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Share Precious Moments With Loved Ones Through Facebook Moments

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It seems that people don’t share enough  photos online so Facebook came up with an intriguing new photo solution of its own, Facebook Moments. Available on Android and IOS (but not in Europe), attempts to rescue the hundreds of photos on your camera roll that feature your friends and let you share them with a few taps.

How does it Work?

It Uses the face-recognition technology that powers the suggested tags you see when adding a photo of a friend, Moments scans your camera roll for familiar faces and lets you quickly “sync” them to the subject of the photo. If your friend uses the app, they will see the photos added to their own synced collection. If they don’t, they’ll get a notification on Facebook Messenger that photos are waiting for them in Moments. The app then builds a collection of photo albums featuring you and your tagged friends that you can scroll through, search, and easily rename.The idea is that all pictures from the same event or vacation can be shared with multiple people or just one other person in a matter of seconds.

How Moments is being positioned By Facebook?

Facebook says the app will help people finally share all those photos from weddings and birthday parties that have been buried on their camera rolls forever. Moments groups your photos based on when they were taken and who is in them, helping it to stitch together events using all the photos your friends contribute.Facebook Moments enters the world of photo-sharing, then, with two advantages over its predecessors. One, Facebook knows who your friends are. And two, Facebook is leveraging its” 700 million user strong” Messenger app to promote Moments: if you don’t have Moments installed, you’ll get a message from your friend on Messenger telling you to download the app whenever they share photos with you. Install Moments and you’ll see those photos, plus have a chance to contribute your own. If any photo-sharing app ever had a shot at viral growth, it’s this one.

Whats good about it?

The key feature of Moment is being able to drag and drop almost all types of content to post on Facebook. While there are apps like Courier with the same functionality, it sets itself apart by allowing users to post status updates, add captions to photos and videos, and post links of websites and pages. The app allows one to drag single or a batch of photos to either its menu bar icon or photo tray, and prepares them by giving options to create a new photo album or select an existing one. A message can be inserted with the photos, add location, tag people, or change  photo’s privacy settings.The intuitive design and user experience looks and feels great. It isn’t cluttered with features, messy, or confusing to use.

What Moment does have is a “focused” timeline where you can see all of your notifications, with the ability to click to view the activity in full on the browser. So instead of seeing posts of all kinds dripping from the app, you only see activity that involves and matters to you. This of course would depend on your Notifications settings, which one can edit when logged in to Facebook. This may or may not work for you depending on how active you are on the network. If your daily activities include posting, commenting, chatting, and sharing to Facebook, you may feel limited by this minimalistic timeline. Moment is an app with a clear and precise focus in mind, built with just the necessary features needed to make sharing content to Facebook easy and seamless. The idea that it “reinvents” Facebook sharing isn’t completely there yet, since the ability to drag and drop content has been around and adopted by other apps already.


The idea that it “reinvents” Facebook sharing isn’t completely there yet, since the ability to drag and drop content has been around and adopted by other apps already. One more problem is Moment stays open when you click over to another app. The only way to close it is to either switch to it and hit the escape key or to click an unlabeled gray circle in the upper left corner.There were no bugs or crashes when uploading, posting is a quick and easy process, and the added flexibility of adjusting privacy settings, tagging, and adding one’s location gives more control over what and how one wants to post content. It looks fantastic and makes one to share precious moments with loved ones through Facebook Moments.

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