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Revenue Impacts On Digital Marketing Tactics

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It is an evident fact that each and every venture comes into being with the prime objective of generating revenue and earning profits from the same. This however, requires some tactics, techniques, understanding and knowledge of the domains so as to excel and surpass the competing entities and firms.

One of the most relied upon and wide concept in the field of virtual marketing is Digital Marketing. Undoubtedly, this domain entails in itself several sub-domains leveraging upon which will lead to success in terms of customer acquisition which ultimately leads to revenue generation.

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According to a recent report issued by Webmarketing123, it has come across that as many as one third of the marketers stated that do not know as to which digital marketing tactic has the biggest positive impact on revenue. Based on the survey conducted on a sample size of 600 marketing professionals from both B2B and B2C industry, based in the United States this conclusion has come across.

Here is the summary of the digital marketing tactics and strategies that will have the biggest positive impact and lead to revenue generation for the digital marketers in the industry.


From the infographic reflected above, it is evident that:

  • 26% of respondents say that email is the digital marketing channel that has the greatest positive impact on revenue
  • While Search Engine Optimization or SEO stands at the second position with 17% marketers in its favour.
  • The response is followed by Paid Search with 15% respondents
  • Furthermore, only 5% think that Social Media is the key to largest volume of revenue generation
  • Also, from the 600 marketing professionals merely 5% of the respondents assume online display to be the digital channel for biggest positive impact on revenue.

Here are some more findings on B2B vs. B2C from the report. The report clearly suggests that email is the most effective as well as impactful tactic for B2B marketers as 31% of them responded in its favour. While paid search turns out to be the effective source of digital media marketing for the B2C marketers with 24% casting their vote in its favour as being the biggest impact on revenue.

B2B and B2C-digital-marleters

Almost 46% of B2B marketers are not sure whether any social media channels have generated revenue for their business or not. Also, most of the B2C marketers (56%) say Facebook has generated some revenue for their business.


If you wish to refine your digital marketing strategy and wish to reap maximum benefits, you can also rely upon the top 10 digital marketing tools, for better results and witness higher revenue generation.

Image Credits: techcmantix, Webmarketing123

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      sumant kamble   /   Reply

      this article is awesome…..educating one…
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    • 4 years ago

      Shital Kalamkar   /   Reply

      Yes it is true that still many organizations are confused about benefits of digital marketing. They don’t know which channel is most suitable for their business. Often due to lack of knowledge many of them like to stick with old marketing methods only.

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