Renault Leverage Email Marketing To Increase Their Sales By 9630 Vehicles In A Year

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RenaultAbout Renault:

Renault is a France based world’s leading vehicle manufacturer founded by Louis Renault and his 2 brothers in 1898. They produced trucks, tractors, tanks, buses/coaches and auto rail vehicles prior to first world war. Louis identified that by participating in motor racing he could make his brand known to people and started to participate in inter city races with his brothers, who acting as his drivers. By entering into F1 their brand gained more popularity, but they ran into loss. By 1987 with few changes in their business process Renault profited.

Renault’s Business Objectives:

Automobile industry constantly strive to launch their products into market with high product quality, low maintenance and lesser cost. Customers are constantly looking out for better quality , design and style. Meeting this industry need is a quite challenge for automobile industry. Renault over came this challenge with good quality of vehicles and style, which won many awards for them. But the challenge they faced was creating awareness about their brand and drive customers to try their vehicles first hand. Upon all this, Renault had below business objectives

  • Increase their market share
  • Generate leads
  • Make their managers highly efficient to maximize their sales
  • Manage and increase their database
  • Increase their Return on investment.

Strategy / Approaches Adopted By Renault:

Renault went digital with linking data , voice and email with 20:20 Dialogue. 20:20 dialogue is a  UK’s leading digital communication company. They had a very sharp approach with a vision to reach a widely large customers. They designed Telemarketing activity, Direct marketing activity and Email marketing activity largely. Renault used below strategy to achieve their objectives:

Telemarketing —  This activity generated a highly qualified face-to-face appointments of clients out of which there was a huge increase in the number of demonstrations booked. By end of May 2011, they had 3041 demonstrations when in comparison to 1989 for complete 2010 with an increase of 267 per cent.

Email Marketing — The information which was collected through telemarketing was used for email marketing activity. They sent out customized email messages to customers based on the information/conversation which they had collected from their customers. They branded their email and dynamic template with the information which their customers were looking out for e.g. information about specific model, emission levels, service and maintenance information etc.

Results Achieved By Renault:

In the first five months Renault achieved their targeted ROI with following results

  • 11036 unique businesses were contacted
  • 8811 key decision-makers
  • 2861 appointments was generated
  • 9630 vehicles sales increased in 2010
  • Increased market share of Vans from 5.05 per cent in 2009 to 7.47 per cent in 2010.
  • Increased market share of Cars from 3.17 per cent in 2009 to 4.71 per cent in 2010.
  • A platform was designed where the business opportunities were tracked from end to end sales process and nurturing the process.
  • One-to-one emails were deployed to customers using email accelerator to increased the brand and product awareness.
  • On a average they had 1.5 appointments a day.
  • To lead the future opportunities they built a healthy pipeline.


After working with a strategic partner – 20:20 Dialogue, Renault increased their market share and efficiency of their sales manager. They integrated all the available platform with them – digital, voice and data to achieve their business objectives.

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  1. Nikhita Reddy

    Renault has achieved some seriously good results by using email marketing strategy. The entire post was presented in a good way. I think the results achieved itself tells how effectively they have used email marketing techniques.

  2. Indrajit Goswami

    Very good content. It is wonderful to observe that a company based in France appointed a consultant based in UK for its social media marketing. Digital world dissolves the boundaries.

  3. Ummer

    Well written blog with appropriate facts and figures to support findings. I thought telemarketing is effective marketing only in banking and financial companies for their retail products. Never imagined that it can be effectively used to tap automobile customers for trucks and tractors.


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