PUMA Used Web Analytics And Achieved An Order Rate of 7.1 %

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puma_logoAbout Puma: PUMA represents sports in combination with fashion. For over 65 years, PUMA established itself as a leading sports brand by designing exclusive collection of footwear, accessories and apparel. Present across 120 countries, PUMA shoes collection is famous for its flexibility, lightweight and durability. Along with all its retail outlets PUMA has its own e-commerce gateway which act as an online branding tool and provide its customer with a facility of online purchase and home delivery. PUMA wants its website to fully showcase the product portfolio of its brand category, along with display content and international product availability in a regionally tailored way.

Puma’s Business Objective: If you look at the website of PUMA then you will find that it is dynamic and content rich but PUMA wants to constantly improve its website to make it more approachable for its potential visitors. As we all know PUMA is present in every part of the world, so they want their website to get customized according to the preferences of different geographies to increase customer engagement. They also wanted to understand the visitors’ experience while purchasing any category and performance of each and every category in isolation.

Approach / Strategy adopted by Puma: What else can be the best option other than Web Analytics for PUMA to fulfill its objective? So, with the help of Viget, a Digital Consultancy and Google Analytics certified company, PUMA used “Customer Variables” and “Filters” to segment customers based on test variation they observed in Google Analytics. PUMA used custom filters and profiles also in Google Analytics to create a holistic view of each PUMA category present on PUMA.com site. With the help of advanced features like “Event Tracking” of Google Analytics, it was able to measure interactions with different page elements and do Advanced Segments for its goal of region wise isolation. The strategies implemented by them are summarized as follows:

  • Used Google Analytics filters to observe individual products and develop traffic segmentation.
  • They collected customized data to analyse the effect of changes on web site and micro- conversions
  • They measured interactions and key content of each region using advanced segmentation

Result: Within a short duration of time PUMA found that there was a sudden increase in online order purchasing by 7.1%. Because of data driven changes that they have implemented based on insights from Google Analytics, the audience were now spending double the amount of time on the website content as compared to earlier time. PUMA’s website customization for its international visitors for better experience, helped them achieve 47% increase in traffic in an emerging markets like India and China.

Learning:  Web Analytics allowed PUMA to understand how each test variation affects user’s ability to complete their objective of visiting the site along with micro-conversions. According to PUMA’s head of Digital Strategy Jay Basnight, Advanced Segmentation help them make on-the-fly calculations and they got the solution to almost every questions that arose regarding the performance of their website. Working with Viget they trilled with GA as a tool which can be used for numerous purposes starting from increasing the customer visits to customer conversions. With the help of Google Analytics PUMA has gained a detailed understanding of behaviour pattern, optimize web experience, segmentation etc.

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  1. Indrajit Goswami

    Its a very compact case study. A good source of learning. However, a reader like me would prefer the point based narration, instead of subjective paragraphs. An enumeration of presentation would be much better.


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