#RomedyTrail: Tastiest Social Media Driven Campaign for Film Promotion

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Food and travel are the two most sought after activities when we are in the mood of celebrating big or small things. Romedy NOW, The English general entertainment channel incorporated this core philosophy of life when they decided to celebrate the Indian Television Premier of Hollywood film “Chef”. They created campaign #RomedyTrail to create buzz about the event.


Romedy NOW is one of country’s most watched English entertainment channels, catering to urban middle and upper class. The channel has programming theme of happy, romantic, feel good content which is easy on viewer’s senses. With #RomedyTrail campaign the objective was to create awareness about the television premier of the movie and engaging audience on various social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. They opted for some on ground activities and used social media to manage the whole campaign to ensure maximum engagement from the viewers and participants.



Released in May 2014 this film’s theme revolves about story of Chef who travels from one part of the country to another in order to rediscover himself as a Chef and start over his life fresh as father and husband. RomedyNOW picked up two main ingredients of this campaign Food and Travel in order to keep entire campaign in complete sync with the content of the film.

They designed a game or we batter say a race among the team from three major cities of the country i.e. Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore. From each city ten teams were made to compete with each other. The main idea was to give the participants some tasks to perform in different part of the city and once a task is completed they were greeted with sumptuous food at different food joints of the city.

This complete activity was shared with the audience by live social media updates to keep those hooked in the process who were not participating.


To execute the idea RomedyNow partnered with Wow Tables and Uber to facilitate the process. Wow Tables connected Romedy NOW with different restaurants and food joints of the three cities and Uber helped participant travel form one place to another. Process started in June 2015 when Romedy NOW started publicising #Romedytrail. They made 30 seconds TVC which was aired on satellite television and shared on YouTube and other social media channels so social media marketing came to the rescue of @RomedyNOW.


 A micro website (www.romedytrail.com) was launched for the special occasion and people were asked to log in and fill in their detail to participate in the campaign. It was announced that winner team will get an iPad.

 Romedy NOW YouTube channel had more than 4000 subscriber at that time and it had good presence on other social media platform as well so it worked perfectly to create awareness about the event and people showed great interest on joining the #RomedyTrail campaign. Romedy NOW shared some really witty funny engaging tweets and updated to call out people to participate and to set the tone of the event right.

After evaluating the different profiles ten teams were selected from each city and each team had three members. Since the event day was still a little away social media was used to encourage the participants and building up the craze about the event. Each team was instructed to choose a captain among them to lead.

On the day of the event official twitter handle of the RomedyNOW sent tweets to the captains of the each team asking them reply with the name of the movie whose plot they have shared in 140 characters they called it #Romedy140. It was the first question and up on answering it correctly they were given the list of the restaurants of their cities where they will have to reach one by one and perform different tasks.

Now the challenge was to engage as much number of people to get engaged in the even as possible so twitter was used as main communication medium and all tweets of organiser as well as of the teams  needed to use #RomedyTrail for being counted.

The task given to the teams were video/ photo/ tweet based, upon completing the task teams were instructed to share it on twitter and in order to move to the next level they had to achieve a certain number of re-tweets and as they touch the number they were informed about what to order from the restaurants.

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This entire process was repeated four times as each team had to eat at for restaurants and once they are through with that they were supposed to reach at the end point of the trail. The end point location remained undisclosed till the completion of the last task in which each team was asked to create a collage of the photos taken throughout the day showing all tasks and activities teams did. Each team had to tweet this image and get at least fifty re-tweets to know the end point location.


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#RomedyTrail generated more than 46 million views in just 21 days and @RomedyNOW got 7218 mentions from 1309 users all over the world. During this phase @RomedyNOW got 5341 re-tweets, 1298 replies and 579 regular tweets.

@RomedyNOW and #RomedyTrail was trending in India for this campaign, each tweet got engagement rate of 50% and @RomedyTrail got engagement rate of 3.3%, it was trending in Mumbai for four hours and in Bangalore for 2 hours.

@RomedyNow exploited social media marketing to save the day and beyond the data and metrics #RomedyTrail was successful in bringing the people who love food, cinema and travel together and enjoy the day. At last there were some really happy customers who made themselves a memory for a long time. #RomedyTrail is still part of discussion on @RomedyNow and people are often seen asking for #RomedyTrail Part-2.

Photo Credits: Social Media channels of RomedyNOW, @RomadyNOW, #RomedyTrail

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