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Free Advanced SEO Tools & Tips for Small Business

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In fact, there is a lot that small businesses can achieve with no extraordinary internet marketing efforts, and without spending excessively cash.

          With the assistance of some SEO specialists, I’ve accumulated a rundown of SEO tips in my small business SEO guide that can aid small businesses optimize their online presence, and reap great returns on minimal investments.

As we know that, a key part of any small business’ marketing plan is to viably position its ranking in search results of Search engines.

            However, is it conceivable to influence search results with the content & search marketing strategy you control — or if nothing else, with the content you have influenced? – The answer is Big YES.

       There are straightforward and viable approaches to optimize positioning of your business in search results, while at the same time you can enhance related advertising efforts in social media, reviews, appraisal, and other internet marketing channels- Small business SEO tips and tools used by SEO service for small business aid marketers do this in a result-oriented manner.

Firstly, let’s go through best small business SEO tips-

Best 12 SEO Tips for Small Businesses

1.) Set up your Google My Business account and Build a Responsive, Mobile-Friendly Site[Image1- set up Google My Business Page example as SEO tips for small business- source- searchenginewatch]

  • Set your Google My Business account up and get the greater part of your business details exchanged. It’s thoroughly free and will empower you to show up in nearby query items for inquiries, particular to your territory of operation. Indeed, even broad questions with extensive volumes are currently demonstrating local search results, which is something search marketers can capitalize upon.
  • Building responsive mobile-friendly sites should now be possible effectively with simple plugins of your CMS, for example, WordPress, implying that will make the greater part of your content mobile-friendly quite rapidly and inexpensively. Optimizing your site for quick load-speed will help you emerge from the competition.

2.) Do Effective Keyword Research and Start utilizing Google Search Console

  • Using same keywords that your greater rivals are targeting won’t see you make much ground as your rivals are more settled and have more scope on the web. Utilizing keyword research tools for example, Google’s Keyword Planner to spot holes in the market will empower you to take advantages upon these – they may even ensure conversions at a superior rate as well.
  • Google Search Console is a free tool that gives an abundance of data about your site’s performance in Google results, and in addition, any blunders on your site and issues you ought to address. Optimizing your site without Search Console resembles running a marathon with no shoes on. With Google Search Console, you can discover- what keywords Google finds your site is related to, is your site mobile responsive, whether there are issues crawling your site etc. It’s the beginning stage for a large portion of your conversion optimization endeavors.

3.) Comprehend your Online Audience and know how Search Engines display results in your Niche

  • Knowing who are your target audiences? What are they searching for? How would they invest their energy, money and time on the web? What sort of content do they prefer to use? Will comprehend what you have to do online to get their consideration. There are small business SEO tools that can aid you in doing this.
  • Too regularly, small businesses have no clue who or what they are really rivaling in search. For instance, on the off chance that you need to concentrate on a keyword that has a ton of enormous global companies positioning on the first page, you ought to understand that maybe your desires of being on first page via same keyword can get tempered.

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4.) Check your company’s site for online issues and claim company’s physical address on Google Maps

  • Watching for security issues is considered as one of the most important SEO strategies for small business- Sucuri Site Check is free tool that can help you in doing this. Keeping in mind that it won’t have the capacity to see every single conceivable issue, it can get probably the most far reaching ones
  • If your small business incorporates physical location and offline clients, you need to ensure that you claim physical address of your company on the Google Maps.

5.) Be original and beware of Digital Marketing Agencies that guarantee ranking

  • Hiring some individual for as little as possible to run your Twitter account or fabricate links for you may appear like an enticing thought, yet it can – and presumably will – blowback and backfire. On the off chance that you haven’t got a lot of a marketing spending plan, approach slowly and carefully yet do it without anyone’s help, as no one knows your business and your clients superior to you. Be creative, unique and use engaging original content to entice and convert visitors.
  • Unless you’re set up to purchase PPC advertisements, there is no real way to ensure a page one ranking (and still, after all that it can be precarious on competitive terms). On the off chance that an office or sales representative guarantees you this, overlook them. They’re lying and will probably do a great deal of harm to your sustainable search ranking.[Image2- beware of Ranking guarantees of SEO service for small business- source-searchenginewatch]

