Revlon India Used Social Media Marketing And Broadened Its Fan Base By 72%

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RevlonAbout Revlon India

Revlon India  is a part of Revlon Group, an American cosmetic and personal care company founded in 1932 by Charles Revlon along with his brother Joseph and a chemist in 1932. In 1937 Revlon started selling products in leading drug stores and became a well established multimillion dollar company selling products worldwide. Revlon is now a popular brand in cosmetic industry and one of the top cosmetic brands in the world. Revlon started operation in India through a collaboration between Modi-Mundipharma Pvt.Ltd and Revlon, USA in 1994.

Revlon India’s Business Objectives

A new social media campaign has been launched by VML Qais for its client, Revlon India with the following business objectives.

  • Engage Revlon India customers with the new product and brand.
  • Create interest for its newly launched product, Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain, amongst the Revlon customers in India.
  • Enhance fan base and engagement rate for the brand.

Strategies / Approach Adopted By Revlon India

Revlon launched Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain product in India to address the changing needs of modern women in India.

Revlon India Used Social Media Marketing And Broadened Its Fan Base By 72% The campaign was set for 13 months, aiming to build a platform for all its women participants to express opinion on issues faced them in  daily lives and share it with other like-minded women participants in the campaign.

This campaign covered many topics related to issues faced by women in India. The more focus was on the topics related to Relationships and marriage as most women considered issues in these areas has a major impact on women’s life in general. VML Qais created content on the Revlon India Facebook page with information about the dual role lives of prominent women personalities and few interesting facts about them while bringing a Revlon product range into focus in the whole episode.

Results Achieved By Revlon India

Revlon India used Facebook and other popular social media tools extensively for this campaign.  Revlon India initiated this campaign a few months back and the result was excellent and received tremendous response from social media networks. More than 2 lack fans are added after this campaign and the engagement rate touched above 85%. These results are a clear indication of  social media power in online branding and marketing.


Through the strategies / approaches adopted by Revlon India, addressing  general issues of target customers via social media networks, it became easier for the brand to get engaged its customers.

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  1. Indrajit Goswami

    Good efforts by Ummer. But the ‘learning’ part is insufficient. The ending part must be impressive in every case study.

    • Ummer

      Dr. Goswami,
      Thanks for your valuable comment.
      I will see that I add more contents in the learning part in the coming case studies and make the ending part more interesting.


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