of promoting a generic message for all customers, PowToon wanted to promote specific information as per the customer behaviour and requirement.

Strategies Adopted By PowToon:

  1. PowToon used Woopra to identify individual visitor’s behaviour on their website as well on their application. The customer profiles generated by various features of Woopra gave a thorough insight about their customers. This helped PowToon to understand their customer’s requirements and as a result they could improve their website and marketing strategies.
  2. The data and reports generated out of various analytical tools were sent to Woopra and the team at Woopra acted upon these data in return. Woopra provided a complete analysis of customer segments, funnel reports and other strategic information. These details were then used by PowToon to optimise their business. Many important aspects of a business like conversion rate, performance of their online campaigns, customer’s bounce rate etc. could be clearly visualized.
  3. Real-time data played an important role in leveraging the business of PowToon. Woopra helped PowToon to customize their promotional messages and advertisements as per the target customer’s requirement. PowToon gathered a lot of information about the tools that were being used and it was clearly depictive that all these tools were focusing on analytical reporting. There was no flexibility and integration among various systems. Woopra solved this issue and allowed PowToon to not only integrate their systems but also to apply Webhooks and Javascript. On-site actions could be employed on the website because of Woopra providing real-time data. As a result, PowToon could punch-in a Javascript code for a particular segment of customers and triggering events.


The following were the results achieved by PowToon:

  1. Segment Value: PowToon became clear about their user behaviour and as a result they could determine what value was being generated by certain segment of people. Woopra gave the clarity to identify the triggering agents that forced the user to buy.
  2. Improved Return-on-Investment: PowToon was able to classify the campaigns according to their performance. It could be easily identified whether a particular campaign is bringing business or not. It could be clearly visualized that if the campaign was not performing well, then what measures have to be taken to improve them. Customer’s specific behaviour could be understood using various analytical tools which in turn helped PowToon to change their strategies.
  3. Whooping Sales: The ultimate aim of any business is to generate sales. PowToon experienced tremendous increase in their sales because of Woopra which generated on-site messages that were made to pop-up according to the customer’s behaviour.

No doubt that web analytical tools are definitely useful to measure and understand various aspects related to the business and its performance. At the same time, one cannot deny that a tool like Woopra, which gives enormous amount of flexibility to play around with the collected data, is no less a tool. The results generated by PowToon gives a clear indication of this mighty tool.

Image Credit: PowToon

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  1. Mallika Devi

    I am new to web analytics but the post very clearly brings out the importance of web analytics these days and its industry. What is interesting is how a startup decides to bet on Woopra, a relatively new comer over the incumbent Google Analytics.


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