6.) Stay aware of the Digital Marketing Industry News

  • Trends can change rapidly in SEO, so things that work for some time can progress toward becoming against Google’s standards after some time, and that’s why staying aware of latest digital marketing news is one of the most important small business SEO tips.
  • As with the current penalties for bloggers reviewing products, Google will once in a while spell things out. It may provide clues; however, it won’t contact and update you. You’ll frequently know you’ve accomplished something “wrong” when you login to Google Search Console and get a notice like:[Image3- Google Search Console Notice- source- searchenginewatch]

7.) Launch a Blog, do not go Keyword Crazy, and Create Evergreen Content regularly

  • Blogs are something that will help you rank for your target terms and that’s why launching blog is one of the best SEO strategies for small business. Powerful, engaging and original content needs to be on landing pages, product pages and wherever around the webpage. Blog shouldn’t be done only for SEO reasons, as web journals introduce an open door for you to discuss your item and administrations and the queries related to them to engage more quality prospects.
  • You don’t need to compose four to five articles a day, however consistent updates mean your guests have something to peruse, and you’ll likewise be making crisp content for the search engines. Yes, you need to focus on the terms that your clients are probably going to scan for, yet you need to compose content that your targets love to read, or your content will be powerless.
  • Look to make evergreen content that relates with the clients issues and has a better self-life.

8.) Have clear URL Structure and utilize internal linking to optimize your site

  • People ought to have the capacity to figure out the topic of a page just by taking a gander at the URL.
  • Quality internal linking is about connecting topics and subjects together in a more sensible manner, for search engines and readers.
  • For illustration, on the off chance that you are giving ‘Gift-Wrapping Services’, you’ll have loads of articles utilizing that expression. They’re not all going to rank for that, so picking the page you’re most sure to rank for that term is one of the most important small business SEO tips.

9.) Set up Google Analytics & Look analytics data to find “terms” to target[Image4- Role of site search data as small business SEO tips- source- searchenginewatch]

  • Google Analytics is free and it’s fundamental for you to comprehend your client’s behavior, target locations, traffic sources, etc.
  • You can see the terms your guests scan for on location by investigating your analytics details. You can take in a great deal from this site search information, which can help from multiple points of view.
  • For your SEO, the keywords that individuals use on your site could be terms that you aren’t presently focusing on, by means of SEO or PPC. If this is true, breaking down site search information is an extraordinary approach to discover more significant terms to target.
  • Analytics also tell the sort of dialect that clients utilize.

10.) Optimize Images, Encourage Reviews & Think about UX

  • Best thing about images is that they can be accustomed to get organic traffic by means of Search Engine Image results, and that is why optimizing images is one of the important small business SEO tips.
  • Reviews drive conversions and additionally, from a SEO viewpoint, they help to drive your local SEO visibility.
  • Client reviews help to construct visibility of your business in local SEO, nonetheless, small companies need to guarantee the reviews come from valuable resources.[Image5- reviews as small business SEO tips- source – searchenginewatch]
  • After Mobilegeddon, search ranking of your site relies upon elements identified with UX and that’s why paying due heed upon UX is amongst tops tips of small business SEO guides.

11.) Update Your Business Listings on Local Websites & Use a little PPC

  • Perhaps a standout amongst the best approaches advised by small business SEO guide to lift local SEO of small businesses. This guarantees the accessibility and consistency of your business listing information over a heap of outsider sources. Google and other search engines continually filter these sites to build up a more grounded comprehension of your business and local web market.
  • In case your business isn’t listed or the data provided about it is inadequate or mistaken— there is a danger of lessening or adversely affecting your business’ positions in search results.
  • In case you have the budge, using PPC can be one of the best small business SEO tips.

