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Search Engine Giant Google Introduced New Tweet Section

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Search engine giant Google and the social media site Twitter have been into association since really long and they both turn up with new concepts every now and then. In the latest buzz that the former has introduced new tweet section, it has come across that the two platforms have joined hands for better user-friendly responses.

The latest news that has come up is states that the two have integrated tweets into the Google search results and they made the official declaration of the same just a few days ago. Real-time tweets are now showing in Google search results on the mobile devices, wherein the integration on desktop is also coming soon.

The-New-Collaboration-Between-Google-and-Twitter-Will-Find-the-Greatest-Tweets-OnlineInterestingly, the integration will appear in the search results that will readily enable you to swipe sideways so as to view the tweets. However, it is worth mentioning a fact that Google has not decided as yet that when will the searches appear. Up till now, it has only been come across that the Twitter profile searches, celebrity searches and news along with the trendy topics searches are being seen.

Furthermore, the placement of tweets in the search results will tend to vary, might be based on the tweets pertaining to a particular topic of research. It is being speculated that the tweets will most likely be visible on the top, as per Google’s settings.

Ironically, both Google and Twitter have not made any mentions or disclosures on this new feature being introduced by the two. Here is what Stone Temple Consulting’s Eric Enge had to say in this regard:

Right now the integration between Google and Twitter is quite light. Currently, it’s only visible from Smartphone devices. In addition, it’s clear that they are experimenting. For example, when you search on a name, such as “Taylor Swift”, you see tweets that she has put out there. Yet, the initial release showed tweets that mentioned her. This is typical of Google, where they experiment with different implementations to see what works best, before settling on one for the longer term. I expect this experimentation to continue.

In terms of which tweets Google chooses to show, it could be taking any variety of factors into account. It does say “Popular on Twitter,” on some carousel results, but it sometimes shows tweets that are only seconds old and haven’t had much time to become too popular, so it’s likely taking other popularity signals into account. Possibly follower count or popularity of shared links, for example.

What is your take with the news of the latest buzz? In your opinion, will this new association provide any bright opportunities for the businesses? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section.

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    • 4 years ago

      Narendra Kumar   /   Reply

      The deal between Google and Twitter to bring more tweets into Google’s search results announced earlier this year is finally delivering on its promise. Google is now showing tweets in a new and more graphical way on mobile devices, with desktop promised soon.

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