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8 Predictions On Social Media Marketing

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The major predictions in the social media marketing space include:

  1. Investment in social media is a necessity. It’s already clear that your business should have a presence on social media, but in the coming years will be absolutely necessary. Integrating social media in your marketing plan is key to generating leads, referrals and brand recognition, which in turn lead to higher revenue. Brand awareness, word-of-mouth advertising, improved reach rankings and direct customer interaction are a few of the key benefits of indulging in social media.
  2. Google+ is on the rise. Google+ already has the second highest number of monthly users behind Facebook and that user base continues to rise. It’s proving itself more than just another social network with the integration of higher SEO rankings for Google+ pages, improved signals and more personalized search experiences for users. So you need to have a business account for Google+.
  3. Images are still going to be Hot! Hot! Hot! Image is everything! One cannot emphasize this enough, but image-centric content is key in generating engagement on social media platforms. Many studies show that customers are more likely to click on posts with images and videos than just text-based content. Couple of important information with eye-catching images or graphics is a great way to stand out in the News feed. So do it!
  4. Vine and Instagram have revolutionized real-time video-sharing on social media. With a maximum of 15 seconds for Instagram and 6 seconds for Vine, users can create small pieces on their Smartphone to share instantly with their friends. We have already talked about many benefits of using these services for small business marketing. So it’s fair that the more and more companies will be jumping on this video bandwagon. Even photo sharing sites will be popping up.
  5. LinkedIn will become a major player. LinkedIn has always been the No. 1 social networking site for business professionals boosting nearly 240 million users.
  6. Mobile is also going to get hotter. More of your audience are going to be consuming your content on their mobile devices. You need to be comfortable with how your message is seen on Smartphones and on tablets. You need to have a comfortable level on how your pins are perceived on Pinterest and other Apps.
  7. Even more customer service is will be held for your social media. We see this happening already, but this isn’t going away. It’s only going to get bigger. The customers are going to expect more interaction on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest. You need to ensure that you have a good management strategy internally in place of keeping up with all the information, commentary and talks in order to be responding to their expectations on your social media accounts.
  8. Check Statistics – It’s really important to know what’s working with your social media accounts and what’s not. This will help reduce major headache and will help reduce wastages on your time and more importantly money. You need to be able to know Google Analytics. Do you prefer it for your website? It lets you know which social media networks are actually bringing people to your website and bringing them to a place where we can actually convert them to a sale or customer in some other way. So you need to become comfortable with your stats!

Looking ahead to the future is not easy but if one keeps these trends in mind, one can surely be progressive!

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    • 5 years ago

      Smita Pawar   /   Reply

      Clear points. I believe YouTube too plays a vital role in social media marketing. Viral videos like the Kolaveri di and Gangnam style had been all over social media with viewers hitting like, sharing and commenting over it. Pinterest is also a very powerful image generating social site, e-commerce websites can make a lot out of it.

    • 5 years ago

      Indrajit Goswami   /   Reply

      Also, it can be titled as ‘8 Different Digital Avenues or Opportunities for Social Media Marketing. Some predictions could be as follow:
      1. It will eventually bring together civil society, democracy and business and commerce.
      2. Phenomenal increase in stakeholder engagement with business process
      3. Governance of business will be transparent
      4. Emergence of new business models
      5. Otherwise the concept of GREEN Business will be popularized.
      6. CSR initiatives will come into the limelight.
      7. Right to information’ will become a reality.
      8. Potential growth of Industry of Data, Research and Analytics
      etc. etc.

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