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Reading Consumer’s Mind by Nilanjan Mukherjee At CMO Summit, 2014

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Delhi witnessed a stimulating evening at Pitch CMO Summit, 2014 on 27 March, 2014, 3:00PM (IST). The Summit was focused on “Importance of Brand Building”. The summit highlighted that every CEOs i.e. Chief Executive Officers are supposed to be first CMOs i.e. Chief Marketing Officers. Some speakers who put forward the secrets of their success and their insights into consumer tastes and preferences were Shubodip Pal (CMO, Micromax), Nilanjan Mukherjee (Head Marketing, Personal Care, ITC), Ankur Warikoo (CEO, Groupon India), Salil Kapoor (COO, Dish TV), Amit Tiwari (Country Head – Media, Philips).

Consumer reaction to the advertisement is different according to the individual. Advertisement depend on what your budget and how much money you can invest. And even if you can invest then you need to think, is it worth investing? As per Mr. Nilanjan Mukherjee Indians respond as ‘Aacha!’ They don’t articulate and express what they feel. Effective communication gets good inferences and better productivity. One can compress advertisement for better effectiveness.

Generally, we refer effective advertisement to that advertisement which gives us money. As per Mr. Nilanjan Mukherjee, there are three things which we should focus on while doing advertisement.

First one is Attention i.e. our advertisement should be in a manner that people stop doing their things and start paying attention towards your work.

Second one is Brand Memorability, it means whenever any consumer sees your commercial then he should be able to remember your name of brand for long duration. It also includes emotional engagement that can be different for men and women.

Third and last thing is Comprehension, it means that people should know what you are talking about and get the essence of your advertisement.

An advertisement should have action intent & novelty i.e. when you come to try something new then people try to follow you. Currently, there is approx. 2,000 crores market for deodorants. Playful chemistry plays an amazing way for advertising nowadays. By playful chemistry, one can engage target audience in a better way and people will come to know about product and brand of it in a better way. As per Mr. Nilanjan Mukherjee, in advertisement we need to find hook part of our target audience, it can be men or women. Short time duration advertisement creates more impact as you won’t be having any problem to engage your target audience for short duration and with short duration advertisement you can increase your frequency of commercial by which you will be able to create brand memorability in a better way. Also, short commercial will save you money. Music play an important role in brand memorability.

ACD i.e. Average Commercial Duration should be more focused on impression. Basically, when you are advertising product related to youth, then putting commercials on GEC i.e. General Entertainment Channel would be more relevant and will fetch you more engagement and you can increase your Gross Rating Point (GRP) by using GEC. There are basically three ways to do effective advertisement viz.

  • Television advertisement
  • Outdoor commercial
  • In store advertisement

Before doing advertisement or commercials, special attention should be laid down on market research and analysis. Some important things you can do for brand awareness are talk to as many consumers as you can and that too qualitative talks are required and the secondly visit marketers and retailers and communicate and interact with them.

“Emotionality drives Nationality!” – Mr. Nilanjan Mukherjee

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    • 5 years ago

      Indrajit Goswami   /   Reply

      What do you mean by ‘2000 crores market? In the sense of counting or net worth? Also can you please explain last three lines of the last paragraph?
      Thanks for reading my view. May I expect few words from you on my question?

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