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Remarketing Strategies to regain the lost traffic

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For any important tasks in life, we all need reminders to make sure that nothing slips through the cracks. Similarly, online marketing or advertising also requires reminders and hence for the same reason, it has become important as well as necessary for businesses to integrate certain remarketing campaigns to get back that lost traffic.

It is pretty obvious that you cannot stop a user’s attention from being diverted. However, you can certainly set up channels, which can help you to recapture the interest of non-converting visitors. Therefore, it becomes essential for you to create a compelling marketing message and further deliver it at the right time which can help you to convert your traffic into sales.

There are not many factors that come into play, but yes, one of the most important factors is the mindset of your potential customers. There are instances that customers might be interested in purchasing your product, but due to financial constraints might stop himself till the next pay-check. Chances are customers might forget about your site till the next paycheck arrives.

Therefore, what you can do is re-engage with a user that has shown a certain level of interest in your product. People that visit your site again and again significantly show a higher conversion rate. However, if you are worried about the fact that your remarketing campaigns might annoy your users, you can easily set parameters for a cap number of impressions per user.

Setting up remarketing campaign

Setting a remarketing campaign is not very difficult and there are various ways through which you can do it. You can either implement a remarketing code across your website or set up a rule based remarketing list by saying you want to target all users whose url contained your website name.

There is another kind of remarketing known as ‘Dynamic Remarketing’ which allows you to show the exact products a user looked on your site in a template banner. For example, if someone visited your website and checked a certain product, you can show them the advertisement of the exact product and direct them back to the same page if they clicked that ad.

Nowadays having a comprehensive remarketing strategy is quite essential for your business as it helps you to regain lost traffic and sales. Moreover, if you are setting up a remarketing campaign for your business, it is also essential for you to start looking into attribution modelling. Since there are numerous users visiting your site, you would want to identify the source that brought them to your website and what link converted that user into a sale.

Having a solid attribution model can provide you actionable insights into areas of your website that are still providing value even though it might not have been the last click that led to conversion.

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