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Research Says: You Can’t Have Over 200 ‘Real’ Facebook Friends

Research Says: You Can’t Have Over 200 ‘Real’ Facebook Friends

Head back to 2003, how do people connect each other? How do they spend by seeing a post from their friends and how to they boost business by setting up a page? Where do they display their ads to promote their products?

The Facebook” invented by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004- the no.1 social networking site where folks connect to each other share pictures send instant messages, do video calling, create groups with their family or friends and much more possibilities will be the only answer to so many how and where questions asked above.

face book logo

Spending time on facebook account has become the integral part of life like how people get addicted to smartphone’s invention. Facebook also provide a wide variety of games to entertain and attract its is indeed to share your facebook id in many other web portals along with your e-mail id and phone no even you can skip the form filing if you connect the site via your facebook.

Once you fill up the details prompted by facebook, you can have your facebook profile like this

face book profile


Facebook friends are the people whom you add by importing your contacts stored in your mail if they are already in facebook by simply typing their name/id search box you can add them as a friend.Ideally, facebook suggests us to give request to the people whom you know in your real life in case if you find  buddies who are  damn interesting and want to see their updates in your facebook timeline just follow them.

Add as a friend


once you add a good number of friends to your profile you can segregate them into a different list as below for easy  sharing of your location, photos, videos, enable group chats and any other important updates can be shared with those particular people.when you share any post in Facebook it will prompt you to set the audience whether you want to make it public which means accessible to anyone in Facebook or to the particular people.Facebook also

friend request in facebook

Facebook also send a warning to its users if that person is sending a friend request to an unknown person and that person reported them as a spam.Facebook provides the users with more powerful options with regards to friends they can delete the friend request sent by someone or can hide them too and it also suggests adding  someone as your friend, if you have one or more mutual friends with them.

for more detailed information to manage friends in your facebook have a look at the below link

face book friends list

What do we need to know about the research based on facebook friends?

An offline research was conducted to know how many real friends in facebook can exist for a user.It gives us the shocking results. It is said to be one cannot have more than 200 real friends in facebook.

why is it so? then what about the people having 500+ friends in facebook? then we should conclude all those are fake accounts or what?

funny video about  face book real vs fake friends


meme about facebook


 Findings from the Research

Robin Dunbar, the professor of evolutionary psychology conducted the research and coined a term “Social Brain Hypothesis”- about maintaining friendships and brain capability of recognizing around 150-200 people max.Time do play a crucial role in everyone’s life which is said to be the important factor in maintaining relationship we can dedicate time only to certain number of people in our life and share any happening news to the rest of people still you want to convey or showcase something that you are proud of then you have to reach them via facebook posts.

Experiments with the keen facebook users show that the average number of friends they had on Facebook was 155 in the first survey later it went up to 183 in the second.And another interesting fact about the results was Women prove them they have  more real friends than men (In the first sample, women averaged 166 and men just 145 friends; in the second, it was 196 vs 157) and another important fact to shared is older generation lags with less number of friends than the younger ones.Dunbar also quoted that “Social media certainly help to slow down the natural rate of decay in relationship quality that would set in once we cannot readily meet friends face-to-face

He also said that without meeting a person one on one you cannot  maintain a great friendship with them and it is also  in many pieces of research it is insisted that face to face interactions is so much essential for building a strong relationship.

In spite of the disputes there are several advantages of having  so many friends who may not be real in your Facebook one such example as follows- social media link, a firm helping the brand to scale their consumer advocacy did a survey with 19,000 consumers regarding” how they use social media for investment and savings advice” Nearly 50 percent of Voters recommended to get financial advice from their Facebook friends (

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