Seasons Used SEO Tricks To Gain 733% In Website Traffic

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seasonsAbout Seasons

Seasons is an online shopping website which sells contemporary ethnic wear for Indian women. Their website is the online version of their Santacruz, Mumbai based fashion store. They have a huge variety of ethnic Indian fashion and it is also very popular with the non-resident Indians as well as the rich and famous population residing in Mumbai’s western suburbs. Besides showcasing and selling their products online, they have also extended various services to clients from the world over and have developed an online forum for women to discuss the latest fashion, trends and seasonal wear and to get suitable advice from fashion experts and designers.

Seasons Business Objectives

Their main business objective is to create an online forum and web-store to showcase their latest designs. The greatest challenge for a garment website is to display their products attractively, provide a 360 degree view of the garments, and explain the quality elements through visual medium, display sizes and colours in most accurate method possible. They also want to make their online portal a simple, effective and time saving shopping experience for their customers. They were also facing a problem with the programming of the website which was making it difficult for the search engines to access the internal pages and ultimately for the web crawlers to index their pages. Moreover their website had a lot of content but did not have title or Meta tags. They wanted to increase their website’s visibility and use SEO to gain more traffic.

Strategy adopted by Seasons

After consulting the website development and marketing team, the digital marketing team of Seasons found out that there was a need to change the programming logic with immediate effect. This change in programming logic would then help the search engine crawlers to access the internal pages for indexing. The digital marketing team also improved the various sections and subsections of the website and provided suitable titles and Meta tags. This would help the search engines to identify the unique content on the internal pages and rank them accordingly.

Results achieved by Seasons

The SEO tricks used by Seasons resulted into a phenomenal 733% increase in traffic within 2 months. The traffic increased from a mere 30,000 visitors per month to an awe inspiring 2, 50,000 visitors per month for the website. The increase in traffic also boosted sales significantly and helped Seasons to establish themselves as the leading player in the women’s online fashion market. The Seasons website is successfully attracting more than 6000 visitors per month and they are ranking higher for many keywords on various search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. The top ranking keywords on Google were – Fashion in India, Fashion India, Indian bridal fashion, Indian fashion clothes, Indian fashion shows, latest Indian fashion, marriage customs in India, new Bollywood releases etc. Whereas the top ranking keywords on Yahoo were – fashion India, Indian fashion shows, marriage customs in India, monsoon fashion, Indian bridal fashion etc.


For a fashion retail website like Seasons the most important aspect is the display of their products alongwith sufficient and transparent product information on their website. Thus the program logic should be error free and needs to be updated periodically. An online retailer also needs visibility to attract more visitors thus good SEO practices like off page and on page optimization can give positive results in terms of increased visibility and visitors. The proper use of titles and Meta tags can get the webpages noticed by search engine crawlers and get the pages indexed. Thus a SEO focused Digital strategy is one of the best options for online fashion portals to increase visitors and sales.

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