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Running A Restaurant? Check Out 3 Secrets Of Social Media Marketing To Achieve Great Success

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Social Media MarketingSocial media plays an important role in restaurant business because going to a particular restaurant is more of a personal choice for many of us. So, keeping a personal touch with each customer is very important to build customer loyalty and brand awareness in restaurant business. Here are 3 proven secrets of Social Media Marketing to Attract Great Success for a restaurant. These are some of the best practices one can follow to build reputation in the restaurant business.

Secret #1: Not All Platforms Are Equal

This secret is very crucial as it is very important to find which social media channel is the best. In general, social media marketers of any restaurant rely on channels like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Foursquare, and Yelp.

Which one is doing better now? In fact, Facebook stands at the top with a whopping 34% of total social media traffic followed by Twitter and LinkedIn at 4% and 1% respectively. These are the top three social media channels. One could see that there  is a huge difference between Facebook and Twitter numbers mentioned here and for the same reason it is highly advisable to use Facebook as the most preferred channel.

Another important thing is about YouTube. Video market is virtually untapped; therefore, well shot videos can attract more viewers and better engagement from customers which is a great way to boost brand value.

Yelp is another important site and a huge place for any size restaurant business. Thus, one should focus on Facebook, YouTube and Yelp.

Running A Restaurant? Check Out 3 Secrets Of Social Media Marketing To Attract Great SuccessSecret #2: Social Media Has A Proven Formula

Lot of people are confused about what the social media is and how it works. Social media comprises of engagement and promotion.

  • Promotions: 

Every marketer do promotions. A restaurant achieves effective brand promotion when it serves food to customers and when people posts comment on the review site, or when the restaurant issues free coupons for its customers. While promotion is an important factor in the business, it actually plays a small role in building long term customer base. The most important thing is ‘List building’. One needs to focus on list building to build long term loyal customer base.  Focus on list building first and then start engaging with the customers.

  • Engagement

This is the reason why social media works because it takes up to 7 points of contacts before somebody recognizes a brand and visits that restaurant. Therefore, one really needs to engage with customers on Facebook to receive more likes, comments and shares. This is usually practiced by successful marketers nowadays.

  • Running A Restaurant? Check Out 3 Secrets Of Social Media Marketing To Attract Great SuccessRun a promotion or contest in the restaurant which involve all existing customers.
  • Run a Facebook campaign for the contest. Ask customers to “Like” pages or collect details like email address and name of the customer and in return offer a coupon or free dinner ticket. These kind of offers attract a large number of participants as the customer need not pay for anything.
  • Go for internet marketing. Google Adwords  and Facebook advertising are highly recommended as  these advertising channels offer better return on investment.
  • Use Facebook landing page for free advertising of offers. This is one of the best ways to get maximum coverage without spending anything. On the Facebook landing page, add some offers and ask customers to “Like” the advertisement shown on landing page or input their email address and in return offer a free coupon or discount at certain rate.

Secret #3: Automate The System

Nowadays, more and more people are outsourcing their work that is repetitive in nature. It is essential in order to reduce costs and improve the focus on the core business. There are a lot of places online to get any sort of job done in a small price. is one such site where small tasks are done for just $5. Shortstack is used to create some of the best templates on Facebook. These tools are turning powerful these days. One should consider using Aweber to manage large number of emails that are required to be sent out at certain intervals. One should ensure that a proper response system is in place for every email query received.

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