The Ultimate Guide On Remarketing Campaigns

by Nehal Rao | Updated on: September 11, 2019 | 5 Min Read.

1.What is Remarketing?

1.1. Remarketing is a smart way to connect with visitors to our website who did not make any immediate purchase or enquiry. It allows us to show targeted ads to these particular audiences, who had visited our website previously,  when they are browsing somewhere else around the internet. Remarketing helps us show ads to people who’ve visited our website or have used our mobile app. When people leave our website, without buying anything, for example, remarketing helps us to reconnect with them by showing relevant ads across their different devices.Remarketing-Retargeting

1.2.  Remarketing is a pay-per-click campaign (PPC). It acts as a reminder to people to come back to our sites. These ads show up anywhere on webpages, in mobile apps, and even in google search results.

1.3. It’s a powerful internet marketing technique because it allows us to stay connected with our target audience, even after they leave our website. For example,  WordStream uses remarketing on YouTube to re-engage a visitor that had visited the WordStream website with a display remarketing banner ad. Presenting ads to visitors even as they browse other parts of the web helps in gaining brand exposure and become more recognizable, raising trust and making them more likely to purchase from us.  

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2. How does remarketing work?

2.1. Remarketing ads are delivered in either or both text and image display formats. These ads are managed in Google AdWords and are shown on the  web pages of the audiences that accept Google advertising placements.

2.2. It’s quite simple. On each page of our website’s code is a Remarketing Tag. This tag is stored on the visitor’s web browser using “cookies”. At the same time, their cookie identification (cookie ID) is added to our remarketing list. This lets our remarketing list know to which visitor our ads have to be sent. The remarketing lists can keep track of which pages the visitor has visited. We can create a number of remarketing lists depending on what sections of the site the visitor visited. More ads can be created according to what the visitors are searching for, on the site.

2.3.  There are a number of advertising controls such as the time period that a cookie ID stays on the remarketing list,  caps saying how many ads to be shown and the ability to block ads on certain websites. This allows us to create lists and manage them without any specific code placed on website.

2.4. A remarketing list for search ads needs to have a minimum number 100 active visitors or users within the last 30 days for the ads to show; lists targeting Google search must have a minimum of 1000 active visitors or users. This helps protect the privacy of those who create these lists.

2.5. Our ads can be displayed on a huge number of websites. Remarketing uses Google display network.  This Network has over 2 million sites where remarketing ads can show up. It’s a great advantage to show remarketing ads on these varieties of sites.

2.6. To be successful it’s important to make sure the ad is highly relevant to what visitors are looking for and contains some form of enticement to encourage them back to the website. For example display a special discounted offer on the item to get back the visitor to the website.

2.7. If the aim is to raise brand awareness then we have to create ads that achieve exactly the same by displaying your brand to visitors over a period of days, weeks or months. And as remarketing is part of Google AdWords you will be able to track outcomes through normal conversion tracking. 


3. Membership Duration

3.1. Membership duration can be set on the remarketing list stating for how long a user stays on the list. Users are removed from the list by the time their membership duration expires, unless they use the website or app again.  The default duration for a user added in the list is 30 days and the maximum for 540 days.

3.2. The duration is chosen depending on the relevancy of the ads to the users.  In general,  the membership duration should be similar to the length of sales cycle. 

4. Remarketing Costs

4.1. The costs of remarketing depends on what the advertiser decides- the broader the campaign,  higher the cost. To keep the costs low, remarketing tags are used in a combination. This helps in creating highly targeted campaigns and increase ad relevance. We can also choose between CPC or CPM pricing. 

4.2. High-performance remarketing campaigns can be created using automated bid strategies like target CPA and ROAS (return on ad spend). Real-time bidding options help in calculating the optimal bid for the person viewing our ad, helps in winning the ad auction with the best possible price. There’s no extra cost to use Google’s auction.

5. Conclusion

5.1. The companies remarket their product showing the improvements done in the product to create interest and eventually improving sales.The price tag for this is much lower than a standard pay per click search campaign.

5.2. According to Google, when you are starting your first remarketing campaign, you need to begin by targeting everyone who has ever viewed your homepage. But you need to remember, that will increase your remarketing costs since your ads are being retargeted to more individuals, and you won’t be able to create ads that are quite as targeted. Incorporating the Google remarketing script tags allows you to target more narrowly, and therefore increase relevancy.

5.3.  Google remarketing is an ideal tactic especially where the sales process is long and considered competitive. It can be a powerful tool to improve sales conversions and to raise your brand profile.


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