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What is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

In a layman’s language, we can describe the term Search Engine Optimization as a process by which, free traffic is diverted to a website with the help of various tools and techniques to reach the maximum user base. This can be done by achieving a higher ranking on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP). The SEO Jobs have witnessed a boom since the past 1 year. SEO has seen a 5 time faster growth in job openings compared to other skill-related SEO jobs.

SEO jobs

Search Engine Optimisation tools

Isn’t it obvious that when the masses have shifted from the television and newspaper to youtube, Hotstar, Netflix, and E-papers, the marketers will also have to pace up with the revolution to be able to maintain their positions?

The revolutionary hop-on on a massive level has compelled the marketers to re-strategise their plans and come back to conquer the market like never before. At present, Digital Marketing is moving forward with a much faster speed than was expected.  It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Digital Marketing is providing the highest number of job opportunities, and with SEO being its main tools, the SEO jobs in the market have had a great influence, with the number of jobs shooting high.

SEO Job Profiles

SEO is an umbrella term which includes several SEO job profiles with different job titles that ask you to work on various divisions of SEO. If you are looking forward to begin a career in the SEO subdivision, you should first be well versed with the job profiles listed under it. Only knowing the job titles will not be enough when it comes to choosing the profile that suits you best. You need to have a clear understanding of the tasks that each personnel performs. This will further clear the confusion and leave you with a clear understanding of the work you are capable of doing.

Listed below are the various SEO Job Titles along with their descriptions in the inverted order.

1.) SEO Trainee

The designation of an SEO trainee ranks the lowest the hierarchal order of the SEO job profiles. An SEO trainee is made to learn the know-hows and the practical functionalities of how SEO works. A trainee is under the close guidance of a mentor, usually a senior employee i.e SEO executive. The SEO trainee’s functions may vary from organization to organization. However, major tasks are not performed by the SEO trainee. Brainstorming sessions and implementation of various SEO tools like off- page (sharing, commenting, etc.), writing content.

2.) SEO Executive

The profile of the SEO executive is not a very influential position. In the absence of the SEO trainee, The SEO executive will be the lowest profile. The tasks carried out by the SEO executive may, however, vary depending on the organization they are working in. The described tasks may include Doing process-centric SEO, carry out individual SEO campaigns, optimization analysis of the content. Also, conduct On-page and off-page SEO. Write or rewrite the Title, description and meta description of the content that is to be marketed. The code optimization is also listed as one of the tasks of the SEO executive.

3.) SEO Analyst

The SEO analyst stands ahead of the SEO executive in the hierarchal order. The job description of an SEO analyst may pronounce his functions as reviewing the work of the SEO executive, being well versed with the keyword finding and implementing techniques. The SEO analyst is supposed to analyze the performance of the executives in terms of quality and time efficiency. The task of finding the most searched keywords using keywords finding tools and further assigning those keywords to the executives to have the articles woven around them. These are basic functions of an SEO analyst, however, there is always room for variation.

4.) SEO Strategist

As the name suggests, the task of the SEO strategist is to lay down strategies which will be implemented and followed to increase and enhance the SEO of the company’s website. An SEO strategist closely studies the SEO techniques and tools through the which the website ranking of the company and mass reach is increased for the purpose of communication with the audience. The strategies are further passed on to the analysts and executives. The analyst may suggest changes in the same after reviewing the strategies framed by the SEO Strategist.

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5.) SEO Specialist

The SEO specialist is the one who is accountable for maintaining and managing the organic search results of the company’s web pages. He is responsible for planning and carrying out the SEO campaigns. In the case of agencies, when the campaign is carried out for the third party, it is the SEO specialist who finds ways to increase the traffic on the website. Considering the various ranking factors the amendments in the campaign are also expected to be implemented.

6.) SEO Consultant

The profile of an SEO consultant is more likely present in the Digital Marketing agencies which provide third party assistance. An SEO consultant may not visit office like a regular employee, instead provide assistance online. The primary task of a consultant is to provide business suggestions to the company they are working for, or to the clients of the company. The SEO consultant may be often referred as an SEO expert with comprehensive knowledge of the various tools used in search engine optimization to leverage the traffic on the website.

