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Looking for Job interview?

Smart job seekers are there all around and they are the one such luckiest to get the Job interview by applying for the right job at the right time with the right skills. yet,it is not sufficient for today’s crowded job market where the number of toughest competitors will apply for the same job with a high qualified resume  so how can one stand unique and showcase themselves better than others? Social media comes handy for those to help out. we have seen a number of posts related to a job interview but none might have disclosed the relationship with the social media profile so here you go- To grab the successful job interview by setting things right in your social media presence.

clean up social media to get job interview

Do I really need to change my Social media?

One might think I have a well-written resume  exposing my skills and experience to get the Job interview then why do I care about the posts/pictures that I have in social media well the answer lies in the eye of a recruiter if they want to know more about you apart from whatever present in your resume, the first thing they will reach out preferably will be your LinkedIn profile- Have you received any recommendations/endorsements from colleagues /senior or any certifications you have done recently and it can answer lot more questions and talks for you in a polished way. why not Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram? By seeing the recent posts from your page they can get a clue about  your personality.

polish your social media

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where is the complication? where do I go wrong in my posts? Social media is  the place where you forget oneself and disclose so much of information about you without knowing the truth that is visible to everyone who are not in your friend’s list and share boozed up and  half exposed pictures and usage of objectionable language in a group or comments is absolutely common nowadays and who knows you may be one of the victims to do so in your profile

So,the next time before applying for any job remove the don’t needed stuff from your social media and head out for a  job hunt. By doing a simple change, your  future employer  might think you as a potential candidate.

Hurry- the change you needed:

  • By maintaining a neat profile and building conversations with wise people helps in bringing more useful contacts to your list  also helps in expanding your network in getting a better job interview by a timely notification about the job.
  • Social media helps in a great way to read more about the latest news about your industry and they also have the numerous job posts to suggest you to go for it when you look out for the job/job change.
  • Updating your Social media with the more recent profile and achievements with the relevant evidence will end up in fetching a successful job interview.

In LinkedIn:

Linkedin tips to secure job interview


The first and foremost where one has to start with changes will be the LinkedIn profile as we all know that extensively used by professionals and  your employer will be very keen on knowing your LinkedIn profile.

  1. Keep the profile up to date and don’t skip the details like  education and work history.
  2. Make sure to update the volunteer services which you provided  and never update that I am jobless instead of that just tell the recruiter about your passion and skills.
  3. Endorsements and recommendations are the key factors that a recruiter see how others perceived your knowledge and defined you as an employee.
  4. The catchy summary about you and perfect headline about your dream job will help you to catch the recruiter’s eye.
  5. Join the discussions and express your views and  try to be an active member of the suitable groups.

In Facebook:

Facebook polishing before job interview


Most of us think Facebook is meant for  personal use and just sharing posts a photos of day-to-day life.keeping privacy with what you are sharing and to whom you are sharing will prevent you so many issues.Crucial steps to be followed on your Facebook page if you opt for the job interview to happen very soon:

  • keep your photos and religious and political views and posts is open only to your friends
  • Make sure that your tagged photos are hidden and comments are not offensive.
  • update a professional picture as a profile photo
  • Get rid of the annoying groups which are you into earlier

In  Twitter, Instagram and others:

  If you are not from Marketing background you are safe to play with Twitter for a personal use but for digital marketers and communications professionals engaging presence in happening topics related to their field thereby exhibit knowledge on the social  media  can be a strong selling point to their future employers.professionals are advised hide the tweets that are abusive and other general settings should be carefully set only for your followers Think well before posting anything if you are not sure, keep the settings private.

Think well before posting anything if you are not sure, keep the settings private.This thumb rule is applicable in any social media that you are into.Instagram and PinIntrest work well for media professionals and photographers to showcase their talent to get a better job interview.

Opening an account in social media is easy but the tough part is to feed it and  to be active in that platform shows the ability of an all rounder.An editorial calendar comes handy for those who want to show up their presence and sharing quality posts.

Final few words:

successful job interview in

By understanding the social media role play in the professional and personal  life and managing it wisely will surely fetch a job interview to your doorstep.Most of the Job consultancy and employers agreed that they have a look for potential candidates via social media profile before the interview call and more importantly today’s employers carry a lot of recruitment via social media profile and not only by the well- written resume so, it is high time to get the changes done -By altering few things in social media profile will  land you in the dream job .

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  1. Vicky

    Tips to polish linkedin profile and facebook profile is really good for me. thanks

    • Digital Vidya Editorial Team

      Hi Vicky,

      Glad to hear that you found the tips useful. Could you share with our community, how did these tips benefit you, exactly? Did you notice any change after the practical application of these tips?


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