RJ Simran Shares About Her Digital Life With Digital Vidya

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Digital Marketing is one such form of marketing that has picked up a fast pace. This is evident with the fact that almost every domain, industry profile or fraternity has been touched upon by it and has left a great impact on them.

It won’t be incorrect to say that digital marketing surely has got some magnetic features attached to it such that it has attracted or lured people hailing from different walks of life and tempted them to learn about digital marketing to enhance and upgrade their skill sets.

We at Digital Vidya make every possible effort to upgrade and enrich our course structure and curriculum such that it matches the level of present day requirements. To get acquainted with the knowledge of digital marketing and the related domains; students, working professionals from different industries, CXO’s, business heads, teams entailing Sales & Marketing, CRM and Digital Marketing as well as PR & Communication turn up to learn digital marketing tacts. RJ SIMRAN

Amongst several participants of Digital Vidya’s Certified Digital Marketing Master Course (CDMM), one name that stands out is a renowned name in the radio industry. Her voice has left many mesmerized. She is none other than RJ Simran.

It was during a conference in Mumbai when she first met Kapil Nakra, Co-founder that she got introduced to the concept of digital marketing. Amongst several domains of digital marketing, it was social media that lured her the most. She figured out the fact social media is one way that allows you to not only interact with people and enlarge your social network, but also enables you to promote your business, product/service on these platforms. She specifically made a mention of Facebook.

In the interview, she acclaimed Digital Vidya as the game changers in the field of digital marketing. She duly gives all the credit of learning digital marketing to Digital Vidya and readily recommends it to everyone who plans to learn digital marketing whether to enhance their knowledge or to add on to their professional skills.

Have a look at the video interview:

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