7.) SEO Technician

SEO jobs

Boost SEO traffic

The term SEO technician is self-explanatory in accordance with the tasks related to this particular profile. The tasks assigned to an SEO technician include assessing the competitor’s website for updates and finding link building opportunities. The SEO technician is supposed to get connected with the bloggers and pitch in for back linking. Also, optimizing and promoting the content originally prepared for the marketing purpose.

8.) SEO Account Manager

The job description of an SEO account manager includes the following: carrying out social media campaigns on popular networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc.  The aim is to execute social media campaigns and increase the conversion rate in proportion with the leads generated.  Implement effective strategies to lay out successful campaigns. He/she is supposed to build Facebook Ads, Google Ads, AdWords, etc. Deal with clients as the representative and assist them.

9.) SEO Manager

The SEO manager stands ahead of many designations in an organization. The higher position comes with greater responsibility. Thus, the manager is supposed to analyze the reports of all the campaigns running at a particular time. Guide the subordinates with in-depth knowledge of keywords and successful Ad campaigns, which an SEO manager is expected to be equipped with. recommended the amendments in the campaigns that are going to be launched or are already live.  Develop content marketing strategy in accordance with SEO goals.

10.) SEO Trainer

SEO trainer is an SEO expert who mentors the subordinate employees and teaches them hacks to master the SEO functioning and implementation. The SEO trainer’s primary functions include assessing the performance of the previous campaigns and launch controlling plans to bring back things in favor. The trainer is a profile which requires high-level knowledge and expertise to get the best results in terms of ranking and traffic on the website.

11.) SEO Director

The SEO Director heads the department and keeps a check on the goals set and achieved. He lays down the foundation for the campaigns to be carried out, in relevance with objective and previous shortcomings. A proper assessment and analysis enables him to carry out these functions. The SEO Director takes care of everything related to a company’s on a macro level.

These are the job profiles (designation) of the SEO hierarchy, however, it must be noted that the job description and job title may vary from company to company.

Boom in SEO jobs

The past 2 years have seen a rise in the number of SEO jobs in 2017 by an estimated 20%. The world going digital in its approach calls for a better user interface and also gives the marketers an opportunity to have a greater market share online. This calls for plenty of jobs in the SEO sector. Naturally, with an attempt to increase the market share and sales, a company understands that it has to have a wide reach. The Search Engine Optimization is the best way to reach the target audience and the rest follows. Thus, experts and skilled resources are required to develop and maintain a strong SEO for the company. A resource is skilled only when they are aware of the functions of SEO and can deliver the targets and meet objectively effectively.

SEO jobs

Rise in SEO jobs

A massive rise is seen in the first 6 months of 2017 in SEO jobs in Delhi, SEO jobs in Bangalore, SEO job in Chennai, majorly. The rise is expected to increase in the next 6 months of 2017. The year 2016 was the year when as many as 1.5 Lakh jobs were produced under the Digital Marketing sector.

Marketers believe that Digital Marketing is the new big thing and will widen its horizons in the coming time. SEO being a crucial element of Digital Marketing is generating the maximum number of SEO jobs in 2017.  The skills required to work as a digital marketing professional must be acquired by undertaking Digital Marketing course to have a fair understanding of the theories Digital Marketing is based on.

According to statistics, the year 2017 is witnessing the SEM and SEO jobs as one of the highest paid jobs. The SEO algorithms are advancing with a focus on being simple and better. The marketers who pay close attention to the evolving marketing strategies saw this coming. They understand and have accepted the fact that to maintain a higher ranking on the search engine result page (SERP), the website content, the product listings, and other strategies are supposed to me optimized.

On finding an SEO job, you will be expected to optimize the website, in and out, such that it can beat the competitor websites. This will immediately increase the traffic on the website, further increasing the lead. Once a user has landed on your website, it is the content that plays an important role in discerning whether or not he will convert into a client. A website with a poor content will observe a higher bounce rate.