12.) Engage Regularly Via Social Media, Drive Media Coverage & write unique Product Page Copy

  • Engaging regularly via social media is one of the best SEO small business tips. Social media pages assume a striking part in ensuring local business visibility in SERPs. The more proactive your social media strategy, the higher probability your pages will draw in quality traffic.
  • Media scope of your small business — particularly from very believable news sites — can bring about a long haul positive effect on your business’ search results.
  • In case you are selling products and services that other sites also have, having writing your own product page copy can help your site stand out to ensure better conversions.[Image6- Use of product page copy as small business SEO tips- source- searchenginewatch]

        To be successful with your SEO strategies for small business, it is highly important to pay due heed upon all the aforementioned small business SEO tips. In addition, knowing best small business SEO tools that can automate your SEO campaigns and ensure conversions in quickest possible time is amongst top-rated tips mentioned in Small Business SEO Guides.

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Date: 23rd May, 2018 (Wed)
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Therefore, let’s delve into 10 best small business SEO tools suggested by best small business SEO guides-

10 Best Small Business SEO tools

(1.) Google Search Console

  • Google’s free small business SEO tool lets you get alerts if Google finds errors on your website.
  • You’ll be able to view important key stats like keyword rankings, no. of times your website showed up in the SERP per keyword, number of clicks per keyword, , and CTR.
  • Additionally, you can link Search Console to Analytics. 

(2.) Google Analytics

  • Helps you know which marketing tactics drive the most traffic, and considered, as must SEO tool of each small business SEO guide.
  • Guides you comprehend which marketing tactics drive the most leads and conversions, which content your audiences prefer, how visitors use your site, and so forth.

(3.) Rank Ranger[Image7- Rank Ranger Small Business SEO tool-source- mainstreetroi]

  • Rank Ranger is one of the most robust all-around small business SEO tools that are exceptional in analysis.
  • It is too good in tracking your keyword rankings.  This helps you track your website’s organic rankings over time in the most of the search engines, additionally; it also provides your local rankings in the “map” results.

(4.) Moz Local

  • Moz Local is one of the best small business too tools available to quickly audit your citations.
  • Citation is nothing but simply a mention of your NAP (name, address, and phone number) on another website online and it is one of the biggest factors of local Map ranking.

(5.) Screaming Frog

  • Screaming Frog is another small business SEO tool with lots of important features.  You can use its free SEO Spider to quickly conduct a technical SEO audit of your website.
  • To conduct detailed audit of all of your webpage, it is top rated by most of the small business SEO guides.

(6.) ImportXML

  • It is highly beneficial for businesses trying to organize SEO webpage data.
  • It can be understood as the formula available in Google Spreadsheet.
  • With its help, you can pull the current title tag, headers of a webpage and Meta description into a single sheet, and hence can review and do document edits.

(7.) BrightLocal

  • It is another small business SEO tool that is quite effective with its citation features
  • It is a tool to find citations relevant for your particular business and in addition, it provides the option to pay them to set up the citations that save your time.

(8.) Ahrefs[Image8- Ahrefs Small Business SEO tool- source- mainstreetroi]

  • Ahrefs provides you a full suite of Backlink tools that is quite important for small business SEO.
  • You can use Ahrefs first to analyze your own site and then to ensure your backlinks are from legitimate websites.  
  • In case you find that your backlinks are from spammy sites, then Google may penalize you. Ahrefs help you recognize, remove or disavow those spammy backlinks.
  • It is also helpful to analyze your competitors to see where they are getting their backlinks.  

(9.) Raven Tools

  • Raven Tools aid marketers create automated marketing reports for SEO, SMO and PPC.
  • The reports provided by Raven Tools pull data from the most common tracking tools– Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google AdWords, Twitter and Facebook.

(10.) Moz Open Site Explorer

  • Moz Open Site Explorer is another Backlink tool for small business’ SEO.  
  • It helps you find backlinks of your competitors and additionally, aids you recognize quality backlinks that can help you optimize your SEO campaign.


To run successful small business SEO campaigns, aforementioned small business SEO Tips and Tools are highly applicable, profitable, contributive and pragmatic.

       They not only aid you optimize your SEO campaigns but also alleviate the process by automating the SEO service for small business, and that is why, it is important that you have full watchfulness and give complete spotlight while going through them.

In case, you have any doubts or want to know more about small business SEO Tips & Tools, ask me in comments.

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