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Search Engine Optimization Trends to Watch Out for in 2019

Search Engine Optimization Trends in 2019

Search Engine Optimization Trends 2019

“Successful SEO is not about tricking Google. It’s about PARTNERING with Google to provide the best search results for Google’s users.” – Phil Frost

The road to SEO success in 2019 will only be smooth if you are aware of the SEO trends that are going to grab the limelight in 2019.

Well, ranking on the first page of the SERP and easily converting leads into sales is a bit complex process but not at all rocket science. As the internet is cluttered with millions of websites, it has become little daunting for businesses to establish an online presence for themselves.

Over the past decade, Search Engine Optimization has become one of the most prominent strategies of Digital Marketing. Thus, to ensure that you achieve SEO success in 2019, it is essential to be ahead of your competition.

Let’s have a look at what the industry leaders have to say about the Search Engine Optimization trends to watch out for in the year 2019.

1. Matthew Woodward, Managing Director,

Matthew Woodward

My SEO Strategy next year will focus heavily on rich snippet markup, the speed of my sites and as always, link building.

(i) Rich Snippets: They indirectly increase your rankings because they encourage more people to click on your result which means higher traffic.

SEO Trend 1

Google will then see how many clicks you are getting compared to your competitors and rank you accordingly. This is a strategy I will be leveraging over the next year.

(ii) Website Speed: In the past, I have been able to dramatically increase my earnings by increasing my site speed and during 2019 I am going to focus on pushing this further. I have done extensive research on which the best WordPress hosting companies are and I’ll be using what I have learnt to my advantage.

Here’s a preview of the top 3 WP hosting companies in terms of speed (I tested 7)

SEO Trend 2

(iii) Link Building: It should be a part of everyone’s SEO strategy next year, as it is the staple of SEO. I could talk about link building all day and night however I am limited on the number of words I can use so let’s get to the facts.

Link building is a major factor in how Google ranks websites. Not only that but link building helps you get indexed by Google quickly and if done correctly (referring links coming from relevant sites) will generate traffic to your website and increase your income.

Every link you have pointing to your site, Google sees as a vote. Some votes are bigger than others depending on where the link comes from.

I use a number of different link building strategies but my favourite one is stealing other peoples links. Simply find out which websites have links pointing to your competitors and contact them. I use Ahrefs to spy on my competitors and find out where their backlinks come from.

Here are another few strategies you could use… (find the full list on the link above)

SEO Trend 3

So just to recap, in 2019 I will be paying special attention to rich snippets, site speed, and good old faithful link building.

2. Maria Johnsen, Director, Golden Way Media Limited

Maria Johnsen

The most important SEO trends will be the following:
We are helping companies and increasing awareness to become ready for Web 3.0. This will be more prominent in 2019. By 2020 we will be witnessed the web 4.0 aka smart web when SEO will be less time consuming and complicated. I explained in my article at here:

The trend in 2019 will be the following:

(i) Quality Web Design Matters: Multipurpose SEO and mobile friendly templates will perform better than outdated ones. Your templates must be designed in such a way that it triggers search engine’s bots to visit your website more often and rank your inner pages in search results. The page must also be voice search friendly.

Web designers are better to get busy and design WordPress templates that meet the following criteria: SEO, mobile and voice search friendly design. Create better WP plugins to increase page speed without giving errors in Google search console. 99.99% of page speed plugins are not working properly and they give errors in Google search console. There you go two money making ideas for web designers and developers.

(ii) Link Profile: Quality backlinks are crucial for your website’ online visibility. It won’t work if you don’t get the on-page SEO right. Any changes you make in your template will affect your keyword performance in search engines mainly Google.

For example, if you aim at ranking “car dealership in Kent” in, if you already ranked on Google UK’s page 1 for this keyword and modify for any reason the template, your ranking will drop. This keyword fluctuation is due to the implementation of AI and Machine Learning in the Google search engine. If the page isn’t optimized for your keyword, but you point a lot of backlinks to that page, you won’t rank for that keyword.

Thus two factors are important: Page must be optimized for the keyword you are aiming to rank and 40% of your backlinks must contain a variation of that keyword. The rest should be a variation of brand’s name, URL’s name and URL. Ranking several pages of your domain for the same keyword won’t work.

(iii) Social Media Marketing:
Social media marketing mainly Twitter plays an important role in your local online visibly. However, if Twitter sandboxes your tweets, you will be visible only to your followers no matter what hashtags you’ll be using.

