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Role of Google+ As Social Media Marketing Channel

Role of Google+ As Social Media Marketing Channel

google-plus-flat-300x300Google+ was launched by Google Inc. in June 2011. It facilitates people to post photos and status updates to the stream or interest based communities and club different types of relationships into Circles(instead of ‘friends’), a multi-person instant messaging and video chat called Hangouts, events, location tagging, and the ability to edit and upload photos to private cloud-based albums.

However, when it comes to social media marketing, there’s to more to it than meets the eye!

Hangouts Can Improve Your Business


Upgrade your conference calls from voice to video with Google+ Video Hangouts if you have less than ten participants. It will increase everyone’s engagement in the meeting. To conduct a webinar in a cost effective way use Hangouts. It allows you to use your webcam, share your screen and watch other YouTube videos live with a lot of people. Groups of 10 or fewer can participate live on video and groups larger than 10 can view and interact in the hangout chat. Google+ Hangouts provides an appropriate environment for virtual user-group meetings because people can share their screens for tutorials and reviews.

Leverage Circles


Google+ uses circles to organize the contacts people follow. Profiles come with four default circles: Friends, Family, Acquaintances and Following. Pages also come with four default circles: VIPs, Following, Customers and Team Members. You can use these circles or delete them and create your own customized circles. Also, you can share your updates with specific circles. When you create targeted updates, select the circles of people you want to receive them. One advantage of sharing updates with specific circles is the ability to send an email to the people and pages within those circles. Moreover, you can host live video sessions with targeted audiences, such as your colleagues, friends, customers, subscribers and other groups of people and pages. It works for both hangouts on air and video hangouts.

Promote Your Brand via Google+


If you’re not promoting your brand on Google+, you’re missing out on a market of over 250 million users. This number is expected to grow tremendously in future as Google is making a Google+ account compulsory for all Gmail users.

An insight into your business can be given with the help of an ‘About page’ on Google+. Use keywords that are SE0-friendly. Through this page, you can attach links to specific pages and thereby, increase your website’s traffic. The Events feature allows Google+ users to send out customized invitations to anyone irrespective of whether they are Google+ users. It is synced with Google Calendar and hence, notifies you automatically when a user confirms for an event. Akin to the ‘About page’, it is important to mention keywords in the articles you post so that people end up reading them more often than not. Google’s search algorithm includes search results from Google+ activity. The more relevant and content-based your Google+ posts are, the more search results you are likely to show up in.

In order to succeed on a social platform, it is imperative to engage in the pertinent discussions and conversations that are taking place and add your input while doing so. The success of your business within Google+ is directly dependent on how you engage with current and potential customers from both your personal and business pages. For your personal page, do go through the Google+ shared circles database created by Chris Porter. It has enlisted all Google+ circles based on the type of industry.

After putting in all the effort to promote your business on Google+, you must analyze your performance to take it a notch higher. The Google+ dashboard is the tool to help you accomplish this. You can use it to look at the momentum in metrics to determine whether your social media efforts are working. As and when you note trends in these metrics, you can tweak your tactics as necessary.

Friends+Me automatically uploads your content from Google+ to other social networks by checking your Google+ business page and/or personal profile at regular intervals. If new posts are found, they’re re-posted to any social networks you’ve associated with Friends+Me. It has some remarkable configuration options available, but you’ll need to spend some time to set them up. Once that’s done, Friends+Me is an effective way to share your Google+ updates across multiple platforms.

Steady Demand is a Google+ audit and analytics tool. The audit is free but the analytics tool comes at a cost. The results give an overview of what’s working on your page and what’s not.

The Real Picture

Google+ has a lot of noteworthy features but the fact that it has had very low active user participation (despite the large number of registered users) is simply undeniable. Some people even call it, “the walking dead”. Initially, it was seen as a competitor of Facebook and Twitter but hasn’t performed as expected. The cohesive experience of all kinds of features that Google+ offered didn’t go down well with people. But, don’t write it off just yet. Google is relentlessly working to bring it back on track and engage customers globally. It is very much alive and once it gets popular among users, the tables will turn.

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