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privatemd_logoAbout Private MD Lab Services

‘Private MD Lab Services’ is a confidential laboratory which provides medical lab tests and blood test services direct to the public, encouraging them to take charge of their own health by monitoring and detecting the disease as early as possible to assist in the prevention of disease. This service will provide quality health information by conducting test in private and secure environment. They have direct access to testing under private MD. Direct access testing is nothing but test requested by patients. It allows public to manage their health directly by initiating habit of health management without any physician’s referral. In Private MD Lab services, patients can request test and pay for these services in the form of cash and carry basis without involvement of third parties like employers and insurance companies. This service will help people in monitoring their health and in obtaining medical information using internet as a medium to get into contact. They provide confidential clinical laboratories promoting wellness, prevention, cure and early detection of disease (if possible). They associated with corporations of some countries and with departments of state and local sectors in order to organize and administrate the health screenings. Private MD Lab Services supply valuable information to patients, consumers and healthcare professionals regarding the disease and precautions to be taken reducing disability which improves health condition. They will advise patients about diseases like cancer, diabetes, heart diseases and blood pressure etc. With strategic alliances and ‘Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA)’ certified laboratories they have a great ability to provide qualified information with top quality and confidential results are maintained. Results can be viewed by email system which can be generated within 24-48 hours from the time of collection and is maintained confidential in between consumer and Private MD services. Private MD Services provide convenient and affordable testing in which you can choose nearby location which is convenient to you and at affordable (low) fees. This differs from other similar services by providing test services with and without physician’s referrals in case to clear the imaginations of people regarding their health conditions.mjxnodcq6mm0cnwqr

Challenge For Private MD Lab Services

Private MD Lab Services has started its online reliable service direct to the public by launching an official website. Initially it has already adopted pay-per-click search marketing technique but was not satisfied with the results as they did not achieve good organic ranking for their landing pages. Private MD Lab Services decided to take help of SEO team in order to optimize the website based on conversation rates and by using relevant search keywords. Private MD services goal is to sell more number of blood tests, STD testing and many other specific blood tests to individuals at an affordable price. In order to achieve this goal number of visitors visiting the website should be increased. This is possible by optimizing the site with more relevant keywords like blood test, CMP blood test, STD testing, detection of early signs of HIV and anonymous testing. It is obvious that after optimization, number of visitors will increase and these visitors are to be convinced to purchase a blood test at a higher rate of conversion.

Strategy Adopted By Private MD Lab Services

Private MD Labs adopted an SEO strategy involving conversion rate optimization for leading pages and paid per consulting optimization according to the requirement. This strategy is also involved with search engine optimization of total website. Most efficient aspect in optimization of website is reduction of long process followed by numerous steps into a small process with relevant steps involved. This helps the visitors by saving their time and effort. Moreover, long process will distract the attention of users which is to be avoided at any cost. Reliability will increase attracting more number of visitors towards the site. ‘Capture Commerce’, technical team of SEO in its campaign with Private MD Lab Services not only reduced the number of steps but also added some description in each step which helps the users to understand the process clearly.

This team applied a new menu that splits into two categories A&B in some landing pages using Google optimizer through which conversion rating is increased for high demand products. Links of different sites are added to the website involving different articles press releases and reorganizing the navigation across entire site.

Results Achieved By Private MD Lab Services

Beyond the consistent ratings maintained by the Private Services website, a remarkable change is observed in ratings with increased percentile. Some of the results achieved by Private MD Lab Services in one year are as follows.

  • Hike in organic search ranking and increased web traffic with 319% through competitive and relevant search terms is noticed.
  • Number of visits from organic searches is increased from 16,268 to 68,091 during the year 2008-2009.


  • Conversion rates increased to 80% for demand products. In 2008, 2400 conversions are recorded while in 2009, 4400 conversions are recorded.
  • Shopping cart abandonment is reduced from 71% to 65.5% during the year 2008-2009.

goals overview

  • Hike in results is noticed from paid search campaigns providing consulting services on strategy impacting Private MD Services site and campaign.
  • Organic search top ranking towards the site reduced the spends of company on paid search keywords.


World is competitive which itself is optimizing daily according to the situations. Then what about a human being? Everyone living in this world has to face the situations and should get optimized accordingly. Otherwise you will be wiped out from this competitive world. Similarly, in this internet world there are numerous sites having their own prominence. In order to gain more prominence among all the websites it is obvious today to take help of SEO techniques. Without SEO, hike in web traffic is difficult to gain. Because it takes no time to get disappeared from the first page of results as evolution of new websites is more today. Like Private MD Lab Services, there are many companies which have gained profits and popularity in public just because of applying SEO techniques in optimization of their websites. Optimization of site increases number of visitors towards the site acting as an advertisement to the company.

Image Credit: Capture Commerce & Quantified Self

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  1. Aparna

    It is an irony that people using search engines to access or retrieve certain important information are not able to get what they want. As a result, they give up. This noble service initiated by Private MD labs is worth a praise but it is of no use if people are drawn towards them. Using SEO strategy to attract more visitors to their website is the perfect solution. Identifying and Optimizing the contents on the website is indicative of their effort to spread the awareness.


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