Seatwave Used Email Marketing To Gain 1600% ROI

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seatwave-logoSeatwave is an amazing platform for the music and sports fans. They wont let you miss your favorite event.
 It is a private e-commerce firm, founded by Joe Cohen on 2006, whose headquarter is in London, UK. Earlier Seatwave was a part of Ticketmaster which is also an online e-commerce firm for providing tickets of different events.Ticketmaster

article-2221371-159FFA7D000005DC-377_634x388Over the years from 2006 till date, Seatwave have stood by their slogan “The fan-to-fan ticket exchange” crossing all the challenges. Seatwave provided their customers best deals on tickets, at a very cheap rate, and this made it first choice of the people over the world, when they need to go for a show or an event.seatwave

But this is not all about how they manage to get large number of customers rush towards them, leading to a high traffic. The Seatwave marketing team have used a mind blowing technique, to gain 1600% ROI (Return of Investment), which will be explained in the content. And you would really like to go through it, if you want to generate similar kind of ROI in your business.

Services Provided by Seatwavefcec2e_c2ecb151229045c4af53d90a57a976b8

Seatwave is an online E-commerce website. They are engaged in the business of buying and selling event tickets. Seatwave provide a platform where event organisers of sports, music or any cultural event can post their tickets online on it. And it’s not just the event organizing company that can sell tickets through Seatwave, but even the secondary tickets can also be sold through it.article-0-1A8D71A5000005DC-185_634x424

They provide a unique feature in their platform by which people landing on their website are able to compare the price rate of different ticket sellers, and then make a cost effective decision to get the best deal out of it. Seatwave assures the refund of total amount of the ticket in case they cannot find a seat for the chosen event for the customer, this provides assurance leading to gain trust of their customers.

The Big Challenge of Seatwave

Along with the well-known popularity of the Seatwave, they even got bigger responsibilities to take care of, and maintain their reputation in the marketplace. It is big challenge to know the right timing of the ads and invitations for the customers. Targeting and segmenting the targets for better reach of the right kind of invitation to right kind of customer needs a lot of research work.

If a person don’t find relevant ad or offers for the Seatwave website, a person may not look into it again. It is because the very business of Seatwave is to provide a space for the fans of particular events and that totally depends on the individual interest of the prospects.

As every event has a date to release, so the next big challenge for Seatwaves is that, they get minimum amount of time to reach their targets with right interest, and make the tickets sell. screenshot-2012-02-22-à-00.14.13-520x336

They even have a ticket guarantee which helps the buyers to get the ticket booked on a day only by the day of event in case it is not available during booking, so it is really difficult to keep such buyers, as in case they don’t find a secondary ticket, Seatwave will have to return the total amount for that ticket.

Email marketing solution for the challengesmaxresdefault

Seatwave found an excellent tool to get over with their challenges. And that tool was none other than email marketing. They used email marketing in so effective way that after a year they successfully generated 1600% ROI (Return of Investment).

  • For Seatwave, email marketing have proved to be a very cost effective tool for reaching out to their customers. They targeted their visitors based on interest and sent them well furnished personalized emails to the right persons.
  • They used tools to analysis the number of emails opened and by whom was it opened, this helped them in further optimizing email marketing. They could clearly see the number of factors that depends on making a person to open their mail and spend time on it.
  • One of those factors was the use catchy subject line. Based on the analytics data of number of emails open they trace out the subject line which has a higher opening rate. And guess what! This all process of analysing was designed to perform automatically.
  • Seatwave even used email campaigns for selling and buying tickets, and this proved to be a fast means to get a large number of customers for them.
  • They even ensure that landing time of the emails in their inbox based on the analytics data on when and who click open emails frequently.

This all techniques used by Seatwave have ultimately led to dramatic increase of  their reach to the customers which lead to a higher traffic in their website.

What have we learned?

seatwave-Prince-tweet-576x1024The 1600% ROI case of Seatwave have focused the attention towards the wide and cost effective use of email marketing. Out of all the digital marketing tools, email marketing have extensively proved to be outstanding, considering the effort and cost used to gain such an extent of reach to the right people. You can make use of email marketing to achieve similar kind of ROI for your business.

Keep checking back on us to find new studies on mind blowing techniques of different companies.

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