Sahara Star Leveraged Social Media To Make 87% Of Conversational Tweets

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323About Sahara Q Shop

We all have heard of spurious and adulterated food in our life time- be it sweets during festival seasons or milk, ghee and cheese. Even further, these days even milch animals and hens are not spared with steroids and antibiotics being pumped into them for increased quantities of milk and eggs. As a result of all these misdemeanor, we see an increase in health issues across all ages and diseases which one might not have heard before.

With this the state of food in India, Sahara India Parivaar decided to come up with a new concept of Q shops where Q stands for quality in all stages of its production, with sole aim of providing adulteration free food to all citizens which is the fundamental right of every citizen. It aims to bring quality revolution with its slogan- Milavat Ke Khilaf Jung.

Through its Q shops, Sahara promises to provide 100% pure, unadulterated food which is of 100% correct weight and has 100% disclosure policy. Thus, it promises that it is quality that dictates everything they do. Sahara has even adopted “Sahara Quality Management System” with its focus on quality control and quality assurance. Q Shop has a special product range called Q9 which is meant to target hotels, restaurants and caterers. Under this product, custom made and orders specific to the needs of the customer are provided. The range of products which are introduced in the Q shop are staples, processed food, home care products, lifestyle products, general merchandise and beverages.

Sahara Quality Advisory Board has 50 reputed scientists, 250 senior quality advisers and 500 associate quality assurance executives. It has state-of-art quality control labs at New Delhi, Lucknow, Nagpur, Patna, Mumbai and Hyderabad and more than 305 warehouses spread across the country. It has been honoured with the award for best project contributing to organisational value, sustainability and innovation, award for the best start-up business excellence award, quality excellence award for the most innovative company, quality excellence award for the fastest growing company, best new retail launch for the year 2014, international quality crown award London 2006.

Sahara Q Shop Business Objectives

To connect to the audience during Valentine Week and creating a clear place for itself in the minds of its audience when each and every brand is trying hard to garner a share of  time and space of its audience.

Approach adopted by Sahara Q shop

Valentine Week is a time when love, passion and romance is in the air and what could be best to express love than poetry which comes straight from the heart. The strategy was to enable people to express their true feelings which we all nurture but rarely express. Thus, Sahara wanted to provide a platform to its users to express their true feelings coming directly from heart. Contests and various other measures which have become quite common these days were consciously avoided. Audience consisting mainly of foodies, bloggers and writers were encouraged to tweet to explain the ever entangled emotion of love, its significance in these tight scheduled lives all by poetry.

Evergreen love which was the theme of promotion and various re-tweets were made to all influential personalities by in-house romantics in Sahara Q shop. All share worthy content was shared on Facebook using custom audience feature, wherein people who were already known to Sahara Q Shop in serious relationship or entered in relationship very shortly were targeted with promotional offers

Results Achieved By Sahara Q shop

  • On Twitter, reached a prime group of influencers
  • Reach of 112100 with 576 links being clicked
  • 159493 timeline deliveries through influencer audience
  • 87% of tweets being conversational
  • 13% of tweets were updates
  • 55% new contacts made and 45% were existing contacts
  • Female audience increased from 25-30% to 40% in the age group of 25-34 years


Key lesson to learn from the campaign is that innovation works. I am assuming that this idea of poetry would be coming from a true romantic individual who understands that emotions can best be understood and communicated in poetry, poetry which is believed to be a true and genuine gift from god to a chosen few. What strikes most of the campaigns is its compatibility with the mood of the audience- love and passion. Important online influencers who have an impact on the audience were deliberately targeted to enhance the campaign’s trustworthiness. Besides efficient use was made of Facebook’s custom audience to reach focused users. Thus, anything which motivates people to share their pure emotions will be always be valued by customers and what lies at the crux of social media marketing is listening to genuine people’s views and paying attention to their feedback rather than doing much talking by the brand.

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