Practical Debt Relief Used Search Engine Marketing To Increase Its Conversion Rate By 483%

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logoAbout Practical Debt Relief:

Started in 2008, when the bankruptcy levels were at all time high in America, and the economy was at its lowest, ‘Practical Debt Relief ‘, helped Americans in adopting a strategy devised by them, to get relief from their debts.

Practical Debt Relief’s Business Objectives:

‘Practical Debt Relief’ wanted to increase Return on Investment with lower Cost Per Click. They had outsourced their Adwords Account Management to a company such that the number of conversions could increase within the allocated budget. However, the desired results were not being achieved. Soon the company had to hire SEONEXT.

Strategy Adopted By SEONEXT For Practical Debt Relief:

SEONEXT, a company started in 2005 for SEO services, PPC management and Website Designing, has offices in UK, Australia, India and the US. After being engaged by ‘Practical Debt Relief’, SEONEXT did the following to achieve their client’s objectives:

  • Keyword Research was done and relevant search terms were used.
  • Focused on Landing Pages content and design.
  • Focused on Quality Score.
  • A/B Testing (Also called Split Testing, when 2 web pages variants say A and B are shown to similar sets of visitors at the same time and conversion rates are measured. The web page getting the higher conversion rate is then adopted) was done on various aspects and optimum solution was adopted.
  • Remarketing Techniques were used such that customers who had clicked on the site were reminded again and again of the services of Practical Debt Relief.
  • Call Tracking Software was used to determine conversions.
  • Systematic Research was done to help in bidding higher in performing hours and reduce cost in non performing hours.

Results Achieved By SEONEXT For Practical Debt Relief:

In a span of just 4 months, conversions increased by 483 % and Cost per Conversion reduced by 518.91%, thus increasing overall returns significantly.


If one Digital Marketing Agency is not able to increase returns on investments, try your hands at another Digital Marketing Agency, till your business objectives are met. Never lose hope. Keep trying through various Adwords management techniques to increase conversions.

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  1. Indrajit Goswami

    As a reader I found the heading (Strategy Adopted By SEONEXT For Practical Debt Relief) uncomfortable to me. It is a case study on the company-‘Practical Debt Relief’. So as a reader I expected a direct heading addressing the strategy of the company. The company hired the services of SEONEXT and adopted the strategies. Not adopted by SEONEXT. We need be careful about the perspectives.


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