SEO jobs will require you to do both paid SEO in the form of PPC and free SEO using guidelines laid down by Google which help you rank higher in the search results. A job profile of an SEO analyst and an SEO specialist is listed as one of the highest paid SEO jobs in 2017.

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What is the work of a Search Engine Optimizer?

Well, we have all heard about SEO in bits and pieces from various resources but what exactly is it? SEO is Search Engine Optimization. Here, we are talking about a professional who does SEO. Simply put,  a search engine optimizer applies the various guidelines provided by Google to let you rank your website higher. This is a free method to increase the reach of your website and have it ranked higher on the basis of relativity and SEO strategies for growth being matched.

SEO also has a paid form to it, which is PPC (Pay per Click). Businesses Today, find it vital to spend on PPC’s as it is a form of SEO under which your website is ranked the highest and several leads are generated. Thus, it is helpful and effective in meeting the purpose.

SEO jobs

Digital Marketing breakdown

Take a look at some of the priority tasks of the Search Engine Optimizers:

1. Check for plagiarism on the web- content

Nothing pushes away a user faster than a content they notice to be copied. It must be assumed that a user browses several websites for the same information and it is likely that in the case of copied content, you will be caught and it will bring a bad name to your company. Also, when two websites showcase the same content, Google gets confused and finds out who copied whom by checking on the date of the upload and the relatability of the content.

2. Use an interactive web layout

Always remember, the easier to use and interactive a website will be, the more users it will attract and retain until they are converted into your customers. If your current web layout is not responsive and interactive, the user will immediately hop on to some other website. Thus, it is important for a search engine optimizer to pay close attention to the layout of the website and make sure it is equally mobile friendly as mobile is the next big thing listed under SEO tools.

3. Use tools like Google Analytics and Webmaster to assess the growth

The websites that make use of tools like Google Analytics Webmaster are considered real by Google. It may take a little time and understanding for you to learn their usage. These tools are especially helpful to determine the growth rate of your website, the leads generated and the conversions achieved.

SEO jobs

Essential tools of SEO

4. Use the most searched keywords

Make use of keyword finder tools like, SEMRush, etc. to find the most searched keywords and let your blog and web content revolve around it. The keyword density is given extra importance in the content marketing technique and it is suggested that the use of proper keywords is to be made to rank higher when that particular keyword is searched.

5. Get your business listed locally

To reach the local customers it is important that you register your business with the local business listings or the Google local listings. this will turn out to be really beneficial in increasing reach, familiarizing your business with the local audience and establishing your business in the market. This is another important task that must be performed by the Search Engine Optimizer.

6. Post engaging blog posts

The search engine optimizer must keep this at a priority and upload engaging content on regular intervals. The content must be related to the business or may revolve around common interest at times. The major point to be considered here is that the content should be interactive and must follow an informal tone of communication (Tricks for bloggers). The concept of interpersonal communication must be applied by the search engine optimizer, here.

7. Create backlinks by building relations with popular bloggers

Backlinks are also listed among the most influential SEO techniques. The term backlinking can be explained as asking a famous blogger or a website to mention the link your website to divert a fraction of their traffic to your website. This is a two- way process. The search engine optimizer must conduct a good PR with the competitors and other famous content marketers to take such favors.

8. Optimize the title, description, and keywords over the time

The title you may have published initially may not land up well in the search results in a long time. Thus. it is advisable that you optimize the title, description, the keywords if need be. An existing blog or article’s reach can be increased by optimizing them.

These are some of the basic tasks that must be performed by the search engine optimizer to build a strong SEO for his company’s website.

To conclude

Coming to the SEO jobs, it should be clear by now that there are several jobs available in the field of Digital Marketing provided you have the knowledge and skills required for it. The knowledge and skills are two such things which can be acquired over time. So, if you are looking forward to building a career in SEO or are finding an SEO job, make sure to attain the required the skills to have it smooth.

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