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Purchasing an email list is like a quick fix whenever business people face aggressive sales target. It a easy to gain new contacts and spread the message. However this practice is the death of a business person’s trust.

Listed below are few dangers of using a purchased email list:

  • Accuracy of data is not sure

Unfortunately the contact information that email list providers promise is mostly inaccurate. It actually contains jam packed of bad data and out dated information and as soon as the contact information is uploaded to an email list, the data starts to become outdated. It is expected that there will be 1/3 rd of loss of email list every year. Once the recipient finds inaccuracies in the data they can immediately question the credibility of the company. So time should not be wasted in hunting poor quality contacts, in fact those contacts that do not exist. Instead trust should be built with the website visitors and this converts these website visitors into email subscribers.

  • Terms of service are likely to get violated

Any email service provider (ESP) clearly states two items in their terms of service:

  • Spam should not sent.
  • Purchased, rented or third party email list should not be used.

If too many ESPs customers are sending poor quality emails, it can have damaging effect on all the service provider’s customer’s deliverability.

  • Morale gets killed

Purchased email and contact list kills morale of the members of sales and lead generation team. The member of the team becomes aware of the monotonous task the company has dealt with them as soon as they weed through the contact list. If ever a response comes from the contact of the purchased list it would be: “please stop mailing me”, “I’m not interested” or “how did u get my contact information”.

  • It can be done by anyone

It’s not just one but many purchase email list. A dozen of other organizations have sent promotional material to exactly same contacts again and again. So these contacts have actually tuned out uninvited emails. Valuable relationship are built by trust not by spamming people.

  • People have just tuned out

Sending thousands of emails have a harmful effect on the brand. Basically the contacts in the purchased email list don’t have any idea why the company is sending them mails and how did they get their contact information. This leaves a bad impression of the brand.

So just start making an opt-in email list. Focus should on attracting people who are searching information about the product and service. By designing valuable content for the customers, they will be compelled opt in to get to know more about the ongoing basis. This is the beginning of potential business relationship.

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