Security Innovation Europe Got 25,386 Website Visits In Year 1 By Leveraging Inbound Marketing

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sie-logoInbound Marketing have drastically changed the traditional form of buy, bug or beg marketing. In this few years Inbound Marketing have grown to be most effective and cheapest way to attract more number of customers and assist them to convert to an actual trustworthy buyer. Security Innovation Europe, is one such company whose sales have been astonishingly increased by making use of Inbound Marketing strategy.


Security Innovation Europe, is a company that basically works across Europe. They are in partnership with Security Innovation Inc. (USA). It was founded in 2012, by a small group of people. It is a privately held, Information Technology and Service Industry. Alan Pearson, is the current managing director of Security Innovation Europe. This company is known for providing web application in security testing in B2B (Business to Business) market.

Over the years they have developed and provided various services like security training, management for application risk, software securities etc. They also help other organisations to detect vulnerability in their websites and develop a secure platform. They are also specialized in building internal experts who are trained to maintain a secured website.

Challenges faced by Security Innovation Europe

Security Innovation Europe was facing extreme challenges in order to grow their business. The use of traditional method of marketing was seemed to be, not of much help, for the managing director of Security Innovation Europe, Alan Pearson. All the strategies used for push marketing or so called outbound marketing, where one needs to buy, beg and, bug customers for even trying to make a single sale, was all in vain.

The managing director of Security Innovation Europe, have tried buying contact list which mostly proved to be out date. Bugging uninterested persons with excessive phone calls was also an extra wastes of money and time. This mostly leads to an unsuccessful conversation resulting in no leads.  Cold emails send by the company probably landed in spam box or may be trash box. At the end, they were not even able to receive enough visit to their website. As per as, converts are concerned; don’t think you will like to see a single digit sale, after that huge investment in push marketing. In few words, there business was extremely down. Security Innovation Europe could hardly see any leads until Feb 2014.

Strategy Used

Alan, The managing director of Security Innovation Europe, took the right opportunity when he came upon the free eGuide provided by another company named Iconsive. Iconsive is a leading inbound marketing agency, which is even a partner of Hubspot- the company who coined the term “Inbound marketing”.

When Alan, was surfing through the internet for better strategies for increasing his sales, he came upon “Inbound Marketing: Explained”- an eGuide for Inbound Marketing strategy provided by Iconsive. After learning about the strategy, Alan took the call. Alan found Inbound Marketing so convincing that without wasting any more time, he cashed in, for implementing Inbound Marketing in this marketing strategy.

Security Innovation Europe, did not have any experts to implement inbound marketing in there marketing strategy so they took help of one of the leading agency of Inbound Marketing – Iconsive. Iconsive with Inbound Marketing, help security innovation Europe, to make an incredible change in the number of leads for their business. Sales did increased to all time high within few months of implementation of inbound marketing. They could see the clear difference between the sales generated by outbound marketing –the traditional way of marketing and, the new found Inbound Marketing, by the mid of 2014.


After the successful implementation of Inbound Marketing with the help of Iconsive, Security Innovation Europe, could clearly see the rising number of visits in their website. And that’s not all, earlier, they couldn’t even figure out which visitors were consuming what kind of data. This resulted in uncertain number of leads in the process of conversion to the call to action mode but, Inbound Marketing made them aware of effective analyzing tools which gave a thorough analysis of the interested customers.

In the Outbound Marketing process, the scenario of sales department of Security Innovation Europe, used to get hardly 10% calls answered, out which mostly people turns out to be busy or uninterested, have been totally changed. As Inbound Marketing could now target the interested visitors in a much better way leading to even successfully telemarketing.

The growth of the number of website visit is really surprising when they could clearly see the rise of visits from almost 0 in 2012-2014, to, 25,386 visits in 2014.

Organic search rose from almost 0 in Feb 2014, to 1802 by the end of 2014.

The out of this, number of leads rose from 0 in the beginning of 2014, to 84 by the end of 2014.

This data proved to be an interesting and promising outcome of the implementation of Inbound Marketing. No doubt, Alan Pearson, the managing director of Security Innovation Europe have made a fruitful decision.

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