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Pronto Marketing Leverages Hootsuite & Grows 112% Year-to-Year

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About the companyPronto_Logo

Established by Derek Brown, who had years of experience as a Microsoft employee and owner of a small business, Pronto Marketing agency was established in 2008. Derek teamed up with his son Cory and found this company with an aim to address the specific gap between what is needed, and getting what is needed, done. The company was established to help marketing execution.

Pronto Marketing agency is based in Bangkok, Thailand and helps more than 1,000 small businesses which are mostly in the US. They provide services with fully managed websites as well as online marketing services.

While they began offering social media services to their clients, they realized that manual reports, processes, and managing hundreds of different social media accounts was not scalable as well as drained a lot of agency resources and time.

Business Objective

Almost all of the small businesses struggle for online presence in order to survive. But due to various constraints like tight budget, lesser resources, and the lack of knowledge of website and content marketing, they usually end up with no web presence.

The aim of Pronto Marketing agency was to turn from manual managing to online managing of its clients’ accounts. The company started to focus on building and maintaining websites for the small business’ web presence. Since there were numerous SMBs that wanted social media services, they wanted to develop internal workflow and reporting processes that scaled.

Strategies adopted by Pronto Marketing

Earlier the team of Pronto used to manage the search, build individual reports, and share content manually – all with individual login information. It was unscalable as well as lacked collaboration, organization, took time and resources from other client services.

Used Hootsuite

To increase the client base and scale their social media offerings, Pronto Marketing leveraged Hootsuite. With this platform, they were able to manage social media of over 300 SMBs clients. With this, they are able to manage clients’ social presence in a cost-effective and organized manner.

Organized efforts

Getting organized, Pronto Marketing along with Hootsuite Customer success transferred more than 150 individual accounts and added the additional clients there. Permissions and assignments were allowed after setting up a Hootsuite Organization with Teams. This helped them to manage things from one dashboard.


The team was armed with Hootsuite University training and educational videos for their confidence, skills, and knowledge in order to manage the sheer scale of sharing and listening. It is building business and selling their expertise, therefore, having an easily accessible channel where agents can become social media experts and Hootsuite experts is immense.

“Training videos explained aspects of Hootsuite that would have been complicated and time-consuming to learn on our own.”

“The lectures have helped me train new team members to get them quickly up to speed.” “At one point we had 150 different Hootsuite accounts to manage our clients’ social, it was crazy. Now we have Hootsuite Enterprise to collaboratively manage 300 accounts easily. What once would have taken 35 or so agents now takes three—we’re saving so much time and money without lessening our offering.” Tim Kelsey, Director of Client Marketing Services, Pronto Marketing

By decreasing the time spent on manual tasks, they allocated one Hootsuite Tab to each client from where they can monitor the social profiles of that client, relevant keyword searches to monitor for shareable content, and mentions.


After integrating Hootsuite Enterprise, Pronto Marketing agency

  • 22.2% reduction in average resolution time on social media tasks.
  • There was an increase in the business growth of 112% year to year.
  • 115 working hours were saved per month by leveraging the Bulk Scheduler.

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The team worked in an organized manner with hundreds of social profiles and searched relevant content for each client. The company monitors social media activity on a daily basis and often get great content that would resonate with a client’s target audience.

By keeping track of this, once a month the team uses Hootsuite Bulk Scheduler to upload and schedule up to 50 pieces of content at a time for up to 350 cumulative messages across any social profile. This allows them to spend an allotted time every month scheduling out content that will fill each client’s social feed, every day. “Every month, we have to schedule dozens of posts with trackable links for hundreds of clients,” says Kelsey.

It has not only fixed the time limit but also saved the resources of Pronto Marketing helping them in scaling them.

For a small business owner who doesn’t have the time, resources, or know-how for social media, having an active brand presence on social is the result. Not only does this help them reach greater and new audiences, but it drives SEO and ultimately brings more business through the door.

Which tool are you leveraging to save your time and resources? Or are you still using manual means to do social media activities, analytics, and other management & scheduling activities? 

Sakshi is a content marketer during the day and a reader by night. She writes content sprinkled with a twisted imagination. She has done her graduation in psychology from Delhi University and has an insane love for history.

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