3 Ways of Remarketing Using Audience Aggregation

by | Mar 4, 2017 | Inbound Marketing

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Inbound marketing is a data driven strategy that involves attracting and converting visitors into customers through personalized, relevant information and content. It is not only restricted to reach building, but it also try to attract buyers with a goal of selling attached to it. So, when it comes to fulfill the goal of sales through Inbound Marketing, there are several ways through which the marketers try to attract the customers for the same.

Today online presence of both the marketer and the customer gives great support to each other when it comes to providing or searching information digitally. Online presence has a great advantage for the marketers as they are able to capture various data related to customer buying behavior. The marketer/ advertiser, based on these data like that of age, location, product interest and so on can design the content that are exactly altered as per what their target customers are looking for. Segmenting this data into groups based on their interest is termed as Audience Aggregation.

“Audience Aggregation is to build a set of audience of similar interest.” It aims at bringing all such audiences together on one platform and then nurtures them.

Audience aggregation process undergoes three major stages that are involved for remarketing:

  • Aggregation of the audience
  • Nurturing the Audience
  • Monetizing them

Marketer uses the process of audience aggregation to engage the potential customers over a long period of time if they are not ready to buy yet. Through this process the marketer tries to create more opportunities to convert. These involves creating various channels through which the content of the product /service can be presented in more altered form based on the interest or the buying process stages of the customers.

3 ways of Remarketing using Audience Aggregation

1) Personalized Email:

Personalized emails are greatly used by the marketers for triggering the right set of customers. Through personalized email the marketers are able to deliver the desired set of information that the customer are looking for based on their buying stage.Emails are the great medium in digital marketing when it comes to reach building. It gives the opportunity to the marketer to design such contents that are responsive in nature. These emails are designed to adapt to any devices from where the customer is exposed to, as people are more digital savvy and often are using smartphones, tablets more when compared to the desktop.

2) Blogging:

Marketer rigorously tries to attract the traffic to their websites through pay-per-clicblogsks campaigns. Buying email lists and developing quality content to engage and enhance sales conversions in order to fulfill the gap in the marketing funnel process. Still, there are chances when the buyers even though they are in the final stage of the buying process do not complete the sales.Often blogs are created in order to connect to such sources and expanding the reach to them in a better way. Blogging is done by the marketers the engage to potential customers for image building and community

Blogs are created based on the marketing strategy with ideal contents specially designed based on the interest of the customers- informing about what they exactly are looking for. Several channels are used for blogs when it comes to reach out to the customers: websites/Linkedin/Google/ WordPress etc.

The marketer can measure the strength of a blog by:

  • How many people read it
  • How many people subscribe to it
  • How many people leave comments
  • How many people provides link to it

3) SEM – Google Adwords

Google Adwords – acts as a third party tool which is effectively used for remarketing the aggregated set of audiences.adwords target

Google provides a great reach prospects to the marketers when it comes to using the Adwords as a platform for fulfilling their marketing goals.

Remarketing through google lets marketers show the ads to people who have visited the website or have used the mobile app before but have not involved in buying. Adwords gives an opportunity to advertise both on the search and the display network. Google remarketing is:

  • An excellent way to re-engage the visitors
  • Helps marketer to stay top of the mind
  • Increase conversion rate
  • Helps to custom tailor the ad message

Under remarketing here the marketers chooses the new contents that are altered in order to personalize the information more towards the chosen target. It helps to expose the offer to the prospects and enable them to get involved in some interaction.

Ways used for remarketing through google to increase sales and interaction:

a) Target oriented ads for more desired action – Google gives n opportunity to the marketer to choose exactly what they want the visitor to do. It gives an insight about the stages of buyer behavior while they have visited the website or any product and service page through a consolidated data. Based on these data the marketer can decide on exactly where and on what point they can follow-up with their prospective segment till the time they take the action as desired. It helps in to target:

  • Special demographic segments
  • Create site relevant ads for product/ services

b) Larger audience Reach – As per the data provided by Google, remarketing through Google “reaches 83% of the unique internet users around the world.” Several sites within the Google network are eligible to show such ads like, Gmail, YouTube, CNN.com, many more

Each time the aggregated target audience visits any of the websites online, they are exposed to the ads that have been specifically designed for them. This gives great impression for the offer of any product/service.

c) Better Product/Brand visibility and ROI (Return on Investment)

Remarketing through google gives lots of free exposure even more than what is expected. It helps to tract the target audiences, promotes the offerings and compels the customers to take the desired action that are expected by the marketers. The best part is that the marketers do not have to pay anything unless the customers click on the ads. It is creating an impression without getting charged for the same, it enhances the credibility of the offer for the marketer.

By using different combination of channels used within it for remarketing Inbound Marketing gives great opportunities to the marketer. It provides great value to the marketer when used effectively to deliver their personalized content to the aggregated audience.

Whether using Email, Blogs or the Google Adwords as an effective channel for remarketing- the only thing that is to be focused is that the content design / ad design are totally personalized and altered as per the information that the audience group is looking for.

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