The Ultimate Guide to Get an SEO Certification

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An SEO Certification can certainly help you to become an expert who can help businesses to achieve success online. Before understanding the worth of an SEO Certification, let’s first understand how businesses achieve online success with the help of SEO.

Have you ever wondered why certain businesses always show up on top of the Google search results? You must have observed that these businesses don’t just rank when you type in their brand name but also one or more queries related to their products and services. Suppose I type a simple search query like ‘buy shoes online’ in the Google search bar.

SEO Certification

Google organic search results

The top two results are paid ads and after that you see all the organic results. The first two organic results in this case are Myntra and Amazon.

When businesses rank on top of Google search results, they start getting relevant site traffic which converts into long-term leads and conversions. One way of getting on top is paid ads while the other is to optimize your website and get ranked in the organic listings. The process of optimizing your site for organic results is called Search Engine Optimization.  

An SEO Certification can help you to become a qualified SEO professional. It can help you to master the art and science of SEO and achieve better search rankings for the organization or the clients you are working for. Let’s now understand what an SEO Certification is and what all does the course teach.

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What is an SEO Certification?

An SEO Certification would help you to know everything that’s relevant to the SEO profession in today’s times. It will start with the basics of SEO and why is it important for businesses. You will understand how search engines work and what are some of their key ranking algorithms. The course will teach you everything about how to optimize a website for search engine rankings. It will help you to understand the basics of keyword research. The course would teach you about the difference between on-page and off-page optimization techniques. The Certification course would include everything that you need know about fixing the SEO related errors on your website.

The SEO Certification course is relevant for all those who are looking to build a career in SEO, Website Development, Digital Marketing and Content Writing/Content Marketing.

Here are some key aspects of Search Engine Optimization, that you will learn as a part of the Certification:

Optimizing a Website to Rank Better

Google helps online searchers with the best possible answers to their online queries. Google prefers those sites that load fast, are free of errors and provide relevant and useful content. An SEO Certification course will help you to understand everything you need to do to ensure that your website is optimised for search engine rankings. The optimization techniques will include technical as well as non-technical. You will also learn about how to enhance the user experience on a website to ensure better search rankings.

Targeting the Relevant Keywords

While doing SEO for a website, you can choose from variety of search terms to target. There are online tools like the Google Keyword Planner that help you to find out which search terms are more lucrative at a particular point of time. You can optimise your site for a relevant set of keywords and get your site to rank for those keywords. The SEO Certification course will train you on all aspects of keyword research and targeting.

Creating SEO Friendly Content 

SEO process is answering searcher queries and satisfying searcher intent. Producing content that educates your target audience is essential for you to rank for the relevant search queries.  The course would help you to learn how to develop a long-term, SEO-driven content strategy that showcases your business as a thought leader in the industry.

Tracking the SEO Performance of Your Website

Once you start optimising a website for search queries, you will also be able to start tracking the results you are getting from your SEO campaigns. Tools like Google Analytics and Google Search Console etc.  help you to understand the results you are getting from your SEO efforts. The SEO Certification program will help you to use these tools, understand the results you are getting and improve them over time. 

Building Quality Backlinks

Every website needs to build relevant and quality backlinks to able to rank for search engine queries in its niche. There are quite a few techniques to build these links by commenting and guest posting on high authority websites. The course will train you to build quality and relevant backlinks for any given website.

Why Do You Need an SEO Certification?

Search Engine Optimization has become very critical for businesses to succeed.  

93% of online experiences begin with a search engine – Search Engine Journal

SEO helps businesses to reach out to their audience and convert them into customers. With more and more businesses embracing the digital landscape, SEO professionals are in high demand. An SEO Certification program will give you to get an edge over those who do not have one. It will provide you with a platform to get access to superior job opportunities. SEO is a vast subject and a certification program will help you to build a strong foundation for your career. An SEO Certification program would help you to work on getting practical knowledge on the subject, helping you get better results while you are on the job. It is an additional proof of the knowledge and skills that you possess as an SEO professional.

Where to Get an SEO Certification?

It is not tough to find training institutions online as well as offline. There are various online and offline programs that can provide you with training in SEO. There are quite a few platforms that allow you to learn online, take tests and get certified. Online training is more convenient. It will help you to get trained quickly and from your current location.

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How to Choose the Right Training Institute?

It is critical to verify a training institute for the quality of its syllabus and training.  You need to know about the knowledge level and the experience of the trainers who are part of the institute. Here are some tips to choose the right training institute:

Background Check

You need to check whether the institute has the capability to provide professional SEO training or not. You can do this by visiting their website and verifying their credentials. You can ask the institute for the contact details of those who have completed the course. Next, you can check with these students about their experience.

Online Reviews

There various online platform where you can check for reviews of the training institute. You can check for reviews pertaining to the institute as well as the specific course.

Assess Credentials

You should find out about some of the major achievements of the institute. Know how old it is and what is its reputation in the market. Check on some of the key milestones that the team has achieved. It is also essential to know about some of the accreditations of the institute.

Syllabus and Training Material

SEO is a dynamic field and you need to know everything that’s the latest in this field. It is important to verify whether the training institute you are choosing is providing an updated syllabus.

Rankings on Search Engines

This is one of the basic premise of choosing the right training institute for getting an SEO Certification. If their website does not rank on Google then it’s evident that they are not genuine SEO practitioners. So you must ensure that the institute fulfills this criterion before choosing it over others.  But don’t just blindly follow search engine rankings. Make sure you have verified other details such as credentials, reviews, and past achievements.

Placement Assistance

Before enrolling for an SEO training institute, you must ensure that it provides placement assistance after completion of the program.  If a training institute is offering placement assistance make sure you verify the quality of the jobs that they can help you to get.

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An SEO Certification is a must for you to become a top-notch SEO professional. If you are serious about building a career in Search Engine Optimization, then the Certified SEO course will surely be a great value addition. Whether you are a beginner or an existing SEO professional, a certification course will help enhance your skills and get ahead in your career. This will help you to find a suitable SEO job as well as open up opportunities to work as a freelance SEO consultant. It won’t just give you the latest from the SEO profession but also provide you with the latest tools and resources to stay updated as an SEO professional. You must choose an SEO training institute after verifying their website, its rankings, testimonials and achievements etc.

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