This is why many tweets won’t get exposure on Twitter’s global trends. Because it became AI. Lesser SEO and marketing agencies will rely on Facebook Marketing and Advertising. More people invest on Pinterest and Instagram instead.

3. Maddy Osman, SEO Copywriter & Founder, The Blogsmith

Maddy Osman

(i) Voice Search: Due to the influx of voice-activated home assistants like Google Home, in addition to existing voice technology like Siri, there’s never been a better time to start thinking about optimizing for how people speak instead of how they talk.

The key is to understand the intent of your searcher when it comes to doing keyword research. Ask yourself: does the article reflect the type of query you’d expect someone to make on a mobile device or desktop computer?

(ii) Search Intent: Speaking of intent, small word changes between different keyword variations now result in entirely different search engine results pages. To give an example, the intent behind a search for “cute puppies” is different than that of “cute puppies for sale”. Make sure that your searcher finds a straightforward answer to their query within your resulting content, or risk high bounce rates.

(iii) User Experience: Tying both of these concepts together, while also considering other aspects of SEO, is the idea of user experience. It’s hard to precisely measure, but new tools are constantly popping up to get the gist of how Google judges your website’s user experience in terms of mobile, page speed, and security factors.

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4. Kristopher B. Jones, CEO of and Special Guest App


(i) Voice Search & The Quest For The Featured Snippet: This year will continue the evolution of non-text based search and search engines’ greater reliance on content quality and relevance. Namely, voice search and providing great context for your articles will be paramount in competing in an increasingly shrinking organic SERP real estate and meeting user intent.

(ii) Websites Can’t Compete Without Technical SEO: One major trend I think will shape the SEO world is the larger emphasis placed on technical SEO by search engines like Google. Whether it’s page speed or minifying back-end resources like Javascript, any way to improve UX will factor in greatly as Rank Brain and other algorithms continue to shape the search results.

(iii) Machine Learning Is Here: Finally, I believe that machine learning will take central importance in Google’s search engine and its influence will be seen in other aspects of marketing, whether it’s alternative search engines or the tools we use. In fact, leveraging machine learning resources to capture and make sense of big data will provide you with great marketing collateral.

5. Chris Dreyer, Founder and CEO, Rankings IO

Chris Dreyer

(i) Site Owners Will Need To Get Creative: As the years pass one thing remains constant in the search industry and that’s the fact that Google and other search engines are getting more and more sophisticated.  In the early days of search (and even in the early days of Google), it was pretty easy to get a site to rank on the first page.

With each passing year, excellence in search is becoming harder and harder to achieve.  For example, links that used to carry a lot of weight are no longer as effective. Content that is not substantial, in-depth, and authoritative, tends not to rank so well, and sites that do not invest in SEO are nowhere to be found in search results.

Businesses need to find innovative ways to get links from high Domain Authority sites, build better content than their competition, and create an incredible experience for their users. The same old tactics are becoming saturated and less effective even if they were relatively new a year or two ago.

(ii) Structured Data Will Be More Important: Google is adding support for different types of structured data all the time.  For example, they recently added support for the question and answer pages so that content properly marked up shows up in Google’s rich snippets that answer questions for users’ queries.

Structured data does not help results rank any better like links do but they enable Google to display results in better and more appealing ways for users.  So site owners that make clever use of schema markup have a better opportunity to get noticed in search results.

(iii) Expertise, Trustworthiness & Authority: The more players in any given industry there are on the Internet, the more saturated the web becomes with content. That makes it hard for consumers to sort through what is high-quality and trustworthy content, and what is not.

Site owners need to pay close attention to what type of content they are putting online.  Thin, low-quality, topical, or otherwise flimsy content won’t cut it if you want to rank on page 1.  Internet users are becoming more sophisticated and search engines are paying attention to things like.

Final Thoughts

With the advancement in technology, major SEO updates a lot of changes are expected in the year 2019. A lot of them will be focused on making the user experience better. Most of the experts are predicting Voice Search, Rich Snippets and Link Building to be dominating the SEO Landscape in the year ahead.

As now, you are aware of the SEO Trends, it is time to evaluate your SEO progress of the last year, identify the key trends that will complement your SEO strategy in 2019 and revise your SEO Plans for achieving the desired results.

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Niharika Mahendra
An enthusiastic Content Writer & Marketer with 2 years of expertise in writing & curating Digital Marketing content. She is well-versed in writing website content, blogs, white papers, business collaterals, case studies & digital marketing content. She is passionate about Digital Marketing which keeps her updated with all the recent updates and trends of Digital Marketing.

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