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Reportedly Facebook To Launch Breaking News Notification App

Reportedly Facebook To Launch Breaking News Notification App

Guardian publsihingThere is a buzz that Social Media giant is all set to launch its new app venture that Reportedly Facebook to launch Breaking News Notification App which will deliver the breaking news alerts to its users. This app is still in the testing phase and till now Facebook has not declared the date when this breaking news notification app will be rolled out.

Let us go through some of the feature of breaking news notification app:

Facebook users will get the breaking news notification directly on their Facebook news feed on mobile device, users will have to download the breaking news notification app which will then enable the users to get the alert on the breaking news. After downloading this app user will have to choose the news publications sites from which to receive the breaking news, and follow or subscribe them, post that users have to choose the topics associated to their interest like economics, Information Technology for which they want to view the news stories. Once the users select the publications that they want to follow and the topics in which they are interested they will receive the push notifications whenever there is some breaking news relevant to the users and in the Facebook news feed they will receive text and URL from the publications which will redirect to the story view.

Facebook has tied up with some of the publications to roll out the breaking news notification. The early Facebook publications associates will be New York Times BuzzFeed, NBC News, National Geographic, BBC news, the Atlantic, the Guardian, Spiegel and Bild. Publishers on the other hand will have to follow protocol like they are restricted to display on 100 character texts with a URL to their followers or subscribers. URL must be only redirected to the publisher site and no third party story is allowed. This app is in the similar lines with the Twitter who has recently launched the ‘News’ Tab. Flipboard and  Paper is also the news reader site which is available to view news stories.

Facebook news article

Benefits of publishing news on Facebook:

  • Facebook will increase the quality of the news which appears on the feeds compare to what user view on the publisher’s site by giving users a rich and interactive experience to the news readers. Facebook will facilitate all sort of embedding like YouTube videos, tweets, web view which allows having more interactive and rich content experience.
  • The load time of news will be increased by publishing the news on Facebook directly.
  • Facebook has currently 1 million plus active users, no other news sites have such a large audience. Hence it will enable the publishing partners to distribute their articles as Publisher sites are facing difficulties in terms of retaining their readers as other social media channels are showcasing the news and sharing stories on their sites itself.
  • Publishers can broadcast more relevant and targeted ads as Facebook knows better about the potential customers compare to what the Publishers know. Publishers will have full control over which ads it will show in its news articles. Also the revenue generated through the Ads which Publications sell directly will be kept by these Publications only. Facebook will only get the share of revenue in case of Facebook sells the ads through its mobile audience’s network. In this scenario the share ratio will be 30% to Facebook and 70% to the publishers.
  • Publishers can post unlimited news articles to Facebook they want and are not at all restricted to no. of news articles to display as well they can share same news on the different places on the web.
  • The major benefit Publishers will get is the traffic measurement. It will have the compability with comScore which will help to measure the total no. of audience, and also with the Google Analytics for the complete insights of the traffic source, behaviour of the audiences by keeping the tracking code on the publisher’s website. Hence this data will be useful for the publisher to understand their audience and know what sort of content audience is keen for and what are the types of news of audiences is looking at. Facebook also plans to have an analytical tool which will help to measure that how far audience has scroll the articles.
  • Publishing partners will get full benefit of Source and Technologies of Facebook without having a need to build their own.

There many social media channels and millions of users too who access it daily. People are now a days relying on the social media channels. Social media channels have become the source to provide information to the people. Many people spend time on social media these days to read trending topics, news or contents and consider social media channels a reliable source and instant information providers. According to the survey 63% of the users rely on Facebook for the news content.

The only fear these publications have is the Facebook powers, it will become a powerful destination then compare to the publishers own site for the news and drawing away the readers

Facebook is very proactive in bringing out innovative app approaches. It enables users to use Facebook for various reasons. They are now ready to complement with one more app in its queue. With this approach it is clear now that Facebook has found one more source of medium to drive the traffic to its site and retain its users for spending more time on Facebook site. It is a good move by Facebook By launching Breaking news notification app as users will now no longer need to visit the  publications site separately they can directly be redirected their interested publications site and topic to read the breaking news story by accessing Facebook. The main benefit which the user will get is that they don’t need to download the different publications app and also go to different publications sites for the news they want to view, they can view all their favourite publications news on a single platform i.e. Facebook. It is a win – win situation for the Facebook as they are benefiting their users as well as publishers.

Image Credits: Guardian Publications, Business Insider

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  • 4 years ago

    Ronald Reagan   /   Reply

    This is a great blog. Facebook keeps growing as a news source.

    • 4 years ago

      shraddha Somani   /   Reply

      Thanks Ronald for liking my blog.

  • 4 years ago

    Jomso   /   Reply

    Social Media Marketing and specially facebook marketing had played a major role in promotion of online e-commerce business. Facebook had enabled people to reach larger users in such competitive environment. Such increment in online revenue also helps country to boost its economy.

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