Research Based Internship By Digital Vidya Helped Gain Expertise In Social Media Marketing

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Currently Shraddha Somani is a Freelancer / Proprietor at Anshim DigiTech Solution. She provides web-based services like Website Designing, Internet Marketing, Graphics Design etc. She is passionate about Website development and Digital marketing. She loves to connect with people on internet through building great websites as well as marketing the brands through internet and that makes her happy to see how she has turned their web assets into generating revenue for their business. She holds Master degree in Computer Applications i.e. MCA.  Prior to starting her venture i.e. Anshim DigiTech Solution which she started in the year 2000, she was working with HDFC Bank – Mumbai for 4 years and Apollo Health Street – Hyderabad for 6 months.

Digital Vidya: What interested you in learning Digital Marketing?

Shraddha: As I am in an IT field where technology keeps on changing and new trends keeps on coming constantly, I am always excited to upgrade my skills and knowledge by studying the changes applying it. I definitely like to grab the opportunity and I ensure that I have up to date knowledge. I found digital marketing as a new evolution in the Tech world hence I thought of grabbing this opportunity by learning Digital Marketing.

Digital Vidya: Which module did you choose in Digital Vidya’s Internship Programme?

Shraddha: I chose Social Media Marketing module in the Internship programme as I was very excited to learn how companies are now a days becoming a big brand and generate revenue using the social media marketing strategy. I was eager to know that what/ which/ how social media marketing strategy is doing wonders to the company in making them so popular. I also want to be brand creator and revenue generator hence I opted Social Media Marketing.

Digital Vidya: Why did you choose Digital Vidya’sInternship Programme?

Shraddha: I did a self-study of Digital Marketing course on internet, I gone through various sites and compared all study materials  from all of which I found Digital Vidya one of the best source to gain knowledge about digital marketing domain. You get a great Exposure to their knowledge base, they teach you from the scratch which makes your fundamentals clear and they have a combination of great trainers and experts from the industries who gives you lots of insights on trends. You also gain practical knowledge through the assignments which they provided. Digital Vidya has a great content in an easy understandable language.

Digital Vidya: Please share top 3-5 takeaways from the Internship Programme you participated at Digital Vidya.

1.A sound knowledge and awareness on Social Media Marketing

2.Tools, Resources and utilities  that help me to run my social media marketing campaigns at ease

3.Practical knowledge which helps to build and design a perfect strategy for a business.

Digital Vidya: Based on your learnings, what are the opportunities for Digital Marketing as a career?

Shraddha: I have already started my career in digital marketing domain, have undertaken various projects and have also accomplished a good results likeable to manage the 1st position in Google organic search for the company by doing SEO, also able to manage the 1st position by doing Google PPC campaign for my clients. I have also been awarded certificate by Google for undertaking Google Ad word exam and now have become an official Google Partner.

Digital Vidya: Please share your experience in learning through the Research-based Internship Programme.

Shraddha: Internship research based programme comprised of different types of modules, in which you have to do all your research on the internet in detail which provided a deep knowledge and understanding of what could be a perfect strategy you can apply in digital marketing domain when you are working for your clients. How things work, you also come to know about the different tools and resources available through which you can carry out our task at ease.

Digital Vidya: What did you like most about Digital Vidya’sResearch-based Internship Programme?


If there is some new technology or features coming in you come to know about it and you are always up to date. You have to do research that means you get an in-depth understanding.

Digital Vidya: Do you suggest any changes to Digital Vidya so that the value of its Internship Programme can be enhanced further?

Shraddha: Increase the course content which you are providing to the interns.

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