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Top 3 SEM Trends 2017 & Beyond

Top 3 SEM Trends 2017 & Beyond

Another year, another trend. Foreseen by industry experts, knowing these SEM trends for 2017 will assist in crafting effective PPC strategies.

The field of paid search is constantly evolving (like the elimination of right-hand side ads) and there are ample of changes happening in the PPC industry which triggers changes in market and consumer behavior. Therefore, in order to level up your SEM game, you should adapt to these trends in 2017 and employ the most effective strategies.

Top 3 SEM Trends 2017

Undoubtedly, 2016 has been an exciting year for Search Engine Marketing. Here are top 3 SEM trends that will dominate 2017 and beyond…

Himanshu Arora, Co-Founder, Social Pangasem trends

These are 3 Search Engine Marketing Trends I would like to see in this industry in 2017:


1. Mobile Specific Campaigns

We are still at very initial stage for any mobile specific campaigns & marketing the apps. We need to have little more mature targeting from Google.

2. Mobile Specific Ad Types

In mobile, we end up having only the banner Ads & nothing else is there as an Ad type. More kind of Ads like Native Ads will really help any marketer to push & get better results.

3. Comprehensive Video Planner

The way we have keywords & Display planner for search & GDN specific platforms would be great to have something similar for videos too as video planner. We do have some bit in Display planner but a comprehensive one will be really helpful.

Reema Prasanna, Lead Program Trainer, Digital Vidyappc trends

Top 3 changes I’d like to see in SEM in 2017:

1. Strong Online-to-Offline Conversion Tracking Options

Seriously robust online-to-offline conversion tracking options in India. Google has third party partners in the country that help to a limited extent with this level of tracking but things need to evolve beyond just last level attribution.

2. SEM Integration with the AI

SEM integration within the assistant atmosphere, such as Allo, or by a wild stretch of imagination in a perfect world, Siri.

3. Slicing our Search Data

Voice searches are on the rise – even apps are starting to integrate in-app searches on voice commands and this is fabulous! But we are still not in a place where we can segment our data down by voice versus text searches. While a lot of voice searches are still personal, such as “call mom” or “navigate home”, a lot of them are also very hyperlocal, such as “restaurants near me”. It’d be great if we could start slicing our search data by how it actually originated.

Gaurav Arora, Co-Founder, Social Pangappc trends

2017 is going to be an interesting year for Search Engine Marketing because technology improvements in other areas such as AI, voice, video and mobile are going to start heavily influence how marketers have been advertising on search engines.

1. Keywords Not the Key Anymore

Search has always been built on keywords and the best practice was including these in your SEM ads. However, with Google stating that 20% searches are now voice searches thanks to virtual assistants such as Siri, Google Assistant, and Cortana, we can expect major changes in the way ads are displayed and targeted at the audience.

2. Video Content will Attract Visitors

Video has proved itself as a much more effective medium, with conversion rates and engagement way higher than text ads. With 80% of content being consumed in video form, we can expect Video ads to finally start changing the SEM scenario as well. Breakthrough video content will be the key in 2017!

3. Mobile will Be Minimum Success Criteria

70% of the traffic on the internet is now coming via mobile devices. Google has also announced that it’s going to give preference to ads and websites which are fast and designed with mobile in mind. Some people are still getting away with no mobile optimization, but continue to do that in 2017 and you’ll surely cease to exist!

Punam Madan, Lead Program Trainer, Digital Vidyappc trends 2017

The world of Internet advertising is changing rapidly. New updates and features are being added by each and every platform. SEM advertisement is also impacting by these changes. We have seen lots of changes or updations in SEM advertising platforms such as Google Adwords, Bing Adcenter.

As far as my expectation goes with Search Engine Marketing Trends in 2017 here is the list of some:

1. More Platforms like Google AdWords

We should get more platforms to like Google Adwords that will provide us different set of audience at different CPC pricing, and I think multiple options are always better. In my opinion, Bing ads should be the part of our SEM advertisement planning in 2017. I know in some part of the world Bing is no longer an optional platform, but for countries like India, it’s still an optional platform. Hoping that trend will change in 2017 and Bing will further consolidate its position and gain market share.

2. More Options under Interactive Ads

In 2016, we have seen some new ad formats in Google Adwords which are focused towards user experience. In 2017, I would like to see more options under interactive ads where a user can experience product or service before they actually land on to the landing page.

3. Clear Local Advertising on Search Engines via Paid Media

In 2017, I would also like to see more options under local advertising on Search Engines through Paid Media. As per my experience, it’s easy to convince local audience if we get proper options to present ourselves properly. Right now, local advertising is kind of merged, it should get its own look and feel for better ROI.

Ruchi Sinha, Lead Program Trainer, Digital Vidyasem trends

Here are the top 3 Search Engine Marketing Trends 2017:

1. Ads on More Google Products

As a marketer, I would like to place ads on more Google products. Would especially like to see if and how it is integrated with Google Home. Also, now that the three devices are settled independently, would like to see a new device joining the party.

2. Transparency into Bidding and Quality Score Evaluation

Some more transparency into the bidding and quality score evaluation should be there. The CPCs are going higher and the automatic bidding further adds to the confusion.

3. Preview Tool for Display

A simple one but can save time – a preview tool for Display too.


Other than these trends, there will be more avenues to be explored in Search Engine Marketing. A smart and active mind will let you identify the opportunity and figure out what is working in the paid search to make 2017 a prosperous year!

Sakshi is a content marketer during the day and a reader by night. She writes content sprinkled with a twisted imagination. She has done her graduation in psychology from Delhi University and has an insane love for history.

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    Deesha Khurana   /   Reply

    Great article! I work as a Digital Marketing Executive. I want to know about latest SEM tools that must be used in 2017 for better performance.

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    Informative blog. Pay Per Click (PPC) is going to dominate the digital landscape in 2017, I think I will invest more on Facebook ads 🙂

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