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ShortporchAbout is a company based on Huston since 2004. The company mainly focuses on the selling of latest sealed baseball card sets, trading cards, hobby boxes and is the largest seller of signed memorabilia from the high-class brands which includes Topps, Bowman, Tri-Star etc.

Their first preferences were to achieve the goal which was to establish the business which helps the customer to expand their baseball memorabilia. So, he wanted to establish online to gain the traffic and achieve the high ranking in search engine.’s Business Objectives

The main objective was to have  high ranking in many search engines (especially in Google, msn and Yahoo).  The owner of, Jeff Tucker found that for a new company it is quite difficult to stay in this ranking field.  For  this,  he handshakes  with one of the leading company named eBrandz, which is specialized in doing SEO. eBranbz’s has an office in New York, but the working team was  in India.

Strategy Adopted By

eBrandz’s team collected the keywords from Jeff Tucker and deeply studied. Then, the team gave the list of keywords that will work to achieve the goal. The main keywords were baseball card hobby boxes, bowman baseball cards, buy baseball card online, cheap baseball cards, autographed baseball memorabilia, baseball cards seller, baseball trading cards, topps baseball cards, Baseball Card Collecting Supplies, etc.

They have also done the completion analysis with their competitors.

ebrandz team also advised Jeff to have more content on his website. He added the quality content related to his business.

They also worked on to get the outbound links from the niche website.

Jeff was pretty much impressed by eBrandz’ teams as they gave full support, were professionals, responsive and mainly focused on giving results.

Results Achieved By

Within two months, eBrandz team showed the result. managed to achieve the web traffic of 390% gain. Initially only relay on paid advertising but now they diverted their focus on search engine optimization.  Check out the result which eBrandz gave in different Serach Engines such as Google, msn and Yahoo.



For a new website, the key is to be in the right way with SEO. The main thing is the awareness of your brand. approached a reputed company eBrandz because the Founder knows that if they want to be in the high ranking then they need  someone who will give the perfect result.  The main focus was on the seletion of keywords. Selecting the proper keywords will help in the high ranking and as everybody knows ‘Content is the king’, it plays the vital role for any new website which attracts web traffic.

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