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Roti, Kapda, Makaan aur Internet

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In 1974, When Manoj Kumar directed and produced Bollywood blockbuster (highest grossing film that year) – ‘Roti, Kapda aur Makaan’; he wouldn’t have thought that something will ever add to the list of these 3 basic necessities of life!

Almost 39 years later, the Federal Court of Justice in Germany states – “Most people in Germany use the internet daily. Thus, it has become an essential medium in the life of the society, the disruption of which has an immediate impact on the course of everyday life.” A German telecommunications company had to pay a client compensation for failing to provide its services.

So, is Internet access – necessity or luxury? In a country like India, where more than 60% of the population are still poor – this question may not be a prudent one! But the scene is different in urban India and the internet is changing the shape of rural India by bridging the digital divide. Mobile phones are playing an important role in this picture.

According to a report from Mumbai-based financial advisory firm Avendus Capital, India could currently have as much as 50% or more mobile-only internet users — possibly the highest worldwide compared to 20-25 % across developed countries.

Free laptops (for students) and cheap tablets (like Aakash) will change India sooner than we think. Internet usage will grow faster than this and will have greater impact. When 2%-3% of rural Indians are already using the internet and growth in Indian internet users in India is about 31% in last 12 months (as per ComSocre’s latest FutureInFocus report) then days are not far when there will be a revolution – as Accessibility improves, People will connect, Knowledge will be shared – people will learn from each other, New skills will be developed.

The number of people with internet access continues to rise and so does the time they spend online, this is not only attracting global brands to India but also changing the way domestic firms market themselves. Social Business is the new domain.

The number of Internet users in India has reached 205 million in October this year, registering a Y-o-Y growth of 40% over last year. By December 2013, it is expected to reach 213 million. The the I-Cube 2013 report estimates that by June 2014, India will have 243 million internet users, at which point of time, it is expected to overtake the US as the second largest Internet base in the world. China currently leads with more than 300 million internet users while the US currently has an estimated 207 million internet users.

Hence, Living in an internet accessible world is almost a necessity!

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