SEO Classes | How To Find Best SEO Classes Online In India

How to Find Best SEO Classes Online in India

If you are new to SEO and passionate to learn Search Engine Optimization to make a successful Digital Marketing Career, opting for online SEO Classes is considered best by Digital Marketing Influencers and Industry Experts.

In today’s time, when the industry asks for well-trained digital marketing professionals, Online SEO Classes bridge the gap between what the industry demands and what graduate and postgraduate colleges offer.

Google never offers any standard syllabus to learn SEO.

It also does not reveal its SEO tactics, organic algorithms, and their functioning.

Since there is not any standard of reference for the SEO Course Syllabus, many SEO classes are cunningly making profits from this and using outdated SEO syllabus.

This blog will guide you in choosing the right Search Engine Optimization class for you.

Just go through below given four steps and the whole process of choosing the right SEO class will get alleviated for you-

Four Steps to Find Best SEO Classes in India

1. Know What SEO Is

Being very clear about what SEO is and how it is relevant to your career or business is the very first steps of choosing SEO Classes.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization helps you in getting traffic from the free/natural/organic search results on different search engines be it Google, Yahoo or Bing.

According to Moz-

“Search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results.”

To understand different important concepts of SEO, you can also go through the SEO Periodic Table given beneath-

Seo classes

Seo periodic table


Due to an increased Google dependency, all kinds of businesses need SEO services that have created great requirements for SEO experts in the market.

SEO is essential to optimize the online presence of e-businesses to increase their reach and revenues. If you are into marketing, enrolling in SEO Classes would be very useful for you to ensure a profit-driven online presence for your business.

2. Know-How to find the best SEO Classes Online

All your quest to learn SEO and be a pro SEOers ends at an SEO Class that offers you training as per your time and place preferences- the reason why SEO Classes Online is gaining lots of popularity these days.

However, finding the best SEO classes is not a cakewalk and you need to follow some important steps.

There are countless SEO classes all across India and with the below-given checklists, you would be able to find the one that is verified and highly respected by top Digital Marketing Influencers-

Check Organic Ranking of SEO Classes

  • When checking for SEO Classes, one of the most important factors is the organic ranking of the SEO Class
  • In case your SEO Class does not rank well on Google, how come they will train you to optimize an online presence on search engines
  • I am not saying always the top-ranking institute would be the best one, but for sure this is very important when choosing SEO Classes

Check Background of selected SEO Classes

  • You should always verify the background of the SEO training company by going through their website
  • For new institutes, you can check reviews, but going with a class that has trained a notable number of participants and helped them get placed or make a successful SEO career would be the best fit

Check if the company offers Practical SEO Training

  • You should also verify if your chosen SEO Class offers real-time SEO training through live projects or not
  • Only with real-time SEO projects, you can become a confident SEOer

Check if your SEO Class offers Job Placement Assistance

  • You should also go through the SEO jobs assistance program that your SEO class offers
  • You should go through the track records of their previous batch and analyze how are they placed or how successful they are in their career
  • SEO Classes that claim 100% job assistance should also be avoided as such claims are only there to target lame beginner who is naïve and unaware of the industry

Check if SEO Syllabus is Updated or Not

  • It is very important that your SEO Class incorporates a well-updated SEO syllabus, as SEO is never a static subject
  • SEO strategies keep changing every day and it is very important that SEO classes include the most updated SEO syllabus as per the latest Google algorithms
  • To check, if the syllabus of your SEO class is updated or not, you can go through the syllabus of the popular authorities on the web, e.g. SEO Journal, MOZ, etc.

Check and compare SEO Course Fee

  • You can also learn SEO on your own via some of the industry’s top influencers & bloggers by following their free lessons and blogs, but, if you are a beginner then you should opt for SEO classes to get the needed initial assistance
  • The maximum course fee that I think would be good for an SEO class is around Rs. 15,000 to 18,000 and if someone charges you more than that, you need to be cautious about their features before finalizing that class

Check the experience, expertise, and influence of SEO Trainers

  • You should also check the profile of your SEO trainer before opting for a particular SEO course
  • Analyzing the SEO success rates and number of sites they have optimized would for sure help you in finalizing best SEO classes for you

Never blindly believe the top-ranking SEO Classes

  • You should be very cautious while comparing top-ranking SEO training classes because there are websites that get optimized and rank on top of Google by outsourcing services of some expert SEO Companies
  • Experts also recommend never believing top-ranking websites blindly and you should also go through their track records, their online resources, and student success rates

Check the SEO Certifications that SEO Classes Offer

Seo classes

Seo certifications

  • You should also check the certifications that your chosen SEO Class offers that can prove your skills and work as a value addition
  • Opting for SEO Classes in Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai, or anywhere in India that are attested with certifications would always be a wise decision

3. Advantages of Online SEO Classes

Online Seo Classes are useful in helping you learn SEO as per your convenience and preference.

