5 Reasons Why Responsive Email Is Must

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Email is one of the widely used tools for Communication. Since the time it has been introduced, it has always been used widely in the world of business communication as through email the information is passed quickly.

Every business organization at one point or the other uses Email to communicate the goal of their business with established subscribers list and to other targeted segment where or to whom they want to promote their product or service. They forward their information based on various topics regarding any launch of new product or informing about the newly added features to the same, as and when needed.

But only sending email to the desired set of customer is not going to solve the marketing purpose. Today when we see the statistics, more than 50% of the target customers are on the move. They are using Mobile more than their desktop for business communications or for scanning information about any product or service. So, keeping this in mind, it is very essential that the email that are sent to them should be efficient and responsive in order to give them hassle free experience.

The Statistics shows that 70% of the emails are deleted, as they are not compatible enough for the mobile devices.

Efficiency of any information is a key to success. The way we plan and design our information on the email in turn will give the response that we are looking for.

One of the most talked about term in email marketing is “Responsive Design”. Responsive Email is nothing but such emails that has been designed to be compatible in any mobile devices. Wherever or whichever device the target customer is receiving the email on, the elements of the email design adapts to the same, be it the Mobile, Tablet or desktop.

As per the survey conducted by BlueHornet, a leading email marketing solutions provider, it is has revealed that if an email is not optimized for mobile;

  • 80% of recipients delete itReport
  • 30% unsubscribe it
  • 63% of consumers are interested to make a purchase, if they find an email look good on their mobile devices.

So, basically responsive emails should be quick to react or respond for the receivers.

It is of primary importance in todays user behavior scenario that the emails that we as a marketer design should be responsive enough for the users of such devices, else it will result in low Click-Through –Rate and low Return on Investment for the campaign.

Creating responsive email is becomes essential for the marketers today, if they want the conversions to happen and for this, they need to be ready with such Responsive Email Designs that are adaptive to the devices from which their target users are viewing it.

5 Reasons Why Responsive Emails are Must:

1) Better User Experience:

User experience is the most important concern for the marketers whenever any interactive design is being done. Large number people today are always operating through their smartphones, as they are often on the move they check emails on their smartphones.

So, in this case none of receivers would like to engage ourselves in struggling to zoom the email and see the details of the content. When the Email design is responsive, it is much more easier for the receiver to navigate easily to see the content.

If the CTA given in the email is clear and big enough to tell them easily what to do, they can happily click on the same and proceed further.responsive email

2) Increased Conversion:

If the email design are not responsive to the mobile devices then very likely there are chances that the receiver will delete it immediately as they don’t have time to struggle with finding the ways to open and see the information of the emails. With responsive emails it becomes very easy for the customers to navigate through the information of their interest and this will further increase the rate of conversions.

3) Better Sales Rate:

Marketers today targets the clients on mobile for sending their   product related features through emails. Responsive emails create a better impression when render perfectly with such devices.

No matter where the target customers are, they will always be ready to proceed with the purchase process if the ease is given to them.

4) Higher Click to Open rate:click through rate

A study conducted by MarketingProfs revealed that responsive emails have a 21% higher click-to-open rate (11.9%) than non-responsive ones (9.8%).

This clearly explains, how valuable it is to deliver the emails that are responsive in nature, making the navigation easy for the receivers of such emails. This will boost the open rate for such responsive emails.

5) Reduced Unsubscribe and Spam Complaint Rates:

As it has been already mentioned earlier, the receivers delete emails that are not responsive in nature. If the Elements of the email do not fit effectively in the device from where they are opened, they will fail to create an impression. This hinders the reputation of the email deliverability. Once the email will be responsive, it will have a lasting impression and will result in less Unsubscribe or Spam complaint rate. spam email

The adaptation of the modern devices like Smartphones, Tablets etc. is of great significance for both the marketer and the consumers. So, creating contents for emails to fit in the desktops, no longer is effective for achieving the desired conversion results.

Responsive emails are highly in practice as these adjust optimally to display any screen from which it is being seen. Responsive emails makes it very easy to be read on mobile phones, tablets etc. and enhances experiences as the contents re easy to view and understand.

Responsive emails make it easier and beneficial for the marketer when they are designed to adjust with a range of devices available in the market these days. Such emails detect the screen size of the device and adjust optimally with the display size.

One of the great advantages of the responsive email is that it gives desired control over the display of the content on various devices. There are few basics that needs to be followed while building responsive emails:

  • Stick to single column email
  • Header text is important for Mobile
  • Compress images to reduce file size
  • Keep subject line fewer to 50 character
  • Make sure landing page are responsive

Today there are number of service providers in the market who are into providing with the services of Responsive Email Templates, that has made the job of the marketer more easier when it comes to design responsive email. With such responsive email templates, the marketers today can ensure optimal experience across various devices and better impression will lead to higher conversion.

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