Sellpoints Used Google Analytics To Gain 40% Increase In Conversion Rate

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downloadAbout Sell Points

Sell points is an Emeryville, CA based company that deals in online selling. It has made its presence felt since the year 2000 by giving tough competition to its competitors in the industry.

Business Objectives of Sell Points

The main business objectives of Sell Points included making well informed decisions regarding the marketing strategy, develop a clear understanding of the conversion paths and to improve the performance score in addition to these two objectives. These clearly laid out business objectives were crucial in the success of the company and helped it achieve its desired goals in the stipulated time.

The company wanted to reduce its spending on the marketing strategy and have a clear idea about what triggered the users to buy the product. It wanted to go through the conversion funnel and develop an understanding on the same. There are many buyers with different set of motivations and mind sets which actually makes it difficult to come up with a single strategy that can take care of all of them. There are few people who are keenly interested in the products or services whereas there are others who can be converted into leads and have the potential of actually buying the product.

Strategies/ Approaches Adopted By Sell Points

The company formulated a set of strategies in order to move ahead and make a mark in the industry. The main strategies included the formation of position and time based models, improvement in the area of adwords and the inclusion of various funnels in the Google analytics tool which actually helped in multi-channel tracking of the events. Google Analytics is a tool that has emerged as one of the most essential tools for the business world today that helps them to formulate the right kind of digital marketing strategies that require minimum monetary investment and highest returns. This tool is offered free of cost by search engine giant Google but has unique features that are at par with any other analytics tool available in the market.

The company laid out a detailed plan of action and studied the conversion path to maximise the returns from the same. The users have different paths of conversions and it is not easy to determine which action they took last before actually converting into the leads or customers at the final stage. There are many terms that they use and many platforms they visit to gather the necessary information which may or may not result in actual conversion in customers. But all these steps are necessary for a business to understand the true behaviour of the consumers and leverage the same for its advantage. The conversion funnel is something that is difficult to understand but when understood is highly profitable. The study of the last-click conversion phenomenon is not very relevant as they do not include the previous stages that are quite important in the sales cycle.

Another important aspect called CPA or cost per acquisition is a decisive factor in the success of a campaign. It should be as low as possible in order to ensure maximum returns from the adwords campaign. The company had a goal CPA set for its campaign which is an essential part of an adwords campaign without which no campaign can even be launched.


The results obtained by the implementation of the strategies were worth a big applause. The achievements are listed below-

– Refinement in the process of marketing spend
– 3 times better display performance
– 2 times better paid search performance for non-brand search
– Non-brand interactions resulting in 40% brand interactions
– Better display measurement
– Display CPA exceeded goal CPA by 8 times


A campaign can be made successful only if it is measurable. With Google Analytics, it is easy to accurately measure any campaign online and alter it as per the necessity. It is not just essential to know about the last click conversions but also the whole psychological process through which a user passes through before closing the sales process for the company.

It is worth noting that if the goal CPA is higher than the actual CPA which the company incurred, the net result would be profit only. The adwords campaign must be designed in such a way that the display CPA is more than the goal CPA. Hence, there is a necessity to closely observe the non-brand search terms in addition to the brand search terms. If it is found that the non-branded search is generating leads at zero cost, then it should be continued without giving a second thought. The paid search has its role to play but the non-brand search terms are usually available free of cost and significantly contribute in the growth of the business. The adwords campaign must be measured for their efficiency and frequent changes must be made in order to interact with the users with a fresh perspective always.

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