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Digital marketing has gradually gained the momentum in India. 5 years ago, many businesses did not consider digital marketing as an important part. However, nowadays it has become a necessity! There is hardly any business which doesn’t include digital marketing in their business strategy. Well, those don’t include, hardly survive.

By digital marketing, one means the promotion of brands and products via electronic media. If you have an idea about digital marketing, you would know how it works. Basically, the working is based in real time!

Why should you care about digital marketing?

Digital marketing becoming mainstream benefitted entrepreneurs and freelancers first. People with good content marketing and search engine marketing were able to flourish while rest fell between the cracks.

There is a huge shift in the ways we practice marketing. Gone are the days when TV ads or pamphlets were the top-notch techniques. According to Times of India, Digital marketing will create more than 1.5 lakh jobs in India by 2016.

Digital marketing and the variety of people taking it


The career opportunities just pour in after you are well acquainted with digital marketing aspects.


Entrepreneurs were the first to get benefit from the digital revolution. With the help of digital marketing techniques, entrepreneurs can target their audience in the most effective and efficient manner.

Marketing professionals

Well, with the shift of marketing techniques from traditional to digital, the level of marketing has gone a step ahead. Marketers who resort to digital techniques for selling their products and services are on a winning side.

If you go further in digital marketing, there are endless opportunities in this field. Some of the prospects are content writers, content marketing manager, digital marketing manager, inbound marketing manager, SEO executives, copy writers, conversion rate optimizer, Seach Engine Marketers, and Social Media Marketing Experts/Specialists.

Considering the enormous opportunities in the field of digital marketing, the salary package provided ranges from INR 1,00,000-25,00,000 per annum. There is hardly any doubt to the opportunities and salary of digital marketers and related fields. This fact was also put forth by India’s first and leading FM brand, Radio City 91.1 FM by none other than RJ Ginnie. She emphasized on the need for being well-versed with digital marketing as companies today are aligning themselves to digital marketing tactics. Radio City 91.1 FM being credible enough addressed Digital Vidya as the pioneer in the field of digital marketing trainings.

Digital Vidya being Asia’s leading company in digital marketing training was the first to launch Social Media Marketing Workshop Series in India. Since 2009, Digital Vidya has trained over 12,000+ professionals from over 6,000+ brands such as Google, Reliance, Nokia, MakeMyTrip, Cisco, StarTV, Intel, Toyota, Citibank, Naukri, Madison, SAP, and CII has participated in more than 700+ Digital Marketing trainings by Digital Vidya across Asia. The USB of Digital Vidya is the customized Social Media/Digital Marketing Workshops for corporations which can help you scale your business by leveraging digital marketing.

If in case, you missed that out, you can listen to the features mentioned about Digital Vidya on the number 1 radio station, Radio City 91.1 FM by RJ Ginnie in this sound recording:

This is not the first time Radio City spread a word about Digital Vidya. Earlier, RJ Aadi and RJ Simran were too influenced by Digital Vidya’s hold in digital marketing that they were mentioning us as one of the leading digital marketing experts!

If you want to learn more about digital marketing, you can look our Certified Digital Marketing Masters (CDMM) course which is an 115 hours live training session. It is an instructor-led online course. Once you have completed the course, you will have to appear for an examination conducted by Indian Government certified, Vskills. On passing the exam, you will get certified by both the entities, Digital Vidya & Vskills. This is one of the most popular and recognized course in the marketing industry which can make you good profits!

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