Know the Essentials of a PPC Resume for Job Opportunity

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The basic components of a PPC Resume

PPC is a concept of Google wherein the company has to pay a small amount of fee to the search engines every time a user clicks on the PPC ad.  To practice PPC ads many companies employ a dedicated resource. If you are an aspirant looking forward to working as a PPC personnel, you definitely need to prepare yourself with a PPC resume that helps you bag that fancy job. So, here we have a list of the basic components that must be included in the resume to leave a positive impact.

ppc resume

A list of the most important components in a PPC resume are listed below. Read on to know more (What is PPC? )

Begin with the basics

Any resume at all must begin with the basic details of the individual, details Name, address, Phone number, qualifications, etc.  Do not let the interviewer struggle to find your name in your resume. It must be the first thing that is mentioned there. As soon as someone looks at your resume, they must be able to immediately find the basic details about you.


Your objective of applying for the job must be immediately clear to the interviewer. If the objective of applying for the job is clear to the interviewer, he will have a better understanding of what you are looking for and according if he has the same to offer.

Mention your qualifications

Talk about all the courses – certificate, diploma, everything you have studied must be mentioned in this section. Right from your schooling to the results of your graduation, post graduation, etc. Your qualifications are the primary factor apart from your skills which will help you get the job. Afterall, who doesn’t want a learned resource to work for them?

Do remember, the name of your college is not enough. You must also facilitate the recruiter with the marks to have obtained. A separate heading must mention your grades at each level along with the name of the institution.

Go for a personalized Resume

Each time you apply for a good company, put in that extra effort to prepare a personalized resume. Add the points that would compel that particular recruiter to consider your profile over the others and also leave an impacting impression. You can customize your resume especially before that fancy interview you have been preparing for weeks.

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List your Skills

Your resume must introduce the recruiter to your skills and also highlight the level of your knowledge. For example: If you know the basics of MS excel, you can simply mention the software’s name and write basics next to it. Doing so gives an idea to the recruiter about the level of your knowledge.

Keep it short and Crisp

Ideally, a recruiter may spend the most minimal amount of time in looking at the resume. The more precise it is, the better it is for you. Since the recruiter will be able to make a quick decision. The suggested length of your resume must be of one page. If your list of achievements exceeds that, keep it a brief two.

Mention your PPC skills in a separate section

Since you are applying for a PPC job, it will be wise to prepare a separate list of all your PPC achievements and skills. This will enable the recruiter to take a quick glance at all the relevant information. If the recruiter is going to give you an interview call or not is totally dependant on the first impression created by your PPC resume. So, give it your best shot.

Do not be too creative with formatting

The professional document as a resume is, must be designed in a less creative and more of a professional format to maintain the authenticity. The aim must be to provide a PPC resume with legible text with less of clutter.

Instead, keep clean by mentioning the points in bullets. This kind of a presentation also gives a good impact about your personality. A well formatted and tidy resume may always work in your favor no matter where you apply.

Check for Typos and Grammatical errors

Nothing can be a bigger turn-off than a PPC resume full of spelling mistakes or grammatical errors. To avoid leaving a tasteless impact on the recruiter, you can use MS Office’s spell check or other software for the same purpose.


The total experience of your work profile plays an important role in getting you the desired job. When your work experience plays such an important role in getting you a job, wouldn’t you want it highlighted? Well, if I was you I wouldn’t let the recruiter look around for it.

It must be mentioned in bold so that it easily catches the attention of the recruiter.

These were some of the basic components observed by me after reviewing several PPC resumes as well as by myself after applying for several job interviews. There could more to the list but however, we will move further from here and look on to the market status of the job profiles under the PPC domain.

The market status of PPC profile jobs

PPC resume

Job status on

When you make a search on, the most famous Indian job portal, with the keyword PPC, you will see an average of 3300 job vacancies. This depicts the current market status of PPC job profiles. There are many levels of this hierarchy which starts from a basic PPC trainee, PPC executive, PPC manager, PPC Specialist, etc.

A majority of the companies operating through the digital medium use PPC to drive traffic to their websites as they consider pay per click form of ads to be extremely cost-effective. The surveys have shown great love for PPC by the advertisers. It is believed that PPC advertising is the most effective way of increasing ROI and is also listed amongst the most profitable marketing channels. In fact, PPC is the first in the strategy of generating a higher return on Investment (ROI).

We now know that there are a good number of job vacancies out there, under the PPC domain. Now, to bag one of those jobs, you must be equipped with a PPC resume that makes you instantly stand out of the crowd.

So, come now let us take a glance at the samples of the various PPC profiles:

The resume sample for various PPC profiles-

The following samples for various PPC profiles highlight the ideal PPC Resume Format for each of these profiles. A PPC resume with a proper format is expected to leave a lasting impression on the recruiter and help you get the job.

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Resume for PPC Manager

This sample below is the most basic type of resume for the profile of PPC manager mentioning the least details like the Address, name, phone number, experience, qualifications, etc. Such kind of resume is brief and gives a scope of quick understanding of the qualifications of the candidates along with the relative experience.

PPc resume

Resume for PPC manager

PPC Specialist Resume

A PPC specialist or a PPC expert is the one who has a notable amount of experience in this particular domain of Digital marketing and is now capable of guiding the company to take PPC actions thereby employing a PPC strategy.  This is what an ideal PPC expert’s resume looks like.

PPC resume

PPC specialist/ expert resume

PPC Resume Sample

The PPC resume sample shows the PPC resume format that is apt for presenting the information in the right manner for a job interview. Take a look to have an overview.

PPC resume

PPC resume sample

To Conclude

This blog primarily talks about the need of preparing a PPC resume in a suitable format. The blog shows the samples for PPC resume. A major space of the blog mentions the important components of the PPC resume highlights their importance. A resume is the first interaction of a candidate with the recruiter. The quality and the presentation of the resume play a major role in discerning whether or not a candidate will get an interview call.

The various resume samples presented in the blog are focused on giving the reader an idea of how to prepare their own resume if they are an aspirant of a PPC profile, or are planning to switch their current job and want a resume that helps them fetch that fancy job. There are people who have been applying for several jobs but do not bag any job at all, one of the possible reasons could be an unattractive resume. Well, it is the first step, it is crucial that the overall format, information provided and everything else is intact.

Hope the blog was helpful in guiding you with the most important elements of a PPC resume and reasons why you need to put in that extra effort in your resume.

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