Rice’s Nursery Leveraged SEO & Witnessed 80% Increase From Online Leads

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When you have a website you will have to use SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Today almost all successful websites have optimized there website in order to rank higher in Google search engine ranking. Websites who have leveraged SEO (Search Engine Optimization), has received remarkable results. Internet have blessed us with an opportunity to get what we need, just by typing in the Google search engine. This is why it has become very important to rise up in Google ranking to make your products and services visible to the customers. By using SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques you can overcome the on-page and off-page drawback in your websites. Ricesnursery.com has recognize this fact and without losing any more time on deciding, they leveraged SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and received remarkable results.



Ricesnursery.com is a local landscaping and lawn maintenance business. Ricesnursery.com provides their services in Canton, Ohio. Their business has been serving the people of Ohio since 1941. Their services includes Garden decoration, Plant care, and landscape maintenance. They also provides snow plowing services as well. They are specialized in applying double layer Mulch to conserve moisture in order to improve the fertility and health of the soil. They also sale few products for lawn care, and supplies for planters and plotted plant supplies. Their products also includes gardening tools. As a whole ricesnursery.com works towards its vision for ‘Making lawns and gardens beautiful’.

Challenges Faced

Due to advancement in the area of digital technology people became lazy enough to look out of their window for services that they want. Why should they even try looking out, when they can get whatever they need with just a click, in Google search engine. Due to less expertise in the field of digital marketing and way to SEO (Search Engine Optimization), old business were lagging behind in generating leads through internet platform. Ricesnursery.com was one of them who were lagging behind in making there reach in digital platform. This is why they were facing a problem of less number of visitors which directly resulted in their low ranking of their website. Due to the lack of knowledge about the significance of keywords in a blog content, they were unable to be found in Google search results. And as a result of that, number of leads generated through website was less. The number of sales also went down due to their low visibility in search engine.


Ricesnursery.com was also lagging behind in some on-page optimization which resulted in less interaction with the customers who visited. They were unable to capture the visitors for further nourishing them to become convert them to buyer.

Strategy Used


Ricesnursery.com made a thorough analysis of their current scenario. They recognized their weakness and knew that they were lagging behind due to their limited expertise in SEO (Search Engine Optimization). So, they took help of Tkg – Karcher Group, a consultancy firm who provides online strategy for business growth. Tkg – Karcher Group gave them 3 main steps for success in their business growth. Let us look at them.

  1. Mulch Calculator


Mulch is a layer of material applied over soil in order to keep the moisture in it safe and improve fertility and health of the soil. Ricenursery.com started a campaign through which they developed a new online tool, which they named as ‘Mulch calculator’. The ‘Mulch Calculator’ allowed customer to check the amount of mulch they need and calculate the price. They even gave an option to order it online for home delivery of the amount of mulch they needed. This saved customers extra effort.

  1. Search Engine Marketing

They stared looking for all those customers who are looking for mulch. The best way to target those customers is by effective use of keywords. A list of all those keywords were made which were normally used for searching mulch buying in the local region. This keyword were used in order to increase the visibility of ricesnursery.com by using SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This plan worked pretty good as the website traffic went high due to number of visitors searching for mulch. This traffic is directed to calculator to provide customer a new unique feature.

  1. Mobile-Friendly website

The last and final thing that they needed to concentrate was to make a mobile friendly website. People can’t effort to carry their laptops where ever they go. Infact the terms laptop and desktop is slowing vanishing and is replaced by smartphones and tabs, for new generation. So, it was very necessary to ensure that their website works well in mobile platform.



After implementing this 3 changes of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ricesnursery.com witnessed remarkable change in number of leads. Within one year, they witnessed 80% increase in form leads. The effective placing of lead generating forms helped them to capture the visitors to nourish them further to convert them to become buyers. The online tool ‘Mulch calculator’ helped to increase 85% in online mulch transactions in one year.


The case of ricesnursery.com once again showed us how important SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can be in the growth of your business. Few simple changes of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can help you gain a large number of customers for your products and services. You can try using few of the similar kind of techniques to get some remarkable results. The first part of the hurdle is in recognizing the need of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for your website later part is easier than you have ever thought.

Image Credits: ricesnursery.com, media.glassdoor.com

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