Top 10 Schools of Digital Marketing

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Want to know about the right school of Digital Marketing?

Then by the end of this post, you will dive deep into 10 best schools of Digital Marketing in the world that can help you learn and master online marketing strategies that can lead you on the path of success anywhere in the world.

There is no denying that digital marketing has transformed the world in a good way.

An advantage for the customers is that everything is just a click away and the brands are enjoying a much wider reach. All these have been made possible by the development in the field of digital marketing.

Digital marketing has allowed businesses to gain access to an enormous chunk of people who were previously off the radar. Without a doubt, digital marketing can be rightly credited for the accomplishment of all these amazing feats.

As per a recent survey, every $1 invested on the digital ads enable businesses make $2 return. 

There was a time when businesses felt digital literacy to be just a bonus rather than a necessity. This is no longer true in the present day.

Today, digital marketing has triumphed over traditional practices and according to experts, the trend is only likely to grow further.

Amidst such a dynamic situation where digital marketing is at its peak, students can make a solid jumpstart to their career if they decide to go with digital marketing.

Frankly speaking, Digital marketing has arrived and it is here to reign for long. As long as the internet wields its power over us.

The requirement for digital knowledge is only going to grow stronger by the year.

However, for building that shining career ahead, students need to choose wisely when it comes to deciding which school of digital marketing to go.

For making this seemingly difficult task easier, we have compiled a list of the top school of digital marketing which enjoy a solid reputation worldwide.

The Top 10 Schools of Digital Marketing

1. Digital Vidya

Launched in the year 2009, Digital Vidya is a leading name in the digital marketing training industry and the topmost school of digital marketing.

Digital Vidya has a whopping 10 years of solid track record where they have trained 35000+ students. They have completed 500+ training programs and are considered one of the premium digital marketing institutes in the world.

Considering the vibrant nature of the fast-changing Digital Marketing industry, Digital Vidya provides a powerful Digital Marketing course content that encompasses all the latest trends. They focus on offering aspiring marketers with the much-needed hands-on abilities to achieve a powerful command over different Digital Marketing Channels.

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When it comes to selecting the best digital school of internet marketing you can absolutely trust to go with the Digital Vidya’s Digital Marketing courses. The trainers here are experienced professionals who know how to generate future leaders in the field.

The digital marketing master course is their star course for complete beginners. Further, they also offer comprehensive digital marketing courses on SEO, SMM, SEM, web analytics among others.

Core Modules

1. Search Engine Optimization – 4 Modules

2. Search Engine Marketing – 5 Modules

3. Social Media Marketing – 5 Modules

4. Email Marketing – 3 Modules

5. Inbound Marketing – 4 Modules

6. Web Analytics – 5 Modules

Specialization Modules

1. Facebook Marketing

2. How to Become a Freelancer in Digital Marketing

3. Content Marketing

4. Affiliate Marketing

5. Programmatic Marketing

6. E-commerce Listing & Marketplace Selling

7. Media Buying & Planning

8. Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy

The faculty of Digital Vidya consists of top digital marketing thought leaders. The course planners are at the top, people with decades of experience digital marketing.

A Digital Marketing Course is only valuable when it includes both theoretical as well as practical elements in it. Digital Vidya’s Digital Marketing Course is a perfect blend of theoretical sessions, hands-on assignments and case studies.

Digital Vidya has always been looking forward to offering the finest training in digital marketing. By working closely with the greatest players in the sector, Digital Vidya provides a set of Digital Marketing tools to allow the students to gain better hands-on experience.

Digital Vidya offers two kinds of internships after completion of the course to assist you to get the first-hand experience of working. These internships are specially intended to harness the abilities, theoretical learning and practical applications you learn during the course.

2. Digital Academy India

Digital Academy India

Digital Academy India

Another popular name in the digital marketing training industry is that of Digital Academy India. Thousands of students, professionals, and entrepreneurs have completed their certificate course from this institute.

Digital Academy India provides workshops and training for professionals along with providing a course on digital marketing to students. They are also known for delivering customized coaching on digital marketing. They have an impressive track record of delivering training to 5000+ people across the nation which has empowered them in personal and professional growth.

