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Seeing Beyond Likes for Your Facebook Page

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Here’s a Guest Post on how brands should use Facebook Page

Facebook pages have become must for any business or even website. With nearly 700 million active users and rising, having a Facebook page to showcase your products and services allows you to reinforce your brand name. Moreover, as social trends get included in search engine algorithms, the use of a popular Facebook page can help your website rank higher on those same search engines. Unfortunately, many businesses literally fail to use their Facebook pages correctly.

The main social media strategy for a business when it comes to Facebook is pretty simple. Create a page with a nice landing page (or not, in many cases), get people to like the page (the more Likes, the better), and then just forget about the update. Sure, updates will be posted on a regular basis, with the almost mandatory links back to the business’s website, but most businesses actually fail to encourage users to interact on their Facebook page. This is not surprising since these users do not have any real incentive to do so.

Actually, in most cases, those users that have liked a page will most of the time not bother to visit the page again. Keep in mind that most visitors log into Facebook to interact with their friends or relatives, and that visiting a business page is the least of their priorities. Once they have checked out your Facebook page and viewed a couple of wall posts and photos, they will very likely completely forget about it whether the actually click the Like button again.

Any shrewd business owner will understand the ramifications of such a behavior. Taking into consideration that you have actually managed to get someone to visit your Facebook page instead of tagging someone’s photos, it is imperative to hold on to that visitor and to convince him that your page is worth visiting again. Keep in mind that attention-span on the Internet is as low as it gets and the difficulties of doing so are obvious. As such, a great Facebook page is not about Likes only, but it also requires you to understand how to get your visitors to come back on a regular basis until they actually visit your website and decide to purchase your product or service.

The easiest way to encourage user interaction is to grant them the ability to post on your wall. Most businesses are adverse to doing so in fear or spam or having users criticize the products, but allowing users to fully interact with you always works. The Facebook Discussion tab can be helpful too, but it is not as effective as allowing anybody to post on your Facebook page wall. In these cases, you can start by enabling the Discussion tab and disable it again if it’s not very popular. Most of the time, people will indeed prefer to contact you directly on the wall since all visitors are bound to check this tab at one point.

Successfully increasing the interaction on your page will be extremely beneficial in various ways. People will be more likely to click your Like button (and to actually mean it). Moreover, it will eventually lead more visitors to your page. As someone posts something on your wall, his friends will be able to discover your Facebook page by clicking on your link from his wall or news feed.

About the Author: Ashvin Sawmynaden frequently blogs about social media opportunities. He also occasionally writes on special offers in Seychelles and Maurice hotel. He can be found on twitter: @sawmynaden

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