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 Resource designAbout Resource Design

Resource Design provides services that range from communication consultancy, writing, production, book designing, graphic designing, to editing and it also manages the Google AdWords accounts for its clients. Based in Bangalore, India, this twenty-eight years old company was formed by H. Jayadeva. The expert team at Resource Design offers personalized attention, customized solution and involvement of a small team with the professional excellence of a large organization to its clients. The team has researched and edited more than 1, 50,000 words so far. These words have appeared as a course material for a subject called Futuristics, which was first-of-its-kind and was being offered by the sister concern of Research Design, Simova Education and Research Private Limited. It also holds a great track record of designing more than twenty books on subjects which range from Golf to Bangalore. The company started with providing solutions which revolved around enhancement of communication quality; however, with the increasing number of its clients and advent of digital media in India, it identified the need of clients to improve their digital marketing efforts. Since 2001, the company has been managing the AdWords accounts of some of its clients and it also suggests other clients to go with AdWords program of Google.

Challenges of Resource Design

As the company was fundamentally a provider of solutions which aimed at designing and improving the content by researching and editing for its clients, it was only natural for it to expand its service in those new areas where it might deploy its already existing expertise. It started looking for more avenues where its present offerings, with slight tweaking, could fill the gap of clients who were looking at improving the content, the marketing messages and their overall reach to their customers.

The year 2000-2001 introduced most of the businesses to online platforms in India. Businesses were actively looking for ways to establish their presence in online media. As we are already aware, to win in online space, an effective content strategy and its distribution is the key to success. Resource Design already had a team who was expert in content and communications related services; it saw a huge opportunity in catering to the needs of these businesses which wanted to go online and ramp up their brand awareness, extend the reach of their customers by improving their marketing communications. The company  had a good thirteen-fourteen years of experience in the business by then and had managed to build a stable list of clients; now it wanted to offer services to the clients who needed support for their online content and its communication.

Strategy Adopted by Resource Design

In the year 2000-2001, the company decided to work as an agency in the online space. In its quest to find a solution to expand its services, it came across Google AdWords, the auction based online advertising system which claimed to have a high reach to the Internet users and  provided with a flexible pricing model of cost-per-click (CPC), cost-per-thousand-impressions or cost-per-mille-impressions and cost-per-acquisitions (CPA) to its advertisers which meant its advertisers paying the lowest-possible-price to achieve their business goals of brand awareness, increasing relevant traffic to its websites and increasing the sales. Resource Design got the solution it was looking for and embraced Google AdWords and started offering and suggesting the program to its clients. Now it was managing the AdWords accounts of several clients and often took the chance to introduce AdWords to other clients who might have needed the solution but were not aware of it. Whether it was building the brand awareness or traffic and lead generation for its clients or crafting an effective marketing message, Resource Design could enable its clients to attain their objectives by associating with Google AdWords. The time when this case study was published by Google, the company had been managing the portfolios of some of its clients – Brigade Group Homestead, Brigade International Group, Woodrow’s Club – and also managed their online campaigns.

Result Achieved by Resource Design

With Google AdWords, Resource Design could manage to expand its services and adapted itself with the changing business ecosystem which was all set to go online and successfully stayed relevant to its clients.

The free tools of AdWords like Geographical or location-based targeting enabled its clients to target only those areas where they offered services to the demand of their products. The Keyword Planner tool ensured that their ads got triggered only to the queries of those clients who were looking for the products which their clients offered. That way, most of the marketing budget of the clients was spent only to the potential and relevant searchers on Internet.

Google AdWords enabled the clients of Resource Design to increase traffic on their websites. One of the premium clients of Resource Design saw a significant growth in the traffic on its website – from 100 visitors per day to 2500 visitors per day! Resource Design worked on increasing the brand awareness of its clients first and then on scaling up their business. In case it required any support from Google, the responsive team of Google was always there to resolve any queries within 24 hours.

Panduranga, marketing team member, Resource Design, says, ‘Google’s support team is also much more efficient than other online marketing companies, as responses to our queries are provided within 24 hours!’


Google AdWords can be a significant tool for small companies and start-ups looking for building brand awareness, extending the reach of their customers and drawing the relevant traffic on their website. Also, the companies which are majorly offering communications related services to their clients, an association with Google AdWords, may enable them to survive in a period where the demand for online content and its management is increasing day by day. As most of the content is being read and consumed online, it becomes vital for such companies to get themselves introduced to the games of Google, how the Google search engine works and how paid advertising like AdWords can help them reach to their targeted audience, craft a communication and architect a distribution channel, which is not only cost-effective but also generates the maximum return on investment.

Image Credit: Resource Design

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