You can choose the classes from the place and time that suits you, plus, you get access to a Learning Management System through which, if you miss any lesson in your SEO Classes, you can get the same experience again later.


Live projects and tools are also included in LMS and hence, guide you go through practical SEO training. Different components that online SEO Classes offer are-

  • Different Types Of Search Engine Success Factors
  • Content, Site Architecture & HTML Code related to SEO
  • Role of Trust, Identity, Authority & Search Rankings
  • Link Building & Ranking in Search Engine Optimization
  • Personalization, Social Media, Search Engine Spam Penalties
  • Cloaking & Doorway Pages, Content and Writing
  • Crawling and Robots, Domains & URLs
  • Duplicate Content, Flash, and Image Search
  • Local SEO and Mobile Search
  • Redirects & Moving Sites, Spamming, Submitting & Sitemaps
  • Tagging, Titles & Descriptions, SEO Video Search
  • Link Building, Link Bombs, Linkbait, and Paid Link
  • Google SEO, Bing SEO, and Yahoo SEO

Online SEO Classes also offer SEO Guides and Books with a free PDF download that covers most of the tips that Google offers to its own employees here. These classes are also quite useful in getting daily SEO News & Expert SEO Advice. You will also have a permanent SEO library with you that includes a collection of all the lessons and related PDF resources.

4. Know the Best SEO Classes in India

I have come up with this comprehensive list of best SEO Classes in India where you can learn and master SEO Training. Let us go through their top features

Digital Vidya


Digital Vidya offers one of the most interactive, advanced, and reputed SEO training Classes in India and abroad. The company is headquartered in Delhi and their SEO Classes in Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, and other parts of India are best rated as well. Below given is the overview of its SEO Course-

  • Session 1- Off-page Optimization
  • Session 2- On-page Optimization
  • Session 3- Search Engine Algorithms (Part I)
  • Session 4- Algorithms I ((Part II)

L.I.P.S India

Lips india

LIPS India offers SEO Classes in Pune and Mumbai and the top features of its SEO Courses are-

  • Web Introduction
  • SEO- On Page
  • On-Page- SCHEMA
  • SEO Off-Page
  • Blogging
  • SEO Tools
  • Benefits

SEO Training Point

Seo training point

SEO Training Point offers SEO training Classes in Bangalore, and its notable features are-

  • SEO Training for student
  • SEO Training for real estate
  • SEO Training for hotels and resorts
  • SEO Training for a content writer
  • SEO Training for trainer
  • SEO Training for healthcare companies
  • SEO Training for chef
  • SEO Training for fashion designer


Promoz seo

The company is headquartered in Kolkata and its course module includes-

  • Search Engine Basics
  • Keyword Research and Website Analysis
  • On-Page Optimization
  • Off-Page Optimization

Chandigarh Institute of Internet Management (CIIM)


CIIM offers SEO Classes in Mohali, Panchkula, and Chandigarh. Notable features of its course module are-

  • Basics of SEO
  • On-Page Optimization
  • Off-Page Optimization

In Conclusion…

I hope the aforestated 4 steps would guide you to find out the right SEO training Classes for you to ensure better career or business growth.

Before ending this post, let us go through a quick rundown of an SEO training Classes Checklist you should peep into before starting your SEO training-

  • Online Presence
  • Faculty
  • Course Curriculum
  • Certifications
  • Fee Structure
  • Duration
  • Job Assistance
  • Live Projects

SEO Course of Digital Vidya is one such SEO training Class in India that you can blindly trust.

Their training would help you learn and execute SEO skills that are relevant to your career and industry requirements.

What are your expectations from SEO Classes- Share your details in the comments below.

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