SEO Manager: The Magician Behind the Search Traffic

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Have you heard about SEO or SEO Manager?

We depend on search engines in our daily lives to find solutions to all kinds of problems – big or small. SEO Managers are the magicians working behind the scenes, bringing certain results to our notice at the top of search list, and we make our choices based on that.

Given that you are reading this, chances are, yes, you have. And even if your answer is no, I assure that you keep experiencing its magic almost everyday! Even when you don’t realize it.

Do you ever use google to search something like … gyms near Andheri West; restaurant in Kailash Colony, Delhi; bike repair in Koramangala, Bengaluru; best salon in Salt Lake City, Kolkata, print services near Banjara Hills, Hyderabad etc. etc.?

Let’s admit that for our initial screening i.e. for forming a consideration set for a service/product that we are looking for, we all depend on our Mr. Know It All – Google. In this age of smart devices, not using it would almost be like a crime! Don’t you agree?

How SEO Managers Affect Your Daily Choices!

Did you ever notice how few results are on the top of the search results page and some are somewhere down and others are not even on the first or second page?

If you own a company or are in-charge of a certain business, wouldn’t you like to have your company feature at the top of relevant search results?

That increases your chances of getting business enormously in this digital world, while not being on first one or two pages almost makes sure that the customer is not even gonna see you out there. So, if you are not up there on the list … you wouldn’t even be in the consideration set of the potential customers.

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Let me tell you what I do. I generally decide from top 4-5 search results, and hardly go beyond the second page. There are hundreds, thousands and maybe, even more, search results competing to get at the top of the search results list.

Check out a familiar scenario below.

SEO Manager

A typical Google Search

For the simple everyday search about “DIY shoes in Mumbai” that I ran just now, Google found 4,75,000 results … a lot, right? Agreed, not all of these 1,27,000 may be relevant but hundreds or more would be.

Now a clarification is in order here. You may see some “Ad” results on the top and then you see results without the “Ad” tag. You can locate it at the beginning of URL link in the image below.

SEO Manager

Typical Google Search Result

The results with “Ad” tag are paid advertisements, i.e. respective companies have paid Google to feature on the top of search results (that’s Search Engine Monetization or popularly known as SEM). And then there are unpaid results below these advertisements. We are talking about these unpaid or organic search results in this article … how to get on top this organic list.

If I was providing do-it-yourself (DIY) shoes services in Mumbai, I would certainly want to get my name figured on the top of this list.

So business owners … don’t you want to be up there? and aspiring SEO Managers  .. don’t you want to have the skills to get a business name in the top of results so that the business owners will find you irresistible?

A skilled SEO Manager does exactly that – optimize the business website to get top SEO ranking. So all you gotta do is master SEO Marketing and gain some SEO expert qualities.

I will let you in on a secret here. We have even optimized the article you are reading right now so that Google and other search engines assign it a good rank and we stand a chance to feature at the top when you are looking for SEO Management and certain other relevant keywords and search terms.

Now that I have your attention, let’s dig deeper into the meat.

What is SEO – Search Engine Optimization

As you might already be aware, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing web pages to appear in the top ranks of search query results returned by a search engine in order to maximize the number of visitors, also known as web traffic, to a particular website.

Let’s see how Wikipedia defines SEO – ‘the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a web search engine’s unpaid results—often referred to as “natural”, “organic”, or “earned” results’.

It’s an awesome skill to have, isnt it? It’s almost like magic 🙂

Before learning to optimize the results in search engines, let’s understand briefly how search engines do their work.

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How do Search Engines Work

A search engine is a software system which searches websites, such as Google, Yahoo and Bing, Baidoo etc. and is designed to search for information on the world wide web. Search engines maintain real time data by running an algorithm for web crawling, indexing and searching.

Each search engine uses its own proprietary software and largely uses these three steps. The search engine discovers the content on web pages with crawling, it then analyses and stores the information in various databases with indexing and fetches a list of relevant pages when a user inputs a query in it.

There are millions of websites, pages, images, other type of files and content spread over the internet. You should watch following brief video where Matt Cutts from quality group of Google explains how actually google search engine works:

Pretty simple! right ?

What is SEO Management?

Simply put, SEO Management is the process of affecting the visibility of a website rank in the web search results.

However, you must keep in mind that SEO is a dynamic field, as the search engines keep evolving their algorithms and so you need to keep yourself updated with all the latest happenings. Therefore, for an SEO professional it is imperative to stay updated using blogs, books, webinars etc. You should definitely follow industry leaders on their blogs and social media.

I will give you few examples here to understand how SEO Management is an evolving process. SEO Management includes exploiting the ranking algorithms used by search engines to your advantage. Initially, the sites were ranked based on how many times the keywords were used. This led to keyword-stuffing – keywords over-fillings in some nonsense text. You may recall some instances of seeing such pages sometime. Then the concept of back-linking came in search engines, i.e. better rank if more popular websites are linked to the page. This led to spammed links all over the page to get higher rank in results. Now each link carries different value based on the authority it bears. And well, now Google has again updated its algorithm for objective or context based search results.

Typical SEO Manager Job Description

An SEO Manager (also referred as SEO Account Manager) is responsible for optimizing search results by conducting research on keywords and utilizing them in right place to ensure they bring their results on top of SERPs (Search Engine Results Page).

Companies may want to work with both paid and unpaid results. Based on the same, the job profile may slightly vary for an SEO Manager. A digital marketing agency, which provides SEO management services to various clients, is likely to include following as part of its job description of an SEO Manager, among others:

  • Understand Client requirements and define upfront SEO deliverables and propose changes that will increase quality traffic, maximize website performance, improve search result listings and ultimately drive business value for their clients
  • Lead ongoing/ weekly/ monthly analysis and reporting to identify further search engine optimization opportunities for each client
  • Timely status follow-up of SEO recommendations for all clients. Provide review and feedback for implementation.
  • Be the point of contact for clients with regards to SEO Management recommendations by providing continuing education and consulting around SEO Management, and conducting competitive audits or providing presentations etc., as required.

So basically you help the clients to reach top of the results on search engines.

How much can you Earn from Management Skills

SEO Manager

How to Make Money with SEO Management

“SEO Management is fine. Show me the money!”

SEO Manager and SEO Account Manager profiles are selling like hot cakes in the job market today. Almost all the people and business owners understand and use internet to some extent, and have some idea of how powerful it is, but only a few know how to use this powerful beast. They need people with SEO Management skills, who can help them utilize its power. So that they can reach hundreds and thousands of more customers in a cost effective way.

Based on various salary indexing and job websites, an SEO Manager can expect to earn a starting salary of Rs 3.50 to 7.00 lakhs per annum based on her SEO skills alone. Go on and search websites such as glassdoor, payscale etc. for various openings and profile reviews right away.

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So, What from Here!

We hope you have a good sense of what SEO is and have found renewed fire in you to get SEO skillset in your quiver. Take up a SEO training program with experienced facilitators and scientifically designed courses keeping in mind the ever-changing technologies/platforms, will help you acquire your SEO Management skillset.

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  1. Dhinesh

    Post is good. Please tell how much time does it take to learn SEO management ?
    Can I learn it in one or two months ?

  2. Ritu Jhajharia

    Hi Dhinesh,
    Thank you for reading and liking the post and also for your comment.
    In one-two months you can learn the basics and start practicing, either on your own or with help of some institute. To become an SEO professional, it’ll take a little longer, both for theory and practice. But you will keep getting better with time if you stay on it, as its quite a dynamic field.
    Hope this answers your query. Keep coming back for more.


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