Ryanair Used Web Analytics Optimally To Increase Its CTR By 200%

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ryanair_identitat About Ryanair:  In a low cost, no frill and more revolutionized B2C (Business to Customer) aircraft  model industry, Ryanair is one of the Europe’s leading and largest aviation businesses.  Ryanair is very  much focused on and committed to bring its customers to on-time flights and lowest fares out of all its  competitors, so that customer get what they want and no competitor can compete with them. Almost 99%  of flight booking are made online through Ryanair’s website network, making its website a most important  marketing tool. Ryanair also operates an affiliate model for its ancillary partner again via its website.  Since 2013, Ryanair has been the largest European airline carrier for scheduled passengers.

Ryanair’s Business Objective: Having a Web Analytics at place is not sufficient. Every business needs to understand what is behind the web analytics. What does it tells you and what it does not? Same happened in Ryanair case. Though they were having Web Analytics but they were unable to fetch and access information and come up with an outcome. So they hired a solution partner called At Internet. Ryanair’s goal was to hire an expert’s support to handle all its online intelligence needs and intuitive user friendly interface so that it could be taken care of. As the economy has clamped down and inflation has risen up is the reason of low consumer spending, causing profit erosion to airline industry also. Thus, in order to retain customer traffic and its conversion, it was at most important for Ryanair. Hence, it had two basic objectives:

  1. To redesign Homepage
  2. Increase Traffic

Approach / Strategy Adopted By Ryanair: To get deep understanding of its online market, Ryanair selected two products from AT Internet which are AnalyzerNX and DataExplorer. Ryanair then tracked visiting pattern of people, bounce rate, some prime locations where user is spending more time. After gathering all this information, Ryanair redesigned its homepage. With the help of analysis solutions, Ryanair uplifted personalize marketing campaign through emails. They also focused on conversion funnel to identify the point where people are exiting or entering the site mostly or regularly. Thus, they developed a strategy around same and added some extra feature pages and user friendly interface so that they can drive maximum traffic and make visitor’s whole journey very simple from identifying flights for bookings.

Result: With the help of Web Analytics to understand visiting behavior and to make optimize use of information available, Ryanair’s click-through rates got increased by 200% and bounce rate decreased by 18% at the same time. Head of advertising at Ryanair Dara Brady said that by improving the homepage design they were able to increase traffic by 16% to various pages and by personalize email marketing they were able to double their revenue. The three most important benefit they got out of it are:

  1. Optimized Strategic Decision making ability
  2. Increased Traffic and conversion
  3. Increased Revenue generating from Web Site

Learning: The most important task to drive conversion was to analyse the contribution of every traffic source using Web Analytics solution allowed Ryanair to identify that the traffic they were receiving was quite low. Thus, they learned on what things to focus and how to improve business model. The use of their strategic decision meant that Ryanair now could learn about how their visitors wanted to interact with their web site and accordingly they can customized it in most optimized way.

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