Resource Design Leveraged Google AdWords To Drive Targeted Client Traffic

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About Resource Design

Resource Design offers solutions ranging from communication consultancy, writing, production,  designing to editing, book designing and graphic designing. The company also handles Google AdWords accounts for its clients. The company, Based in Bangalore, India, was formed by H. Jayadeva    twenty eight years ago. The professional team in the company provides individualized attention, personalized solution and engagement of a small team with the great excellence of a large enterprise to its clients. Till now, The team has found and edited more than 1, 50,000 words. These words have appeared as a course content for a module called Futuristics, which was first-of-its-type and was offered by Simova Education and Research Private Limited, the sister concern of Research Design. The former also keeps a great track record of designing more than twenty books on subjects ranging from Cricket to New Delhi. The company was founded with a goal of providing services that revolved around strengthening of communication quality. Still, with the increasing number of its users and advent of online media in India, the company identified the need of clients i.e. to improve their online marketing endeavors. The company has been managing the AdWords accounts of many of its consumers since 2010. It also suggests other clients to go with Google’s AdWords program.

Challenges of Resource Design

As Resource Design was basically a provider of services that were focused at designing and enhancing the content by researching and improvising words for its clients, doing so was only natural for the company to expand its offers in those new areas where it could use its already existing skills. The company started looking for more avenues where its present services, with a little tweaking, might fill the  bridge of clients who looked at modifying the content, the marketing messages and their outreach to their customers. In India, the year 2001 introduced many businesses to digital platforms. Businesses were actively searching for ways to make their presence in digital media. As we all now and are already aware of, to be successful in online business, a well planned content strategy and then the content’s distribution play a significant role in the success. The company already had a expert team in services related to both content and communications. It saw a big scope in catering to the needs of the businesses that wanted to go digital and boost up their brand name awareness, extend the outreach of their users by improving their marketing strategies. Resource Design also had a thirteen to fourteen years of experience in the market by that time and managed to develop a stable array of clients. Now the company needed to provide solutions to the clients who wanted support for their digital content and communication.

Strategy adopted by Resource Design

 In the year around 2001, Resource Design decided to work in the field of digital world for clients. In its pursuit to find a method to expand its offerings, the company started using Google AdWords, the auction based digital marketing tool that really has a high outreach to the Internet users and  provides a flexible pricing model of cost-per-thousands-impression, cost-per-acquisitions (CPA) and cost-per-click (CPC) to its users. This means that its advertisers pay the lowest-possible-price to reach their business goals of increasing relevant traffic to their websites, increasing the sales and brand awareness. the company came across the solution it was wanting for, embraced Google AdWords and started offering and maintain Adwords account for its clients.

Now, as the company was managing the AdWords campaigns of several clients, it often took the chance to introduce this tool to other clients who were not aware of it but might have needed the solution. Whether Resource Design was building the brand awareness, traffic generation and lead generation for its clients or crafting an effective marketing campaign, the company could make its clients capable of attaining their goals by engaging with Google AdWords. The time when this case study was published by Google, the company had been managing not only online campaigns but also portfolios of its clients i.e.  Brigade Group Homestead, Brigade International Group, Woodrow’s Club.

Results achieved by Resource Design

Resource Design managed to expand its offers and adapted itself with the ever Changing business world through the usage of Google Adwords that was all set to go digital and that was successfully  relevant to the clients. Free tools of Google AdWords such as Geographical or location-based targeting and many more have made its clients capable to target only those locations where clients want to offer services to the demand of their products. The Keyword Planner tool makes sure that the ads appear on the search engine page only to the queries of those people who were looking for the products which they really want. In this way, most of the advertisement budget of the clients was spent only for the relavent searches on the internet.


Google AdWords can be an important tool for small companies and start-ups looking for developing brand awareness, increasing the outreach to customers and drawing the relevant traffic on their website. Moreover, the companies that are mainly providing communications related services to their clients, an engagement with Google AdWords may enable them to survive in the era in which the demand for online content and its management is increasing every day.

Image Credits: Resource Design

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