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SEO Plays A Crucial Role In App Discoverability

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Mobile search queries are on the rise, so much so that Google says that mobile search queries have surpassed that of desktop search queries. A Comscore statistic reveals that in Q4 of 2014, mobile search query volume contributed to 29% of total search volume.


This is happening because mobiles are extremely convenient for on-the-go querying – for directions, to search for restaurants or services around you. Mobile connectivity has become extremely indispensable in day to day functioning as well.


Because majority Google searches happen on mobiles, search engine optimizations for mobile searches has started playing an important role and SEOs have expanded into the mobile space. It is hard to ignore the possibilities of SEO in mobile apps. So mobile SEO is not just limited to making websites mobile friendly, it has to include mobile apps too.

In SMX 2015, Justin Briggs, CEO and Founder Briggsby explained some creative applications of structured data. He said that search is changing, that it’s becoming increasingly mobile and conversational. Till now, SEO was focused on optimizing articles for retrieving of information. But today with wearables, voice search and the Internet of Things, search is turning into an interface that allows interaction with data. Justin predicts that search is going to ultimately predict needs and eventually do things on our behalf. For search engines to be able to do that, there has to be an integration between structured data and mobile apps.

A step in that direction has already begun with Google introducing Google Now on Tap and micro moments. There are big strides in app indexation wherein app engagement with app content is driven through deep linking of app content.

Most companies are acknowledging the use of mobiles by optimizing their websites for mobile browsers but that is not enough. Therefore the natural next step to a mobile website for companies is a mobile app. A recent study by Criteo found that more than 30% of e-commerce transactions driven by mobile are in the retail and travel sectors. They also found that sites that were optimized for mobiles converted at double the rate of non-optimized ones, with conversion rates of 3.4 percent and 1.6 percent, respectively.



As a company, if you have a mobile app this is a very promising news but the crux of the matter lies in the fact that for your sales to go up your app needs to be discoverable! If your app is found only then will it be downloaded, used and you will see the conversions that we just spoke of happening. But how will your app be discovered? How will you take advantage of these fantastic statistics of mobile conversions leading the way? And that’s where comes the new SEO domain – app discoverability. How will your app be discovered in a jungle of apps on various app stores across all platforms? Google Play Store has over 1.6 million apps, Apple Store has 1.5 million apps, and Windows Phone Store has 0.35 million apps as of June 2015.

The traditional ways of app promotions are still open – advertising, algorithms for app store optimization, and obviously app promotion through your own website. Good news is that Google has now added new ways in search so that even your apps can be discovered through organic searches. With this news in mind, it is now on SEOs to consider this new addition to make their optimizations to be be more holistic.

Google Search for Mobile Apps

Although apps being shown in Google searches isn’t new, but the problem was that only the apps installed on your mobiles would show up in your searches due to the app indexing. That only helped in giving users a choice to either view it on their mobile browsers or on the installed app.


Google recently announced that all your efforts in optimizing your app and website are not in vain. Now, if you have done the indexing and a relevant search is done on an Android device, then Google will even show app install button which will direct the user to Google Play Store and install the app and see the relevant content in the app.

This means that Google will now give suggestions on new apps to install for relevant search queries. So all your app content is now relevant if indexed correctly and your app will appear organically for mobile searches.

Google Now On Tap

Google Now On Tap is an extended version of Google Now which works from within an app or mobile browser. It was announced in May 2015 Google I/O and it will be launched with the new Android Marshmallow OS. It is functionally similar to Google Now but available for use from anywhere by just tapping and holding the home button. For example if you are chatting with a friend about where to for dinner and your friend suggests a place you don’t know about, you can simply tap and hold the home button and Google can bring you quick info about that place. You can also see other apps in it from where you can reserve a table or request for home delivery.


This will further help your apps have greater visibility outside of Google Play Store and mobile searches, both for new apps and installed apps.

So, as an SEO expert you should now include mobile app indexing and discoverability a part of your offerings, if you haven’t already. SEO is not just limited to websites anymore and you can help your clients get more out of their SEO.

Image Credits: marketingland, searchengineland, insidesearch.blogspot

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