Marketing professionals associated with well-known companies such as Google, Exide, HDFC bank, Microsoft, and Adobe have chosen Digital Academy India as their digital school of internet marketing. 

Up to date courses and with star trainers are the two things that set this digital marketing institute apart from others. Opting for its training programs will help you learn and master digital marketing skills that are quite pertinent in today’s time. 

3. Stan Richards School of Advertising & Public Relations

Stan Richards School of Advertising & Public Relations

Stan Richards School of Advertising & Public Relations

Mentioned by the Interactive Advertising Bureau as one of the top digital marketing schools, Stan Richards School of Advertising and Public Relations should definitely make it to your top list of institute choices.

Named after the famous English television actor Stanley Richardson, otherwise known as Stan Richards; this school for digital marketing is one the best one varsity could ask for.

They have interactive advertising course that is almost 2 decades old. With such a long experience in the media field, this digital marketing institute is bound to teach its students some hidden gems. The college offers degrees in advertising for undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral degrees in advertising and public relations.

 The digital marketing course taught at the Stan Richards School is more focused on developing the interactive concepts of media in its students. The course also encompasses digital media insights, metrics, sales, and analytics. You can find out well updated Digital Marketing training programs that are designed as per the latest industry trends and practices.

Adept inclusion of complete digital marketing frameworks that include all the key concepts associated with Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Pay per Click advertising, Online Reputation Management, Conversion Rate Optimization, Analytics, and so on.

4. College of Business

Affiliated to the University of Michigan-Dearborn, the College of Business was started in the year 1956. This school of digital marketing is quite famous and its digital marketing course has even been cited as the most effective course in the region in the year 2015. The college has won several top rankings and has a reputation for propelling its students to a better career.

With such accolades to this digital marketing school’s name, one can be sure that they are learning from the best. There are a lot of firsts implemented by this digital marketing institute.

For starters, it is one of the first digital marketing schools where Search Engine Optimization, Social network marketing, Viral marketing, online reputation management, AdWords advertising, Social Media Advertising, and web analytics was taught in the US. 

The college of Business is famous for its best in business faculty, its increasing campus, which fosters instructional space and collaborations and also allows integration of learning with the latest technology.

5. Newhouse School of Public Communications

Newhouse School of Public Communications

Newhouse School of Public Communications

Syracuse University’s Newhouse School of Public Communication was established in the year 1934. This digital school of internet marketing is counted among the top institutes for digital marketing in the US. It has reached this status because of the unique opportunities that it offers its students.

This institute offers courses in print, broadcast journalism, online and social media communication, advertising, film, and photography; in a nutshell, it makes sure the student can choose from various categories to gain college about the communication industry.

These opportunities range from participation in some amazing live projects and access to the Digital media entrepreneurship program of the college. The college offers bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral, online and minor degrees to its students.

Apart from internet advertising which is the star course of this digital marketing school, the institute also offers its students to opt for a Certification course in Advanced Social Media Strategy-A course that is the joint initiative of both the Newhouse School and HootSuite.

The subjects that students can expect to learn in this digital school of internet marketing are the content strategy, ROI, data & analytics, information management, and strategic planning.

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6. Standford Graduate School of Business

Standford Graduate school of Business is one of the best digital marketing schools in the United States.

The digital marketing courses offered here are unparalleled. Its location (Silicon Valley) might have something to do for that.

The vision of the college is to create ideas for the students to deepen understanding and lead the advancement of management which are innovative and diligent and would help the leaders of tomorrow to change the world with these ideas.

All the latest updates, techniques, and practices are taught in this school of digital marketing. Students will get an opportunity to learn a wide range of subjects like marketing, branding, market research, distribution channels besides the core digital marketing lessons.

Not just this, the institute regularly gives its students access to webinars, group collaboration, and site visits. With Standford’s digital marketing course, you can easily learn about market research and new product launches.

Both B2C and B2B marketing communication are taught. Further, the institute arranges for eminent guest speakers to enlighten their students on the latest digital marketing trends. Strategic planning and content marketing are other prominent subjects that are covered in Stanford’s digital marketing course.

7. Leonard N. Stern School of Business

Leonard N. Stern School of Business

Leonard N. Stern School of Business

This is a very reputed institute which is famous for its marketing programs. Cited as one of the best school of digital marketing, Leonard N. Stern School of Business is for anyone who is looking to learn digital marketing that is hugely focused on media.

The institute is located in New York City and is supposed to offer the best course in digital marketing advertising after the one offered by the University of Texas.

The college offers three executive programs, and these executive programs are currently ranked number 4. This executive MBA program is 22 months long, which, at the end of tenure, provides the students with great career opportunities.

The college, however, offers degrees for both undergraduate and graduate students worldwide. The college has courses in a wide range of subjects so as to give the students independence to choose from courses of their choice.

This school of digital marketing understood the importance of being different from others. Therefore, the Leonard N. Stern institute offers digital marketing courses that are an amalgamation of both Information Systems and Marketing.

Here, students can expect to learn interactive and collaborative digital marketing program from well known and experienced trainers. 

8. Charles H.Sandage Department of Advertising

Charles H.Sandage Department of Advertising (University of Illinois) was the first college in the US that was dedicated to advertising. This school of digital marketing was established by Charles H. Sandage, the founder of advertising education.

The college teaches subjects ranging from the basics of advertising to all the complex and latest principles. After laying down a solid foundation with the basic digital marketing course, the students have the freedom to choose a specialization of their liking.

Some of the popular specialization that the students can choose from are advertising, PR, market research, and different market research techniques. Best theoretical and practical training programs comprised by Charles H.Sandage Department of Advertising is going to be highly beneficial for course participants.

Moreover, the Charles H. Sandage institute also allows the students to apply their new-found knowledge in the practical world. This is achieved by making students work for some non-profit organizations where students get an opportunity to solve the organization’s digital communication issues.

9. Art Center College of Design

Digital marketing covers a lot of areas, one of the major areas being the creatives. If creatives are what you want to focus on in the field of digital marketing then there is no better school of digital marketing than that of Art Center College of Design.

 Art Center College was started in the year 1930. The advertising program in this institute is also as old as the institute. Therefore, you can bet that you will be learning from some of the most experienced and skilled trainers.

To develop your creative side and hone your artistic skills the college makes one go through several major modules such as graphic designing, photography, and video making.  From the advertising and the digital programs taught here, you can learn to blend your cognitive thinking with your creative outlook.

The art center college of design gives the students a chance to gather knowledge from experienced faculty for all-round development in the various academy and experience in the industry. The dedication towards teaching about journalism, advertising, and mass communication gives the students a chance to excel in this field.

This introduces a touch of magic in all your work. According to a former student of the Art Center College, the institute made him learn how to think. Now, that is something that very few institutes can boast about.

10. Miami Ad School

Miami Ad School

Miami Ad School

Miami Ad School is a renowned digital school of internet marketing which is popular for giving the world, new creative leaders. This institute was founded in the year 1993 and offers students both a portfolio and a training program.

The college has dozens of partnerships with agencies and companies which gives its students the opportunity to get real-world working industry experience.

The institute’s curriculum is one of its kinds and allows the students to discover their creative talents.

The school prepares students to break previous creative conventions and introduce new ideas into work.

The college is present in 15 locations, and every location promises to give its students curriculum, instructors and internships which will help the students to explore further in this stream.

The most interesting thing about Miami Ad school is that a student can pick his/her own location where they want to study. Each school of Miami ad offers different languages and different major options which allows students to explore.

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Final Thoughts

While forging one’s career in digital marketing one must be guided in the right way.

A good school of digital marketing ensures just that and plays a huge role in securing one’s professional future.

An excellent digital marketing school can help one in discovering the professional and prepare for the job. A wide array of opportunities related to digital marketing is unfolded before the student. Getting a degree from a reputed digital marketing college will let the student earn a good salary along with more significant job opportunities.

Enrolling into the right Digital Marketing Certification course will enable you to learn the most practical and theoretical concepts of online marketing, so you can make successful and profitable use of the most

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